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Top 5 Demonic Spirits That Torment Illegitimate Children

While the term is not frequently heard today, the Bible uses the word “illegitimate” to refer to children born to unwed parents. I have witnessed that the five most common demonic strongholds to hinder these children are as follows: rejection, abandonment, insecurity, hiding, and shame.

Based upon written article: http://aandbcounseling.com/5-demonic-spirits-torment-illegitimate-children/

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Top 5 Demonic Spirits That Torment Illegitimate Children

  1. 1. Top 5 Demonic Spirits that Torment Illegitimate Children Image: Sad Child by Margaret Atwood
  2. 2. "I never knew my father; he abandoned my mother when she got pregnant."
  3. 3. The Bible uses the term illegitimate to refer to children born to unwed parents.
  4. 4. TOP 5 SPIRITS: 1. Rejection, 2. Abandonment 3. Insecurity 4. Hiding, and 5. Shame Image Credit: archaleus.deviantart.com
  5. 5. Satan will use any opening to torment children. (Rev 2:4 )
  6. 6. Illegitimacy and incest bring curses that affect 10 generations. (Deut. 23:2)
  7. 7. The rate of birth to unwed mothers is staggering.
  8. 8. Mothers are caught off-guard and unprepared.
  9. 9. Word curses of rejection begin at conception.
  10. 10. Parents often consider abortion, which invites rejection.
  11. 11. “In the name of Jesus, I confess the sin of illegitimacy from my forefathers and declare the power of this inherited curse broken on my bloodline. I also break the power of any word curses spoken over me of not being wanted, (list all word curses and who spoke them). I also break any unknown curses and those I have declared over myself. I cancel the assignment of every spirit of rejection, isolation, insecurity, abandonment and shame from these curses and declare that you have no hold on me, in Jesus name. I am a child of the King! I am loved! I was planned by God. He knew me before he formed me in my mother’s womb. I am blessed not cursed. I am embraced, not rejected. I am free!" BREAK THE BIRTH ASSIGNMENT TODAY!
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