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INTERSPORT e-Commerce with Divante

Conversion optimization (CRO), eMarketing and eMail Marketing, technology. Case study with lots of numbers.

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INTERSPORT e-Commerce with Divante

  1. 1. Intersport • INTERSPORT is the world’s biggest sports equipment retail sales group, owning over 5400 stores in 40 countries, whose profts exceed 10 billion euro. • In Poland, INTERSPORT is the leader among sports equipment chain stores, with 32 salons in 21 of the biggest Polish cities. • The company gets awarded every year for dynamic development, increasing its market value and as a reliable business partner. 2
  2. 2. The starting point •  An active e-store based on a dedicated solution •  Usability problems •  Low speed problems •  Advanced integrations The plan •  Marketing optimization •  Conversion increase •  Optimization of technological solutions 3
  3. 3. Project goal The project covered a number of e-commerce areas. Our major goal was to increase sales by means of the online sales channel. Our plan included: 1.  Conversion optimization in the e-store – divided into recommendation concerning the current store design and a total redisigning of the store’s mask. 2.  Increasign e-commerce’s reach via SEM, e-PR, social media preparing grounds for future sales marketing. 4
  4. 4. Testing What is importnant for the customer? 1.  Brand reliability 2.  A wide array of branded products –  including the store’s own brands 3.  Product presentation 4.  Easy purchase process Apart from the wide offer, a quniqe added value is the possibility of personal pickup in stores or express delivery. 5
  5. 5. Home page •  Re-designed information architecutre •  Re-designed menu •  Horizontal two-level bookmark menu 6
  6. 6. Product page •  •  •  •  Two product page layouts – horizontal and standard ROPO support – availability in stores Availability Free personal pickup in stores 7
  7. 7. Shopping process •  Simplification •  Less steps to make when placing an order •  Easy payment and delivery choice options 8
  8. 8. Shopping process •  No-registration shopping •  Benefits from registration •  Registration made part of placing an order 9
  9. 9. Access to brands •  Highlighting the brands •  Brand-based search engine 10
  10. 10. Additional mechanisms •  Members of the loyalty program are given discount coupons which later can be used by simply picking them from the list. •  Information about free delivery appears together with the delivery options – at the right place and time. 11
  11. 11. Effective recommendations •  Because of the type of business and the way the products are searched, we introduced product rcommendations. •  The boxes recommend alternative products based on the historical user data. •  We used Quartic recommendations system. 12
  12. 12. What results have we achieved? •  Conversion rate increased by 46,21% •  Pages per visit increased by 21,24% •  Server use decreased by 70% –  with the same traffic rate •  Loading speed increased by 40% –  for the end user –  according to Google Analytics –  For some pages, the loading speed increased even by 90% 13
  13. 13. AdWords •  Google AdWords campaign lasted from mid-December 2011 to the end of April 2012. The revenue was 11 time bigger than the spending costs. •  Search engine campaign reached CTR 16,60%. •  The average click cost was between 0,15-0,19 zl. •  The campaign has become the second biggest sales profit source in the e-store. •  After the campaign Intersport decided to continue working with us. The company proposed a payment model based on the netto profit margin, which satisfied both parties Marek Bugajski, Stores Management Director INTERSPORT Polska S.A. 14
  14. 14. Revenue ROI according to GA (Income / Cost) 500% - 2000% Long-tail campaign progress Budget Time Purchase decision Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) Optimization Traffic quality decrease Business profitability Konwersja Usability optimization Quartic recommendations Conversion Rate (CR) Loyalty + Lifetime value (LTV) Building contact list eMail Marketing by Sendingo Social Media 15
  15. 15. Range of works •  Complex service •  E-marketing strategy •  Ad creations •  Analysis and design •  Social Media •  SEO and SEM •  Internet auctions •  E-commerce implementation •  E-weekly ad 16
  16. 16. Strategy New users Loyalty E-mail marketing 11 x bigger revenue than cost Conversion + 46% increase thanks to usability optimization More effects in less time! 17
  17. 17. Success-fee What you pay = sales provision CLIENT •  Realization of orders •  Marketing budget DIVANTE •  Technology •  Optimization •  E-marketing SCALE EFFECTS •  Constant increase •  Creativity •  Risk-free increase •  Constantly motivated partner •  Focus on the offer •  Scalable business •  Long-term learning process •  Long-term investment planning •  No need to „control” •  Cooperation between our clients 18
  18. 18. Contact Tomasz Karwatka
 tkarwatka@divante.pl, 500 079 624 Divante Sp. z o.o., ul. Kościuszki 14, 50-038 Wrocław, tel. +48 71 342 24 06, e-mail: divante@divante.pl