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  2. 2. Brianna Receives a QR code in her email inviting her to enroll in FSS program. Briana scans it
  3. 3. Briana Lands here. She learned about FSS program and also educated herself on how to apply, and decided to apply. So she clicks on Register button
  4. 4. She is presented with a form asking her to create a KPLife account. She fills up the form and Hit Submit and Next button
  5. 5. After submission, she immediately receives an email from KP Life on Behalf of DRHA with the Credentials and a Link to access the account and complete her profile in KP Life system
  6. 6. She click on the link from the email, she is presented with the login screen of KP Life where she put the user name and password she receives via email.
  7. 7. After she hits the login button, she was then asked to fill a forms with basic informations like DOB, gender, communication address, education & employment status and the community she belongs to. She fills the form and Save
  8. 8. The she was presented with a series of forms where she puts her education details, employment history, her household details, income details, her medical insurance details etc.
  9. 9. Then she is presented with her identification details & documentation including Social Security Number, Initially she was concerned to provide those, but then she read the details and satisfied that all the data are secured and encrypted. She provides her details and submit the form.
  10. 10. This completes her intake process and then she is directed to her Kplife dashboard. She checked her dashboard carefully & it’s different sections carefully. and she the proceed to edit her profile and change her password.
  11. 11. To edit her profile and change password, she click on her name on the top right corner and click on profile
  12. 12. There she can see her details. She then click on edit profile button
  13. 13. There she enter the details which were not prefilled, and she also uploaded her profile picture. And saved it.
  14. 14. There she enter the details which were not prefilled, and she also uploaded her profile picture. And saved it.
  15. 15. She then click on her name at the top right again and click on preference. And there she change her password. She put the current password and then entered a new strong password and Save the changes
  16. 16. She click on the link in the email and she is landed to the FSS Program Dashboard, where she is asked to complete the needs assessment
  17. 17. She click there and landed to the needs assessment page. She find it very easy to operate, she just slide each bar after each question to mark her answer. Once completed, she click on submit.
  18. 18. Once completed, Co-Ordinator receives an email notifying Brianna submitted the needs assessment. Co- Ordinator then open his Kplife FSS program window and click on Needs Assessment Section to Review it
  19. 19. The next step is to setup the goals and activities. Brianna and Co-Ordinator will work together and set the Individualized Plan. To do so, Co-Ordinator will open his FSS Program dashboard. And Click on Set Goal
  20. 20. A new window will open with a predefined template and will ask the co-Ordinator to select the participant. Co-Ordinator will then decide which activity /goal to keep and which to remove. The co-Ordinator will also have the ability to add more goals or activity. Co-Ordinator can select goals/activity from a sets of existing list or can create a new one.
  21. 21. So, Brianna do not want to attend a Literacy program, so she wants to remove it.
  22. 22. But now she wants to obtain a certification. So, Brianna asked the Co-Ordinator to help her decide one. So Co-Ordinator Click on Add goal in her Interim Goals section . She is presented with a pop up, where the co- Ordinator can create a new goal or use one existing. Co-Ordinator first do a search if there is something already there.
  23. 23. Co-Ordinator start typing Certification, and he saw there is already one. So he selected it.
  24. 24. Co-Ordinator start typing Certification, and he saw there is already one. So he selected it.
  25. 25. Co-Ordinator then recommended her to opted for Project management for her goal of getting a certification. So, He click add activity under the goal of Obtain Certification.
  26. 26. They are presented with activity addition window, where again, they can choose from a predefined list or can create one. This time Co-Ordinator has decided to create a new one. So he put the Activity name and other details, Like Due date, If it needs a minimum amount of hour to complete. Co-Ordinator also choose to give a 2000 KP point as reward if Brianna complete the activity.
  27. 27. They reviewed the goals again and co-Ordinator made some more changes on due date, minimum hour and Reward point on some Goals and Activity and submit it.
  28. 28. After a few days, Co-Ordinator wants to track and review Brianna’s Training Service Plan. To do so, he open his FSS Program dashboard and Click on Track Goal.
  29. 29. He is then asked to select a participant. She selected Brianna and Click on Submit
  30. 30. She is now presented with Brianna’s Service Plan. Co-Ordinator knows Enrolled in Project Management class. So the Co-Ordinator marked it as completed. Co-Ordinator also noted that as this activity is associated with 2000KP point, Brianna will get the point for completion of the activity.
  31. 31. Co-Ordinator then thought that Brianna will need some resource to help her to achieve her activity: Learn about job market. So she click on store from navigation bar to find some resource for Brianna.
  32. 32. CO-ORDINATOR SEARCH FOR THE RESOURCES STORE SEARCH AND NAVIGATION DEMOSTRATION Co-Ordinator then found that Job corps will help Brianna to achieve her activity goal. So, he discussed with Brianna and when both agrees, Co-Ordinator clicks on Add to plan in the store. Co-Ordinator returned back to Goal Track window. Where she select Brianna and open her Service Plan again.
  33. 33. Under the activity Learn about Job market, Co-Ordinator click on Add Resource button (+Resource)
  34. 34. Co-Ordinator now then presented with Search Resource window.
  35. 35. Here the co-Ordinator searched for Job Corps and it’s details. Then he click on SUbmit
  36. 36. Once submitted, co-Ordinator can see, Job Corps is added under Brianna’s activity. It’s also showing who and when Brianna was referred to the Resource