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What is Spiritual Warfare?

  1. What is Spiritual Warfare? AANDBCOUNSELING.COM
  2. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM The term is never heard in some churches, mentioned in others and emphasized heavily in few
  3. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM Teachingis often fuzzy, incomplete and lackingin practicaltools.
  4. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM God's people perish for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6
  5. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM Good news! You can be trained for spiritual warfare.
  6. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM DEFINITION: Spiritual warfare comprises actions to secure and maintainthe victory over Satan and the demonic realm that Jesus won on the cross.
  7. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM Our articles focus on tools that you can apply to your personal life.
  8. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM We must secure and maintainthe victory Christ won on the cross.
  9. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil (1 John 3:8) and He did. Your warfare begins then.
  10. You were beaten up before; now you are the victor. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM
  11. We are not battling Satan but individual demons. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM
  13. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM Discerning Spirits 1
  14. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM Resisting Spirits 2
  15. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM BindingSpirits 3
  16. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM Driving-out Spirits 4
  17. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM Intercessory Prayer 5
  18. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM Our areasof expertise are in the first four.
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  20. You were created for greatness and God has anamazing plan for your life. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM
  21. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM He is able to accomplish abundantly above and infinitely beyond all we can ask or imagine according to His great power at work within us. (Ephesians 3:20 AMP).
  22. Takethis journey with us; you will be blessed. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM
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  24. We have helped thousands of clients and seminar attendees. See "Success stories" on the website. AANDBCOUNSELING.COM