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Our town: Vilanova i la Geltrú

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Our town: Vilanova i la Geltrú

  1. 1. Our town: Vilanova i la Geltrú
  2. 2. Our town: Vilanova i la GeltrúVilanova i la Geltrú is a townsituated between Barcelona andTarragona, in the north-east ofSpain. It has an extension of 33square Kilometres and apopulation of 62.000 inhabitants.
  3. 3. Our town: Vilanova i la GeltrúThe economy of this town is based onfishing, service sectors and tourism
  4. 4. Our town: Vilanova i la GeltrúVilanova i la Geltrú offers a numberof tourists attractions like the Victor BalaguerLibrary and museum... It contains paintings byCatalan artists . The most important work is theGreco’s annunciation.
  5. 5. Trains museumIf you love trains, you would enjoy this museum.It is located in a train depot from the XIXcentury.
  6. 6. The sea promenadeYou can walk or ride this very long andbeautiful promenade . It also has many typicalbars where you can have a drink or eat some“tapas” in the restaurants.
  7. 7. The beach
  8. 8. The fishermen’s port
  9. 9. The “ Rambla”The “Rambla” in Catalan means a broad street builtnext to the river bed. There are two consecutiveRamblas: The Rambla Principal, the original one, andthe Rambla de la Pau, that continues up to the seaside.It’s very nice to walk along, and there are lots of niceshops and street terraces to rest and have a drink.o-Vilanova_i_la_Geltru-TG-C-1.html#ixzz29uvMYQ
  10. 10. Our typical food: the “xató”It’s a typical catalan dish made of hazelnuts,almonds, bread, garlic, oil, vinegar, cod, tunaand black olives.
  11. 11. Our traditions…Festa Major: It’s the main summer’s festival celebrated on5th August. You can enjoy the traditional parades andprocessions with some elements such as the giants, the bigheads, the mythological mules, dragons playing with fireetc.Els tres tombs: Parade of horses and carriages, whichrepresents how people were transported in the past. Theydo 3 turns around the town in honour to Saint AntoniAbat, saint patron of Vilanova.Carnival: It’s a traditional festival celebrated inFebruary. The central and most symbolic day of Carnival isSunday, February 22nd, when the streets of Vilanova are filledwith traditional parades.
  12. 12. Carnival in Vilanova i la Geltrú
  13. 13. Our school: Escola Pia de Vilanova i la Geltrú