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Advertising Plans Book Saint Joseph Funeral Home

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Advertising Plans Book Saint Joseph Funeral Home

  1. 1. St. Joseph Funeral Home Unlimited Options for Unlimited Journeys
  2. 2. Table of Contents2 Executive Summary…………………………………………..3 Background…………………………………………………..4 Product Evaluation…………………………………………...7 Consumer Evaluation…………………………………….…...8 Competitive Analysis………………………………...………..9 Goals…………………………………………...……………10 Budget……………………………………………………….11 Advertising Recommendations………………………………12 Media Plan…………………………………………………...16 Evaluation…………………………………………...……….17 Conclusion…………………………………………………...18
  3. 3. Executive Summary3 Introduction: Saint Joseph Funeral Home has already been able to establish their name in the South Bend area of Indiana. This historic area is home to a number of funeral homes who for the most part have used traditional forms of advertis- ing to create business. Our team has laid out a plan to separate Saint Joseph Funeral Home in the minds of its current and potential customers. When a family lays their loved one to rest they want to feel that they have given them the best possible funeral services to create a lasting memory. Each customer should understand there are an array of options they are able to choose from to create this special remembrance. The Plan: This campaign is based off of the slogan “Unlimited options for unlimited legacies”. We were faced with the problem of consumer awareness of the many options within the realm of cremation. When a loved one has passed there is so much to plan for and at Saint Joseph’s we would like to show them our unique options for cremation. This will create a distinction between us and our competitors. Showing our clients that we have Crystal Egg’s, jewelry, and a number of other options for the ashes of loved ones will certainly leave an impression in the mind of those who see or hear our advertisements. With Saint Joseph Funeral Home being in business for over 100 years we have also decided to use testimonials from past clients to show future clients what we have been able to accomplish. A company is only as strong as its reputation and our success should be made known to the public. Using the mediums of social media, radio, television commercials, and print advertisements we look to show the South Bend area how choosing Saint Joseph Funeral home will be the best decision for remembering their loved ones.
  4. 4. Sixteen men. Four Catholic Church Parishes. One mission to serve. That is how St. Joseph Funeral Home began. In 1901, these 16 Catholic men were in need of their own cemetery on the West Side of South Bend, Indiana. Together, they purchased land and opened their funeral home in 1907. Since the start, St. Joseph Funeral Home has grown from its Catholic beginnings to an interfaith funeral home that now owns two locations, a crematory and stretches across 110 acres of land. Hosting around 235 funerals each year, St. Joseph Funeral Home is well known in the South Bend area. One funeral home is located on the West side of South Bend on Mayflower Road and the other on the East side of South Bend on Ireland Road. With a board of seven members, five funeral directors, office and administration members, managers and an executive team, St. Joseph’s works to help families and friends celebrate the lives of their loved ones in redefined ways that still remain true to their mission of serving their community with quality, integrity and understanding. Background4 Mayflower Road Location Chapel at the Ireland Road Location
  5. 5. Advertising Budget St. Joseph Funeral Home spends approximately $5,200 on advertising per month. The mediums of advertising used by the funeral home are television, radio, sponsorships of local teams, print, social media, and a website. Shown below is a breakdown of advertising expenses. Advertising Themes St. Joseph Funeral Home has used three themes in the past, “Slow down and enjoy your family”, “Honoring the life you lived”, and “Get creative in funeral planning.” Their latest theme “Get Creative” began as a radio advertisement and was later turned into a television advertisement. Along with those, St. Joseph Funeral Home also sponsors a baseball team, prints in local church bulletins, and participates in other community events. As part of their promotion strategy, St. Joseph Funeral Home has purchased several seats at the South Bend Cubs stadium and gives them away as prizes at charity events and promotions to customers. Background5
  6. 6. Current Problems Like any business, St. Joseph Funeral Home is faced with a few challenges. First, they are the only funeral home in town that does not have a last name attached to it. This could pose as a problem because some people may be drawn to a family named funeral home rather than St. Joseph Funeral Home. However, this does make them unique in a way that they are run by a board of directors and not just an owner. The name also causes many people to assume the funeral home is run through the diocese, therefore making it only Catholic. In actuality, St. Joseph Funeral Home does funerals of any faith as they do not want to limit their market. Another problem that St. Joseph Funeral Home faces is the stigma around cremation. Many people have a negative stigma about cremation. They assume that cremation can only be direct cremation, which many people view as the cheap alternative to funerals and burials. In actuality, you can have a full service, a graveside