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Nepal Children’s Home Report for NovemberFirst I want to thank all of the people who has been supporting us with funds and...
6. Had two other orphans brought to us, both sisters7. Purchased new beds…..funny how kids grow up and cannot fit in littl...
ALINA                                                    SAPANA                                   Grade : KG              ...
We had to pay the government extra to make sure we were safe and also had to pay everyone along theway to insure our outco...
When it was time to go, we were ready and the work we wanted to accomplish was done…….but we stillhave a long ways to goWe...
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Nepal Children November Report

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Nepal Children November Report

  1. 1. Nepal Children’s Home Report for NovemberFirst I want to thank all of the people who has been supporting us with funds and prayers. We had oneof the most successful trips yet to Nepal. Sam and I were able to accomplish every task we set out to doplus. The country as a whole is looking better, they had electricity most of the day when we were thereand there appeared to be more tourists. There was no roadblocks, no strikes, no governmentshutdowns and the country seemed to be at a semi peacefully state, I say that, with the understandingthat you realize, Nepal is still a wild place. Sam and I both traveled without getting sick or dysentery dueto antibiotics and Probiotics……(this was a huge blessing in its self)1. We were able to get all property lines settled and filed with the government to eliminated theproblems our contractors were having with the neighbors. We actually ended up with moreproperty than we expected. Had borders outlined in concrete so there would be no moving of propertylines.2. We were able to get the permits filed for the house (something not mandatory, but since we had somany issues to get started we decided it was for the best).3. We were able to get the construction started and the footings were dug (by Hand) prior to us leavingand we expect the first floor to be done in a month.4. Hired someone local to watch over the construction and to provide progress reports5. Found long lost relatives of two sisters in our home and they have moved in with family a Uncle :)Maya and Jaya….bittersweet good byes…. MAYA Grade : 2nd JAYA Age : 11yrs Grade : 1st Maya enjoys dancing, reading Age : 9yrs books and playing with her Jaya is a very confident girl. Her friends. hobbies are reading and writing5. Found a brother of another one of our girls (Sadhana) whom we are working on getting he placedwith him. He is a adult….hopefully he will take responsibility.
  2. 2. 6. Had two other orphans brought to us, both sisters7. Purchased new beds…..funny how kids grow up and cannot fit in little beds anymore and also for thehouse parents who did not have a bed.8. Purchased school materials for the year9. Purchased new bedding including pillows10. Purchased long johns, gloves and socks, back packs and regular underwear for the children.11. A good amount of the materials for building the house were delivered to the property and theworkers houses were built. The workers stay on property till the house is done.12. We have been blessed to have all of our light fixtures donated…thank you ( US Led ), but we areworking out the custom issues. Do not want to pay more in customs than what we can pay for them13. Three of the older girls were baptized14. We delivered enough standard medicine, Ibuprophen, vitamins, antiseptic, etc for the year15. Purchased a blender and grinder for the kitchen. The spices come whole and all need to begrounded in many cases.I like to list the things we accomplished, but would like to give you a narrative of the trip……First our flights were non eventful, due to my status on American I was able to upgrade us both tobusiness class, so our trip was comfortable….but of course long.Dallas To Chicago….Chicago to Delhi..(15.5 Hours) Delhi to Kathmandu. We were able to go throughcustoms this time around without too much hassle.We arrived at close to midnight after 25 hours or so on the road and our normal hotel was booked solidand our secondary hotel was booked also, so we went to a new hotel. The room was tiny and over theflight path….of the runway and the internet was weak when it worked but the bed was warm…….We were on the 4th floor and no elevators and of course, when Sam and I travel, we do not travel withjust our belongings, we bring items for the kids, like medicine etc, so we carried our 6 bags upstairs andthen we really had no room to walk. But we were there and safe.The next morning, first thing we went to see the children. We met for the first time the three newchildren who moved in to the home since our last trip. Their names are
