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  1. Work Immersion Program Marc Daniel R. Villanueva ABM 12 -BALER MAAMDIVINE D. NUNAG
  2. SWEET CAKE PASTILLAS CANDY BUSINESS Mabunga Rosario Batangas /Centro -B
  3. OVER VIEW OF PRODUCT SERVICES My Product is very delicious cake and when you taste my cake you will forget your problem and you feel very relax on your mouth when you leciting my cake. and my cate have many good benifits. my cake give healthy nutrition facts and you feel better and happy my product have a price of 10 pesos per cake and its hove 10 pcs in one box so the total of my product israve o tutal of 100 pesos and the ingridents of my cake is branded. to take it's perfect and have a good taste. and thats the overview of my product and services
  4. VISSION and MISSION STATEMENT Sweet Cake Business •VISION - To be the Best Seller product mon the other company to take my company get we'll for good in costumer and services. • MISSION TO Stable the good quality the sweetest, nearth ful and the cendous of my product to get well in costumer needs and wants,
  5. Brief HISTORY OF Business The history of my business is when I am 15 years olds I taste the cake of the one of the greatest company so I lead to my self and motivate to make my own cake business. Emake a cake, cake that been sold in costumer choices so until now i achieve my Drecin business. The sweet cake Business and I will
  6. FORMS OF OWNERSHIP Sole Proprietorship I am the owner of my business and I have employee that is for operations for finance and for sale marketing and that is the forms of my business organization.
  10. This people help to my business in delivering out standing product and services when it comes to costumer service, one of sweet cake business Objective is to service all costumer with good products. Ower of the company or business is to manage their own business and managing their staff and the owner is the one who can control what happen in business Operations of the company duty is to supervise, hire, train employees, manage quality assurance programs, strategize process improvements and more. operation manager are ultimate responsible for maintaing and increasing the efficiency of business agency or organization. Finance duty is to prepare my balance sheets process invoices, Reconcile bank statements, participate in financial auchts, prepare monthly. quarterly and annual report and etc that responsibility of finance. Sales Marketing cluty and responsibilities is responsible
  11. Technical description of the product
  12. Production Process
  13. Place the condensed milk in a large mixing bowl. -Gradually fold-in the powdered milk. ... -Scoop some of the mixture and mold into cylinders. -Roll each molded cylindrical mixture on granulated sugar. -Wrap in paper or cellophane. -Serve for dessert.
  15. wooden stick -cooking pan(try not using tefal) -plates -mixing bowl -Spoon -Knife -Chopping Board -Container (For sugar) MACHINERIES -Electric Mixer
  16. Materials Not Sticky Pan -Plates -Gloves -Hairnet
  17. SUPPLIES 1 cup Evaporated Milk 1/3 cup Milk powder 1 can condensed Milk few drops of Vanilla Extract Sugar Butter
  18. Plant Layout
  19. A.Target Marketing Our Target Marketing are people taste my sweetest candy pastillas and have a good service for costumer and to grow the economy for help in philippine and it will be cotumer snacks,dessert and to help me for make me a succesful Enterprenuership owner. B.Targeting Mix PRODUCT. Our Product is Pastillas Candy .It is very sweet Because when you taste my Cany you will forget you Name And This Product is made up of Pastillas favor, condense milk,And Vanilla to Complete the Secret formula of my Candy to make it sweeter and better product. PRICE. For The Price of My Product Each Box Have 4 pieces worth of 20 pesos Because One Pastillas Candy Have a Price of 5 pesos So If it is 4 Piece In the Box 4 The total of Cany is 20 pesos It is very In Expensive But It is Very Sweet And youre not be Deficit in Price and to My Product PLACE. My business Splace is near in the schools ,crowded place residentials and business
  20. PROMOTION. We give pastillas as a gift to our families, loved ones even during birthdays, This is what this pastillas business have proven yet again. It has been earning P300,000 a weddings and other occasionsInnovation and creativity are keys to a successful business. from when we were kids until now that we've become adults. week which makes it very successful indeed. Pastillas is a snack favorite for every Filipino PACKAGING.. For pastillas, each portion could be formed into sticks or cylinders, or shaped into balls. The formed mixture may be rolled in sugar. The formed pastillas may then be individually wrapped in suitable primary packaging such as uncolored cellophane, wax
  21. PEOPLE. The people who are involve in my business who are Employee. My costumer Students and people who part of my business PEOPLE ASSIGN 1.Task taking orders 2 Recieving payment 3.Assemblibg order 4. Food Production 5 Costumer services
  22. These people will help to my company in delivering outstanding product and services whent it comes to costumer services one of the Pastillas company obhective is to service all cotumers all costumer with savory products the costumer that they are being valued by the company through prioritizing their need. POSITIONING. The positioning of my business is simple and beatifull with a very sweet and delicious product that the people come to my business position and attaintable to costumer.
  24. THANK YOU!
  25. FINANCIAL STATEMENT JUNE O1 ,2022 Sales Name of Product Sweet cake pastillas candy Php 10 Total Sales Php120 EXPENSES
  26. List of Ingredients Quantity Unit Price Php Evaporated Milk 3 can 45 135 Milk Powder 3 60 180 Condensed Milk 3 45 135 Vanilla 1 Bottle 50 50 Sugar 2kilo 48 96 Butter 2 49 98 Total Expenses Php :694 Profit Php 508