burial, and anything you’d like along with the cremation. Regulations The funeral industry is one of many regulations. Often times regulations are set by the state. As a funeral home in Indiana, there are a few regulations St. Joseph Funeral Home needs to follow. The most important regulation to be aware of when advertising is that you cannot offer an incentive or enticement valued at more than $50 to get someone to prearrange their funeral. Also in Indiana, only a licensed funeral director can sell a funeral and most funeral directors get a double license to include embalming. There are separate regulations and laws to follow just for cremations. For example, a person cannot be cremated until, at least, 48 hours after death. They must also have a signed cremation authorization, certified death certificate, and a burial transit form. A certified cremation officer is not a requirement, however St. Joseph Funeral Home has one. Finally, the crematory must be kept working and up to date. St. Joseph Funeral Home follows this regulation by doing an annual maintenance of the crematory. Background6
  7. 7. A new market established in the funeral industry is pet cremation. A lot of people are now considering pet cremation because they consider their pets to be part of their family. St. Joseph funeral home was recently approached by the South Bend Tribune to start featuring pet obituaries in the newspaper. Many funeral services are often considered old fashioned and traditional. However, there are many people nowadays who want to do things differently and stray from tradition. It is important for the funeral service businesses to find a way to blend old traditions with new ideas. This is one of the reasons that cremation is becoming more popular. It is known that when it comes to planning a funeral, pricing is the third or fourth most important item on the customers list. A week after the services have been completed, St. Joseph Funeral Home personally calls the customer to ask them about their experience. Ninety-five percent of St. Joseph Funeral Home’s customers are satisfied with the funeral service they purchased for their loved one. Returning families make up about 85-90% of business. Product Evaluation7
  8. 8. As a funeral home, the demographic can really be any age. The average consumer of St. Joseph Funeral Home is usually a person in their mid 70s. In this case, the consumer is usually the spouse purchasing the funeral for their deceased spouse, and more often than not it is the wife buying for her late husband. The majority of the consumers are clerical and blue collar workers. Consumer Evaluation8 When looking at the psychographic profile of the customers it is clear that most people do not want to talk about death at all. The customers that St. Joseph Funeral Home is serving are going through the grieving process. Also, it is important to keep in mind that retirement spurs preparation for death. This being said, a lot of people who have just retired purchase a cemetery space just a few years later. However, only 50% of consumers plan their funeral ahead of time.
  9. 9. St. Joseph Funeral Home’s audience is based off of the families in grieving after the loss of a loved one. They look to give them an experience that is both comfortable and friendly enough to bring them back if tragedy occurs again. The campaign for the funeral home is going to simplify the purchase process and show them their options for cremation or a traditional burial so they can focus on remembering their loved one. Competitive Analysis9 Kaniewski Funeral Homes is St. Joseph Funeral Home’s number one competitor, fol- lowed closely by Palmer Funeral Homes. While both are larger than St. Joseph, they often use generic advertising and do not market the cremation packages. Palmer’s often attends many local events to get their brand name into the community.
  10. 10. Some of the before cremation options we will be advertising include:  Memorial services  Funerals  Embalming Some for the after cremation options we will be advertising include:  Burials  Urns  Art/Jewelry Options Goals10
  11. 11. Budget11 St. Joseph Funeral Home Advertisement Campaign Budget Rate Frequency Type Number of Frequencies Per Month Months per year Number of Locations Total Mediums Print Digital Billboard $ 2,100 Per week 4 1 1 $ 8,400 Church Bulletin Inserts $ 50 Per Church Per week 1 6 5 $ 1,500 Radio WFRN 6:30am-8:00am $ 24 per :30 spot 15 12 1 $ 4,320 WFRN 12:00pm- 6:00pm $ 17 per :30 spot 20 12 1 $ 4,080 WZOC W-F $ 33 per :30 spot 10 12 1 $ 3,960 WZOC Sat-Sun $ 18 per :30 spot 20 12 1 $ 4,320 Total $ 26,580
  12. 12. Advertising Recommendations12 Target Market St. Joseph Funeral Home’s advertising target market is people between the age of 60-75 who are techy savvy for their age. Mostly Polish and Mexican people of the Catholic faith. We will also be targeting the following churches: Holy Family, St. Adalbert’s, St. Casimir, St. Stanislaus Kostka. Advertising Communication Objective We would like to change the way the customers see cremation. Direct crema- tion currently has a negative connotation. We also want to show that there are multiple options for both before and after cremation services. Creative Strategy Our theme for St. Joseph Funeral Home is “Unlimited Options for Unlimited Journey’s.” We chose this theme because the generation of baby boomers want to have options; they are not as traditional as before. This theme will also help us in changing the stigma of cremation. It will be a way for people to have a memo- rable, yet unique, service.
