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  1. 1. Dear Sir/Madam: As a unique C-Level executive I intend to leverage my passion, qualifications and competencies to serve your organization in an unsurpassed manner. I permanently transitioned career-paths from surgical practice into business leadership years ago when I discovered my fascination and talent for passionately leading “built-to-last” corporate entities and this enticed me to eventually pursue my MBA in 2002. Following my MBA, I had over 2 years of private CEO training at $250/hour by Entrepreneurship Professor Richard Chandler of University of California, Irvine; a legendary multi-$300MM+ business developer and finally received a PhD in business. My decades of experience have transformed me into a business leader and I concur with Jack Welch who was a doctor (PhD in chemistry) who became one of the most prominent business executives in history that applying a scientific approach to business leadership lends itself well to measurable success. My keen strength is in converting the financials of the organization into Customized Modified P&L Charts, Financial Dashboards and Operational Indicators in order to use them as a map to navigate the organization to its intended strategic destination, predictably and efficiently. This superior capability has provided me the opportunity to demonstrate my talents and abilities as a performance-driven professional that earned me the nickname “Dr. P&L”! With years of business leadership experience and career success in multiple industries, with a stellar track- record of increasing revenues, market share, expense reduction, profitability and product offerings through innovative strategies, I have demonstrated expertise in business development, growth and expansion. My keen business insight and in-depth knowledge of improving operations while leading tactical marketing activities will enable me to impact your bottom line. I have been at the forefront of initiatives that have positioned organizations to support significant growth, and turned around floundering and problematic divisions to regain the respect of the people they serve. My areas of strength are very varied and my experience has included almost every aspect of business start-up, management and administration. I have been considered a senior executive with a combination of vision and corporate realism; acknowledged for my capacity to harness the enthusiasm and talents of others, identifying core issues, and exploiting the necessary resources available to stretch funds and achieve management objectives in various environments. I have been called an “impeccable creative strategist”, a skill set which allows me to function as a turnaround expert with the expertise to maintain the morale of "the troops" despite periods of instability and change. I am confident my combination of drive for excellence, applying best practices of learning principles, and my strength in communicating effectively are what lead teams under my direction to achieve and deliver excellent positive results. I strive to deliver substantial measurable metrics of business growth. And now the time is ripe for a new challenge. As a C-level executive, I strive to deliver at least ten-fold return on my personal expenses to your organization. My areas of expertise are too numerous to mention herein and have not come about overnight. For brevity of space, I would refer you to my CV, however to truly understand the depth and breadth of my capabilities and competencies, I encourage you to set up an interview where we can discuss in detail what my numerous contributions to your organization would be. Obviously, my availability as a candidate will not be for too long, hence, I encourage you to arrange our meeting as soon as possible. Respectfully, Shane Daniel Shane Davidson
  2. 2. 1 D. Shane Davidson, Executive Candidate 10787 Wilshire Blvd. #502, Los Angeles, CA 90024 310-212-1500 DanielShaneSDavidson@gmail.com D. SHANE S. DAVIDSON PROGRESSIVE C-LEVEL EXECTUTIVE WITH EXPERTISE IN BUSINESS OPTIMIZATION & LEADERSHIP Implementing the Strategy & Operational Performance That Deliver the Metrics of Exceptional Business Growth Cultivating Ties with Leaders, Boards, Executives, Customers, Regulators, Employees, & Community  Meticulous P&L expert closely working with CFO to reduce over- time by 80%, reduce overhead by 20% and manage capital improvements of $550,000.00 per location for expansion purposes.  Strategic business leader recognized for sweeping improvements to efficiency, product development increasing gross revenues by 400% and improving marketing from ROI of 1:4 to 1:12, reducing expenses by 30% with $10M revenue growth in one year. Committed to returning at least 10 folds on personal annual expense. Grew annual gross revenues from $360,000 to $15 MM in two years.  Trusted Board advisor conceptualizing creative growth strategies and creating revenue opportunities by leveraging competitive advantages and organizational strengths utilizing the objective business metrics, P&L and Dash Board indicators.  Impeccable collaborator working closely with the CFO/COO/the BOD, with immense skills in attracting & recruiting top professional talent in order to peak business performance and optimize profitability.  Increaser of share-holder value with extraordinary ability to increase revenues and increase profitability while developing a solid brand identity in the market place.  Minimizer of liability exposure from workers compensation to business liability and employer liability through careful analysis of risks coupled with identification and implementation of solutions that reduce these risks in an efficient, effective manner. “A gifted leader of people…Dr. Davidson always faced any situation, no matter how difficult, with openness, honesty & integrity.” __ Attorney K. Drake, Thermofischer Scientific “Dr. Davidson is in one word a visionary. He has a great mind to devise business strategies that will help the organization to navigate through its various growth processes.” ___ George Schwartz, CEO Esquire, LLC “Shane took the reins of our organization to drive much needed change.” Jennifer Sheibani, CEO, Advanced Healthcare Practice “As a colleague, I have long noted Dr. Davidson’s ability to lead by example and with passion…an individual of great integrity and commitment to community and his clients.” Shahriar Rad, DC, “Dr. Davidson has an open style that creates productivity, yet requires accountability at every level.”
