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Dirk de Hamer Resume 2015

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Dirk de Hamer Resume 2015

  1. 1. Dirk de Hamer Personal details Name Dirk de Hamer Telephone Phone No. 0428056034 Address 1 Corryong Close Buderim QLD 4556 Email dirk.dehamer@bigpond.com Ticket and Licenses held  Certificate 5 Diploma drilling operations  Certificate 5 Diploma drilling Oil and Gas ( onshore)  Certificate 4 drilling oil and gas  Certificate 3 Mineral drilling  Fork lift ticket of competency.  Senior first aid certificate.  HC-R drivers license  A404137 Well cap supervisors BOP ticket current  .EXP 19 – 07 -2015  Well site permit Authority/expired
  2. 2.  Well site permit – permit holder and work Party / expired  MNMG237A Work safely at heights  PMAPER205B Enter confined space  PMASUP236A Operate vehicles in the field  PUAFIR201A Prevent injury  PUAFIR317A Gas test Atmospheres  MNCG1001A Apply risk Management Processes  MNCG1002A Implement and Apply risk Management processes  MNCG1008A Conduct safety and health investigations  MNCG1009A Communicate information  Current Australian Passport
  3. 3. Work History 2011-2015Lucas Drilling Rig supervisor level 2 CSG clients - Santos –Arrow – AGL – Eastern star gas- Metgasco. Overseeing actives related to Gas rigs, providing services and managing staff, preparing work and schedules assigning specificduties .coordinating all activities related with the setting up of the rigs for drilling and managing crews – implementing SMP – ERP – EMP CSG drilling exploration and Production / Large diameter up to 36” air and mud rotary . 2010 EDMS Every Day Mining Services limited - Energy / EDMSL/ AGD (upper management restructure) Technical Advisor Gas operations 2009 -2010 – EDMSL- Every Day Mining Services Limited – AGD- Australian gas drilling General Manager Set up drills and procedures for new company. Oversee activities directly related to providing services. Manage staff, preparing work schedules and assigning specific duties. Determine staffing requirements, and interview, hire and train new employees . Direct and coordinate activities of business and departments concerned with production. Step in and take over supervisory roles on drill sites and drill as required to keep up production requirements when needed. 2008- 2009 McDermott /Lucas
  4. 4. Rig supervisor/ CSG rigs Lucas CSG rigs based in the hunter valley. 2007 -2008 G.O.S Cobar August 2007. Initially employed as a field supervisor promoted to surface drill mangers position worked with employees and supervisors, managed training of driller and ofsiders. Develop, assist and implement safety management systems, promoting safety systems, problem solving and organizing rig mobilization to drill sites on time, Liaise with clients on a regular basis. 2004- 2007 Titeline drilling (Ballarat Victoria) Supervisor / driller Employed as roaming supervisor moving from site to site assist in problem solving down hole drilling problems, Liaise with client on a regular basis. Set up jobs in the NT- Kimberly WA - with track, truck and helicopter transportable rigs .Directional drilling navi and wedges (UDR 1000, 1200, 650 and p4 and p6 drill) Drilling in Heritage and environmentally sensitive areas (Arnhem Land) 2000-2004 Stanley mining services in East Africa Site manager / Supervisory position at Bulyanhulu mine supervise and train national crew’s. Promoted to site manager’s position, looking after 7 directional drills and 3 regional rigs. Planning and plotting of directional holes liaise with client twice daily on hole progress on directional drills, manage crews consisting of 138 nationals 20 expats ( Indonesian and Philippino) and 6 supervisors ( Ausie expats ).(2years)
  5. 5. Geita Mine site senior site diamond drilling supervisor with 7 diamond drills 50 nationals and 8 expats. Appointed relief site mangers position both in Geita and Kabunga ,Kabunga having 1 directional drill and 2 regional drills . Transferred and appointed to setting up Stanley Mining in Egypt at Sukari for (Centimin Egypt) Egypt for Stanley Mining / Country manager supervisor /trainer The Sukari drill site in southern Egypt for Centimin Set up two cs 1000 drills with 16 nationals 7 expats, project very difficult dealing with local customs for workers, Immigration, military and local law enforcement agencies managed to the project working only to be jailed, for political upheavals with Centimin and the Egyptian government .Unable to return to site and left Egypt after 9 months. Back to Tanzania start a new Project for Stanley mining for Barrick mining at Chocolate Reef Kahama Tanzania. Project consisted of building complete camps for crews and expats .Requiring to organizing from rig maintenance to crew and camp management. 2000-2000 West AfricanDrilling services inMali West Africa. Site Manager Employed as site manager at Sadiola for Anglo, In charge of 4 rigs 52 nationals employees .Project was in a bad state, managed this from unacceptable to a very high standard. WADS being offered extended contract. Australia Drilling equipment of Australia / Site supervisor Manage grade control rig in the super pit Kalgoorlie. Crew training safety, crew movement’s maintenance liaises with client on daily basis.