  3. 3. ALINA SAPANA Grade : KG Grade : 1st Age : 8 yrs Age : 9 yrs Sapana has just joined the Nepal Alina has also just joined the Nepal Children Home, from August 2011. Children Home. She has never been She is in Kindergarten as she has to school before. So she is going to never been to school before. She is start her school this year in 8 yrs old. Kindergarten.Its funny in these pictures they kids seem to be reversed, in real life Alina always has a smile on herface. Both of these girls seem to be assimilated into the home well.We also added one boy. His name is ANKIT Grade : UKG Age : 7yrs Ankit has recently joined the Nepal Children Home. He is the brother of SunilHe adjusted easy since he already had a brother with us….and the home that was taking care of him,found out about him having a brother, so they were reunited.He is a little stinker and always seems to be pushing the boundaries……cute as could be.We then traveled downtown and went to the property department. Sadly, Nepal is a corrupt country, infact other than Afghanistan it was named the second most corrupt country in the east, so we had to paymore than we should of, had to take more precautions than normal and part of the time I could notshow my face. If they saw a American, the price would go up immediately. But we made arrangementsfor the government to come and settle our property lines.The next day we met at the property with all the neighbors. We were very concerned here, but it cameabout quite smoothly due to many neighbors jumping on our side saying that this is for a orphanage andthey should not be fighting over a couple feet of property. The lines were drawn and we were able aftersome give and take to get all property settled and poles set. We of course took no chances and had ourborders poured with concrete to make sure they would not move. This is a standard practice in Nepal.
  4. 4. We had to pay the government extra to make sure we were safe and also had to pay everyone along theway to insure our outcome was good. Either that, or it would never happen. They call it overtime…..We were also able to file for the permits for the property and this also included overtime on the townvillage staff.We could no longer stand our hotel so we went a shopping for someplace to stay…and were blessed tofind a three bedroom house, furnished with internet that was the same price as the hotel. The countrywas getting better as I stated earlier so the hotels were full, but thankfully this work out.During our visit there, we had two new orphans brought to us. This is the first time I have been therewhen kids were dropped off. They were scared to death and my stomach was in knots. We had thekids try to comfort them since they had all been through it, but the older sister was very protective andwould not have it.We decided that it would be better if they brought back in the morning and they could attend schooland then be left with us. The kids were a lot more comfortable when they saw all the kids and had timeto spend with them. They seem to be happy and the youngest appears to have made friends.We were there for Thanksgiving and we told them what thanksgiving and the feast and we asked thekids what they wanted to have for their feast. Well, they wanted pizza………. Nepalese pizza is not verybig, so it took about 26 pizzas to feed the kids and adults. Sam and I did not like it too much…..reallysweet, but the kids loved it.We ate at familiar places, Like KFC…..Kathmandu Fried Chicken….but in general I love Nepalese food, soall was good.When we were visiting with the neighbors they told us we should put up a fence, we had intended to ofcourse but it was not our priority. They told us two tigers had been coming down from the jungle in themountains eating the dogs and goats. There was some confusion since some said leopards. Like itmakes a big difference to me. So we also asked for pricing for the fence. We have not obtained thepricing yet, but that has been moved up on our list of wants.
  5. 5. When it was time to go, we were ready and the work we wanted to accomplish was done…….but we stillhave a long ways to goWe need funds to finish the second floor, we have enough for about half of the second floor, please,please give.We still need to keep our funds coming to feed, educate, care for and supervise the childrenWe still need to support the school for without it, these kids would be forced to schools which teachHinduism and would be trouble. Since most of our kids did not start school until they came to us….sosome start 4 or 5 years late.Attached you will find out financials. I hope you find this cause half as worthwhile as I have, if so, youwill continue to give and care for these children. It is sad, there are so many more that need ourhelp……We will be posting the entire experience on our web page and face book after we gather and sort andput together our journey in pictures.I apologize in advance if in error you have received this email or duplicates.Douglas Head <><Nepal Children Homewww.nepalchildrenshome.comFace book Nepalchildren Home