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What Digital Planning Is Not

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10 Trends for 2013
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What Digital Planning Is Not

  1. 1. franklinozekhome what digital planning is not! franklinozekhome e! paper
  2. 2. franklinozekhome e! paper The copyright of this work belongs to franklinozekhome, who is solely responsible for the content. Please direct content feedback or permissions to franklinozekhome@me.com. The work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/us or send a letter to Creative Commons, 559 Nathan Abbott Way, Stanford, California 94305, USA. What you can do Disseminate it. Print it, email it, post it on your website [with credit to franklinozekhome]. Discuss it, dissect it, ruminate on it. Use pieces of it or the whole thing. Please do not alter it, claim it as your own, or charge for its use. Above all, enjoy it! copyright info
  3. 3. franklinozekhome e! paper Diesel’s“Be Stupid” Campaign Won a GrandPrix Award at the 2010 CannesLions International FestivalofCreativity.
  4. 4. A few days ago, I was chatting with a former colleague in San Francisco, California - he worksin the planning department of a prominent advertising agency in Lagos, and was vacationing in the US for the summer. Naturally, the gist had revolved around current events and trends in the Nigerian media and advertising industry, especially given the country's poor representation at the recently concluded 57th Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. He revealed how his agency was still trying to come to terms with successfully integrating digital offerings in their brand proposals to clients. the mindset franklinozekhome e! paper
  5. 5. franklinozekhome e! paper
  6. 6. Marketers were not excited by their 'digital recommendations', and sublimely told the agency to stick to what they knew best - strategic implementation that focused on the utilization of traditional media channels - TV, print, radio, and in-store media. One client in particular, had explained their position was borne out of a research that was conducted recently; to gauge the impact of digital advertising on consumers, and that only a fraction of the target people in the research poll had reacted to online advertising. Fewer still had gone on to purchase a product or recommend it based on digital influences. franklinozekhome e! paper
  7. 7. "BeStupid," a Print-Outdoor-Web Campaign wasCreatedbyAnomalyNew York. franklinozekhome e! paper
  8. 8. I had probed further to understand what the issues were, and was shocked to find out that in this time and age of prosumers, conversations, engagement, social interactivism, and digital ecosystems, some agencies and clients still don't get it. The blame went to the agencies because they were supposed to act as change agents for marketers, consumers, and the industry, and yet, they were proffering outdated digital models, and exporting platforms and concepts that [had become 'old news' once they were used by the originators] were not resonating with consumers in the Nigerian market. franklinozekhome e! paper
  9. 9. franklinozekhome e! paper
  10. 10. They have to understand that in the industrialized world, and supposedly digitally developed countries, agencies and marketers were still trying to cut their teeth in this space. The digital world is continually evolving, and moving at a pace faster than we are at understanding digital natives. franklinozekhome e! paper ” “
  11. 11. digital natives franklinozekhome e! paper
  12. 12. Smartbookblog.com franklinozekhome e! paper
  13. 13. franklinozekhome e! paper
  14. 14. “Millennialsat Work” FastCompany Maternewmedia.com
  15. 15. Generation Einstein ‘Superstars’
  16. 16. what digital planning is not! franklinozekhome e! paper
  17. 17. Taking a big idea that was successful some place and localizing the concept for other brands Packaging a cool concept wrapped up as product ideas to sell to clients Developing an online presence, Facebook campaign or iPhone app, and expect consumers to love your brand because you have attempted to inhabit their space Developing websites, and affixing cool slogans and images on moving media platforms Setting up a unit with planners, and calling them 'digital strategists', and expecting them to come up with 'digital ideas' for brands franklinozekhome e! paper
  18. 18. what then is digital? franklinozekhome e! paper
  19. 19. Luismiranda’sPosterous“ADefinition ofDigital” franklinozekhome e! paper
  20. 20. what does digital planning entail? franklinozekhome e! paper
  21. 21. …as I am still understudying cultural insights, digital planning models, and brand engagement tools that have been used successfully on digital natives in the past five years. However, for future planning purposes, ‘digital strategy’ should combine the following: “i do not claim to know all of the answers... franklinozekhome e! paper
  22. 22. franklinozekhome e! paper Aki Spicer “Fallon Brainfood:TheEngagement Opportunity” business intelligence user insights brand strategy design thinking information architecture [IA] entertainment content strategy user experience [UX] social chatter innovative use of offline channels media + connections planning great storytelling mobile & data analytics