  6. 6. 1998 -2000 Chile SouthAmerica Ausdrill Chile Limitada / Supervisor trainer Supervising, drilling and training of national crews, managing up to 48 national personnel. Drilling on Schramm 685 and 660 with booster and auxiliary, drilling extensively at altitude up to 5500 meters above sea level in Chilean Andes Managed, drilled and trained crews on UDR 1000 drilling RC and HQ diamond core, water well exploration drilling in the Atacama Desert, Managed supervised and organized drill crew’s rosters and coordinated safety requirements liaise with client, able to communicate in limited Spanish but still be able to achieve all requirements including safety and complete projects. 1996 -1998 Drilling services of Australia / Supervisor driller Kalgoorlie .my first role as drill supervisor at Telfer (New crest), manage and supervise grade control rig for 7 months. Promoted to site mangers position managing 6x Rc drill rigs, 2 grade control rigs , resource definition and exploration drilling along with 1 x LM75 underground drill, Managed and supervised field technicians employed by DSA to complete field work requirements for Newcrest . 1988 – 1996 June 1988 Stanley drilling inWA. /Driller 3 Employed as an ofsider for 8 months, promoted to driller on Edson 3000, Edson 6000 and 64 Schramm drilling air core, RC Hammer, Grade control and diamond core .Completed projects all over WA and NT. For 8 years.
  7. 7. Rig worked with. Schramm,TX130 ,TX180 , 450 64, 660, 685 with auxiliary compressors and boosters .Reverse circulation Large diameter, gas risers , gas drainage and water bore exploration up to 26”. Edson, 3000, 6000, RC, diamond drilling, grade control drilling, air core drilling and Rab drilling. Layne Christiansen, CS 1000, track, skid base and heli portable .CS 1500, CS 3000, CS 4000 Vickers 1500, and 2500. UDR, 200D, 650, 1000, 1200.1500 Mud pumps – Tulsa 250 -350 – Gardner Denver PZ8 –PZ7 Ewco 440 Smith Capital rigs Long year LF 90 and LF 90D – LF 230 Kl 1500- KWL 1600 Ingersoll Rand T3 and T4 drills Atlas Copco RD20-111 Deep directional drilling -2500 + meters. Diamond core –PQ-HQ-NQ Directional Hal Rowe wedges NQ –HQ, Casing wedges, PQ, HQ. Navi drilling H and N. Directional hole planning using PLUTO computer hole planning system RC drilling to 450+ meters, altitude drilling. -5500 meters above sea level Referees Glenn Mannion– Lucas drilling -0427708446
  8. 8. Kerry Brydon- Lucas Wyong - 0416242881 Ron Stanley - Stanley drillingPerth 08 94053555 Mark Maher – Drillingservices of Australia. 08 09 3191211 Ross Spanbroek -AMC products Perth 0417 001736 Brian Rudd Capitaldrilling-0404 831 930 Bill Ricciardi Titelinedrilling.03 53998471 Bill Schultz Capitaldrilling.0431 968 044 Keith Eden OH-S coordinatorGOS drilling mbl. 0407788761 Dave Birkett Ops manager Winmax drilling.0441 730306