  13. 13. Advertising Recommendations13 Executions Social media will play a big role in our advertising campaign. We will revamp St. Joseph Funeral Home’s Facebook page. The Facebook page will be used for testimonials, links to blog posts about loss and grieving, “feel good” news, special events happening in the community, and sponsorship/charity work. We will also create a Twitter account for the funeral home. The Twitter account will be used for obituaries, advice on grieving, blog posts about dealing with loss and grieving, grief counseling facts, and things people do not know about planning funerals. We will also create a LinkedIn account for St. Joseph Funer- al Home. YouTube will be another source of social media that we will use for our campaign. YouTube will allow us to set up a library of videos showcasing our many options for post service memorials. The customers will be able to view these videos before coming in to meet with the director which will allow them to gain knowledge and make the process much smoother. This will also help with pre-arrangements to make sure that our clients get what they want and deserve. Other mediums of advertising that will be included in this cam- paign are billboards and radio ads. Church bulletin inserts will also be used at the parishes of St. Hedwig, St. Patrick, St. Jude, St. Matthew, and St. Stanislaus Bishop and Martyr. Twitter Facebook
  14. 14. Advertising Recommendations14 Billboards “So often cremation is thought of as a stand alone entity. Here at St. Joseph Funeral home cremation opens the doors for unlimited options. We offer more than just a cookie cutter funeral and it is all available to you here. Full fu- neral services including visitations and memorials can happen before crema- tion. Graveside burials or remembrance entities such as of jewelry and art are available for after services. We will take you in and make sure you get the remembrance you know your loved one deserved. St. Joseph Funeral home, Where we believe in unlimited options for unlimited journeys.” Radio Ad
  15. 15. Advertising Recommendations15 Church Bulletin Insert
  16. 16. Media Plan16 St. Joseph Funeral Home Media Plan Church Bulletins Billboard WFRN Radio 6:30am- 8:00am WFRN Radio 12:00pm- 6:00pm WZOC Radio W-F WZOC Radio Sat-Sun Total January $ 250 $ 360 $ 340 $ 330 $ 360 $ 1,640 February $ 4,200 $ 360 $ 340 $ 330 $ 360 $ 5,590 March $ 250 $ 4,200 $ 360 $ 340 $ 330 $ 360 $ 5,840 April $ 360 $ 340 $ 330 $ 360 $ 1,390 May $ 250 $ 360 $ 340 $ 330 $ 360 $ 1,640 June $ 360 $ 340 $ 330 $ 360 $ 1,390 July $ 250 $ 360 $ 340 $ 330 $ 360 $ 1,640 August $ 360 $ 340 $ 330 $ 360 $ 1,390 September $ 250 $ 360 $ 340 $ 330 $ 360 $ 1,640 October $ 360 $ 340 $ 330 $ 360 $ 1,390 November $ 250 $ 360 $ 340 $ 330 $ 360 $ 1,640 December $ 360 $ 340 $ 330 $ 360 $ 1,390 Total $ 1,500 $ 8,400 $ 4,320 $ 4,080 $ 3,960 $ 4,320 $ 26,580
  17. 17. Evaluation17 This advertising campaign is designed to change the negative stigma towards cremation. It is going to help show people that there are many aspects to crema- tion. To measure the success of the campaign, the funeral home will keep track of how many cremations they do. They will also keep track of how many people purchase the crystal remembrance packages. During this campaign, St. Joseph Funeral Home grew in the social media field. They can see their growing pro- gress by keeping track of how many new followers they are receiving each week and how many people are contacting them via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or through their website.
  18. 18. Conclusion18 Instructor Dr. Michael Russell Campaign Organizers Erin O’Rourke LaurieAnne Wickens D.J. Mitchell Andrew Conover Jessica Laursen Vice President & Manager of SJFH Steve Wickens