  3. 3. 2 D. Shane Davidson, Executive Candidate 10787 Wilshire Blvd. #502, Los Angeles, CA 90024 310-212-1500 DanielShaneSDavidson@gmail.com __ Dr. Zandi, CEO Good Neighbor Clinics 0 2 4 6 Increased Revenues Improve Marketing ROI Reduce Expenses/P&L Mgt. Brand Optimization/ Public Relations Business Growth Expertise
  4. 4. 3 D. Shane Davidson, Executive Candidate 10787 Wilshire Blvd. #502, Los Angeles, CA 90024 310-212-1500 DanielShaneSDavidson@gmail.com Leadership Expertise Strategic Planning & Alliance Board Collaboration Marketing Campaigns Leadership Development Regulatory Compliance Startup Ventures Change Management Risk Mitigation Market Research Facilities Expansion Product Development Customer Engagement W O R K H I S T O R Y E X P E R I E N C E CEO/COO | EXPERT PROF ESSIONA L EXE CUTI VES & CONSU LTANTS 08-2012 to Present Fulfilled the leadership role of this management & recruitment consulting firm as the CEO: Selected Achievements: CEO with no-nonsense attitude took leadership role, changed the strategy of the organization to serve medium to large size companies instead of start-ups, where the profits were greater, increasing profitability by 25% while recruited, trained & motivated the needed key team members who were able to deliver measurable expected results  Modified the marketing plan which resulted in an increase of 400% in revenue in two years  Increased internet marketing and PPC campaigns which delivered 20% more leads for the same marketing budget, better quality warm/hot leads at a cost of lead of $80- $100/lead which was below the cost of lead in previous direct mail advertising campaigns  Enhanced the Direct mail advertising by identifying the correct type of potential clientele and methods to reach the decision makers cost effectively, developing a 1:6 ROI  Reduced the cost of sale from $1200 to $750 by reducing lead loss, creating a solid value-offer presentation and improved closure rate  Navigated the business growth and expansion utilizing the P&L and other various key indicators reducing over-head by 20% in one year  Developed a competitive advantage for the firm to maximize the value of deliverables of the organization in the eye of the decision-makers within our client-companies to develop a solid referral source of business  Developed four higher-profit deliverable services that would enhance the business of our client-companies while providing these clients with the expertise they required for their existence, competitive advantage and strategic growth ƒ CEO | Ame rican Elite Enterp rise s 08-2008 to 08-2012 Business Management Consultation Firm Selected Achievements:
  5. 5. 4 D. Shane Davidson, Executive Candidate 10787 Wilshire Blvd. #502, Los Angeles, CA 90024 310-212-1500 DanielShaneSDavidson@gmail.com With concise leadership as the CEO designed and implemented a strategic means to regularly attract reliable paying clients who could utilize the management services of the organization which as a direct result grew the gross revenues of the company by 500% in two years  Recruited and trained the executive team  Designed the management bylaws, procedure and protocols for the organization  Designed the Brand name identification (American Elite®) and branding procedure design & its implementation  Reduced overtime usage by 80%  Negotiated discounts with vendors to reduce the variable costs by 22%  Established an in-house finance company  Managed capital improvement projects in excess of $550,000.00. COO | Advan ced Practice Mana gement 01-2000 to 08-2008 Professional Healthcare Practice Management Firm Selected Achievements: Took a leadership role for the day-to-day operations of the organization, designing the most effective operational structure for the business while recruited executives, professionals and full staff as the company grew resulting in annual gross revenues growth from $360,000 to almost $15 MM in two years  Increased the existing marketing ROI of 1:4 to an average of 1:8  Grew the business to be one of the prominent businesses in the Beverly Hills region  Managed capital improvement projects for build-out & renovations in excess of $650,000.  Developed internet presence and grew this presence to the point of excess leads VP Operations & Business Development | Intern ational He alth Inst. 07-1996 to 01-2000 Multi-Specialty Medical Clinics Selected Achievements: Came on board hitting the ground running, developing the procedure & Protocols, implemented automation and established business operations manual for the multi-specialty medical center & urgent care while reorganizing administration, account receivable and account payable departments and their systems, procedures and protocols  Grew revenues by 45% in two years; reduced overhead by 20% overall, increasing the profitability in an unprecedented manner  Developed outbound call system and an in-house call center, grew customer base through strategic alliance and marketing by 70%, increased established customer visits by 30%  Negotiated the best possible contract rates for the business, while recruited and trained sales staff, creating a sales team with average of $15000 sales per week an increase of 40% in one year and eventually increasing total gross revenues by 80% in three years,  Reduced overtime usage to save staffing dollars by 20%
  6. 6. 5 D. Shane Davidson, Executive Candidate 10787 Wilshire Blvd. #502, Los Angeles, CA 90024 310-212-1500 DanielShaneSDavidson@gmail.com  Established purchasing relations and discounts with vendors who served the company to save an average of 18% on purchases E D U C A T I O N High School Diploma, Cano ga Park, Californi a Graduated 07-1986 with 3.7 GPA Los Angeles Pierce, Valley and S anta Monica Colle ges, Los Angeles 07-1986 to 07-1988 Associate of Art Degree, Science & General Studies (AA)- 4.0 Dean’s List GPA- Top 2% Ross University School of Medicine 07-1988 to 07-1993 Bachelorate of Science (BSc.) in Healthcare Doctorate of Medicine (MD) Clayton School of Natu ral Medicine 07-1991 to 07-1993 Doctorate of Natural Medicine (ND) University of Califo rnia, Irvine 07-2002 to 07-2004 Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Combination of UC Irvine’s Chandle r Training & G rendal U. 07-2004 to 07-2007 Advanced CEO Training plus Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) & Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Business Administration (PhD) West Los An geles Law School & Ab raham Lin coln School of Law, Los Angeles, CA 07-2010 to 07-2012 (Currently on Leave of Absence) In pursuit of Juris Doctorate Degree (JD)

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