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  1. 1. DIVINNA MERCER,MBA 7232 Wallace Road #820, Charlotte, NC 28212 Cell: (407) 307-7655 | divinnamercer@gmail.com OBJECTIVE A persistent, go above and beyond MBA graduate pursuing an Project Coordinator opportunity that would further advance into a Project Manager Professional career focused in Training and Development. SKILLS SUMMARY Seasoned project management professional with strong written and verbal communication skills for completing detailed tasks within deadlines. Strategic planner with comprehensive problem solving and strong decision-making skills: ability to work independently or with cross-functional teams. Willing and able to learn new skills quickly; accustomed to managing multiple responsibilities and working under pressure. • Project Development • Data Analysis • Detailed and Accurate • Customer Relations • Sales • Planning and Organization • Leadership and Development • Customer/Vendor Sourcing EDUCATION MBA, Project Management 2013 Keller Graduate School of Management, Orlando, FL • Graduate Certificate in Project Management BS, Marketing University of North Carolina – Greensboro 2006 ACCOMPLISHMENTS Received diploma in Project Management through Alison Certification courses. Completed reading of Project Management Jumpstart-Third Edition (Heldman, Kim). Submitted project application after six-month project delay. Top 25 Seller (2012) and top central Florida manager in PACE (2014). Increased average dollar sales and customer conversion. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Project Manager (remote volunteer)| Semoran Business Partnership, Inc.| Orlando, FL 04/2014 ‒ Current  Served as point of contact for understanding and delivering project scope.  Identified resources and worked through team challenges to a positive conclusion.  Prospected suppliers and installers and participated in request for quotations.  Reviewed and managed the internal website.  Updated and submitted weekly and monthly status updates to team members, vendors, and project sponsor.  Maintained and updated WBS to ensure that project schedule and statuses were accurate.  Organized and distributed minutes of scheduled meetings, conferences, and events.
  2. 2. Divinna Mercer Page 2 Experience Cont. Assistant Manager| Body Central | Ocoee, FL 01/2010 ‒ 01/2015  Defined strategic goals, built key customer relationships, identified business opportunities, and closed business deals.  Demonstrated and identified product knowledge to successfully prospect and register new customers; dealt tactfully and efficiently with demanding customers.  Cross-sold products and services to exceed customer requirements and expectations.  Exercised discretion, judgment, and proposal about transaction problems and inquiries.  Executed the development of management and employees by providing in-the-moment coaching, training, and feedback.  Worked with the marketing team to encourage effective increase in sales opportunities and maximize revenue.  Interpreted and analyzed data; forecasted sales targets and ensured they are met by the team. Sales| Rack Room Shoes | Ocoee, FL 05/2009 ‒ 01/2012  Identified and maximized revenue from new and existing customers by providing accurate and detailed product information.  Drove operational, visual and customer service standards through direct salesmanship, and prompt and courteous service.  Provided training and coaching to team members to boost performance and efficiency.  Persuaded customers to take advantage of promotional deals and make contributions to promotional campaigns. Trainer| Walt Disney Company | Lake Buena Vista, FL 01/ 2007 ‒ 09/2009  Planned, developed, and provided training using effective methods such as on-the-job training, meetings, and workshops.  In-depth knowledge of proper handling of all transactions through established procedures for maintaining positive guests’ relations.  Conferred with management to identify training needs based on projected production performances, changes, and other factors.  Evaluated and identified skill proficiency to assess needed competency for improving job performance for better efficiency and effectiveness in work tasks and processes. Event Planner (internship)| Terry LaBonte Chevrolet | Greensboro, NC 01/2006 ‒ 05/2006  Planned, coordinated and identified opportunities for campaigns and event activities that lead to obtaining over 650 participants.  Led and managed teams in preparation of event operations including facility selection, contracting, pricing, transportation, accommodations, food and beverage selections and audio/visual service arrangements.  Consulted with sponsor and internal teams on market and business trends to increase awareness by 10% of new products and services.  Used knowledge of market trends and competitors to identify and develop unique selling propositions and differentiators.