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SearchLove Boston 2013_Will Critchlow_The Future for Search Marketers

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SearchLove Boston 2013_Will Critchlow_The Future for Search Marketers

  1. 1. The future for searchmarketersWILL CRITCHLOW
  2. 2. I obviously don’t hate all the great tips we’veseen here today@philnottingham
  3. 3. Links are deadI want to make it 100% clear that this is not what I am saying
  4. 4. Links are deadIf you tweet that I said this, I will hunt you down
  5. 5. It’s link building that is in troubleI’ve been answering SEOmozQ&A since it looked like thisAll the answers to “why don’t Irank?” used to be “you need morelinks”.Now?
  6. 6. Dear GOD.Not those links
  7. 7. You might have heardthat linklove is no more
  8. 8. I’m not here on a moral crusadeI just happen to prefer flywheels over explosive unsustainable growth
  9. 9. …and I’m not risk averseI have invested in all kinds of risky things (defined as “things that might not work”)
  10. 10. The future forsearch marketers
  11. 11. There’s a bigger problem
  12. 12. We broke directoriesThey used to be the best way of finding great things on the web
  13. 13. We broke commentsNow we all have to run akismet
  14. 14. We broke forumsMany legitimate forums and communities closed under the onslaught of forum spam
  15. 15. We took a 150-year-old form of communication“Distribution of the slave population of the United States”, 1861
  16. 16. As practiced by respected newspapers“The Ebb and Flow of Movies”, 2008
  17. 17. And ruined itThanks @ChrisLDyson
  18. 18. Try to make the design support the dataPlease tell me this was a joke
  19. 19. Incidentally, a good use of PinterestMaybe the only one I’ve found yet - http://pinterest.com/scottcowley/ugly-infographics/
  20. 20. Guest columns have existed foreverDoes your process look like this? Please tell me no. [Hat-tip Carson Ward]
  21. 21. We can’t even clean up after ourselvesWithout hacking people off
  22. 22. information tied to verified onlineprofiles will be ranked higher thancontent without such verificationEric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google
  23. 23. You think:“how can I game that”
  24. 24. Ad agencies are better than usHonda Cog
  25. 25. Artists are better than usOK Go
  26. 26. Celebrities are better than us@ladygaga
  27. 27. Celebrities are better than us@ladygaga
  28. 28. Brands are better than usRed Bull has videos of pigeons doing backflips
  29. 29. Loss leaders are hard to compete withSnow Fall
  30. 30. STOP
  31. 31. Stop worryingabout your hostingIP address
  32. 32. Start worrying about CDNs, edgenodes and site speed
  33. 33. Stop worryingabout linkingC-blocks
  34. 34. Start worrying about how manyjournalists you have in your addressbook
  35. 35. Stop worryingabout anchor text
  36. 36. Start worrying about being misquoted
  37. 37. Stop worryingabout nofollow
  38. 38. Start worrying whether anyone willclick
  39. 39. Stop calling it linkjuice
  40. 40. For the love ofGODstop calling itlink juice
  41. 41. Link equity plays much better in theboard room
  42. 42. The future ofsearch marketers
  43. 43. Hire the right VP Marketing or you’lljust end up with a bunch of blue penswith your logo on them
  44. 44. Remember the things we’regood at
  45. 45. Earn attention as well as shares
  46. 46. (Measure links based on engaged visitors)I made you a custom report and advanced segments for non-bounces and >2 pages
  47. 47. Engage spidey sense
  48. 48. We can instantly tell Mom & Pop from Thin Affiliate
  49. 49. We know why no-one is linking to youYour site is ugly, your content sucks, no-one knows who you are
  50. 50. We know how influential a person isHaha. Just kidding.
  51. 51. Power searchingWe can find out who people are, where they write, what they own
  52. 52. Homework time
  53. 53. Inspired by Entrepreneurial DesignCourse here and blog post write-up here
  54. 54. Make yourself uncomfortable
  55. 55. = 1 hour or less= an afternoon= day or moreSeehere
  56. 56. Not extrovert?
  57. 57. Get a journalist to run a story based on your tipCall 3 journalists & tell them you thought they’d be interested in a story you found online
  58. 58. Present to a crowd of 200+ peopleSee Justin Briggs’ explanation of how
  59. 59. Present to a boardBonus points for getting shouted at
  60. 60. Negotiate with a salespersonGet more than 10% off retail price of something (doesn’t have to be a car!)
  61. 61. Record a screencast or webinarGet it watched by more than 20 people. Camtasia / Google+ Hangouts on air
  62. 62. Reach out toa heroget an answer
  63. 63. Visit a newsroom
  64. 64. Debate a business caseWith 3+ colleagues who you don’t normally work with. We have enjoyed 2078 & 4168
  65. 65. Sell something door to doorDon’t want to go outside? Make 10 cold calls
  66. 66. Run a live usability testOffer to buy a stranger a coffee. Resist the urge to coach them
  67. 67. Answer 3 customer calls
  68. 68. and website instant chatI highly recommend olark.com
  69. 69. Read to a childIn some ways, they’re an easy audience. In others…
  70. 70. Not technical?
  71. 71. Install a web serverI’d start with Apache. Send enough traffic that it breaks. Fix it.
  72. 72. Build a web crawlerCrawl 10,000 pages. Discover how little of the web is nicely-formatted HTML
  73. 73. Search through some log filesFind 3 crawlers on your site that aren’t googlebot, slurp or bingbot
  74. 74. Build a tool
  75. 75. Contribute to an open source projectGithub makes some parts of this really easy. The hard part is working out git
  76. 76. Make something and sell a copy online
  77. 77. Work out who someone anonymous is
  78. 78. Run a conversion rate test end to endI recommend Optimizely. Don’t worry if you don’t get significant results
  79. 79. Not creative?
  80. 80. Film and edit some videoPhone camera. iMovie / Premiere Elements. Lower third. Cut a scene. Improve audio.
  81. 81. Make a graphicGet 20 shares
  82. 82. Make an interactive graphic
  83. 83. Build a wireframeI like Balsamiq
  84. 84. Before AfterRemovesomeonefrom aphoto
  85. 85. Write for a publication you’ve previously boughtBonus points for calling yourself a “published author”
  86. 86. Rewrite / redesign a landing page@cheripercy wrote about our own conversion rate trials and tribulations
  87. 87. I want you to betomorrow’s CMOs
  88. 88. Thanks.Any questions?WILL CRITCHLOWwill.critchlow@distilled.net@willcritchlow