  23. 23. franklinozekhome e! papermasternewmedia.com Stephen P. Anderson “The Fundamentalsof Experience Design”
  24. 24. Simply put: digital planning is about platform ideas, not channel tactics. – Aki Spicer franklinozekhome e! paper
  25. 25. Nike+iPhoneApp franklinozekhome e! paper
  26. 26. The digital world permeates consumers' lives, but they never think of it as technology - it's just another tool of convenience. So rather than viewing it as 'new media' and a vehicle to fire messages at the consumer, we use it to service a need. As we move from passive one-way communications to a two-way conversation, we give our consumer a voice by listening, sharing, and co-creating and, above all, by enabling meaningful solutions. “ ” franklinozekhome e! paper Stefan Olander,Global Director of Brand Connections, Nike
  27. 27. The whole idea of interactivism and utilization of digital media stems from the notion of offering real value and meaning to people's lives for a longer period of time, by creating 'tangible and real assets that transcends mediums to an engaging platform that people are eager to own. – Tom Himpe franklinozekhome e! paper
  28. 28. Check out the following case studies, and try to understand the mindset of the agencies that developed these award-winning concepts for their clients:
  29. 29. franklinozekhome e! paper MINIInteractivecase study @http://goo.gl/wt0k4
  30. 30. franklinozekhome e! paper Miniusa.com
  31. 31. Nike.com/iD Casestudy @http://www.rga.com/work/nikeid franklinozekhome e! paper
  32. 32. Concept Store Website iPhoneApp Studio Print Ad
  33. 33. Ikea.com franklinozekhome e! paper
  34. 34. InteractiveCatalogue@http://goo.gl/wWku1 franklinozekhome e! paper
  35. 35. Oldspice.com franklinozekhome e! paper
  36. 36. Casestudy@ http://www.wk.com/campaign/digital_response franklinozekhome e! paper
  37. 37. franklinozekhome e! paper
  38. 38. www.youtube.com/user/OldSpice franklinozekhome e! paper
  39. 39. Wrangler.com franklinozekhome e! paper
  40. 40. BlueBell JeanVideo@http://goo.gl/vKKXK franklinozekhome e! paper
  41. 41. franklinozekhome e! paper
  42. 42. franklinozekhome e! paper
  43. 43. franklinozekhome e! paper http://www.fiat.co.uk/ecoDrive We can see from these case studies [including worksresearched in the past year from agencies in Johannesburg, London, Paris, Miami, Hong Kong, Brussels and Sydney, Australia, and ongoing conversations had with some marketers - Nokia, VW, Charles Schwab, HP] that we have not yet scratched the surface. Digital Planning goes beyond planners who get it sitting down in an intelligent hub, crafting proposals and partnering with media vendors that have purchased rights to already existing digital models, and packaging them as innovative, ground-breaking concepts for clients. If we are going to proffer brand engagement ideas and digital solutions as a basis for achieving set objectives, agencies must work in tandem with clients, content providers, trendspotters, marketing technologists and social media curators to create original + integrated concepts that reflect their total understanding of the business segment, and the consumers with whom they are trying to make a connection.
  44. 44. franklinozekhome e! paper what digital is about “a social creation designed for a social effect - to help people work together “ “Creating new opportunities to do a job that customers want done” “Transforming ‘target insights’ towards ‘user insights’” “Converting viewers to users, and users to advocates” “Backing ‘people powered ideas’ and ‘back pocket solutions’ by offering true marketing benefits backed by technology” Tim Berners-Lee,Inventor of the World Wide Web. Aki Spicer, Director of Digital Strategy at Fallon Worldwide. Tim ’O Reilly, Founder + CEO ‘O Reilly Media, Inc.
  45. 45. "The next great media company won't have a website; it will be all spokes and no hub. It will exist as a constellation of connected apps and widgets that live inside other sites and offer a full experience plus access to your social graph and robust community features.” next on digital franklinozekhome e! paper
  46. 46. acknowledgements Thanks goes to the following individuals, organizations, blogs and websites for citation of their original materials and use of photos: Luismiranda’s Posterous Mobile Dreams Factory Kokokaka Goteborg Wieden + Kennedy VCU Brandcenter theandnetwork® Tim Berners-Lee Stefan Olander Edelman Digital FastCompany Tim ‘O Reilly Steve Rubel Tom Himpe Aki Spicer Identiture Wrangler YouTube Google Diesel Nike+ Flickr R/GA Mini IKEA TAXI
  47. 47. insidethe mind of a m/ad man franklinozekhome is Founder and Chief StoryTelling Officer of Identiture. Currently based in New York, his focus is working with clients and partners to bring to market commercially viable + socially significant new business ideas and consumer products, services, and experiences in the EMEA markets. He is an ambassador of AD:2020, an open platform created with likeminds to reimagine the future of advertising. Franklin is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker and educator. His thought leadership has been featured in BusinessWeek, Marketing Edge, ThisDay, M2, Biz-Community, TownCrier Times, Brandfaces, and myriad blogsand websites. Followhis rants, raves and tantrums onTwitter @Donniefranklin. ™
  48. 48. franklinozekhome franklinozekhome.com