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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE DIPAK RAMCHANDRA MORE Address for Correspondence Diploma in Paint Manufacturing & A/P – Bhuyachiwadi (Umbraj), Application Technology Tal – Karad, Dist. – Satara Deccan Education Society Institute, Pin - 415109. University of Pune. Contact: +917741998702, 8600021771. Email:dipakmore64@yahoo.com OBJECTIVE: I firmly believe in hard work & implementing my duties with dedication & Determination. I would like to take up a job, which gives me an opportunity to prove my potential, good career growth opportunities & maximum opportunities, Stability to contribute the growth & objectives of the organization. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION:  S.S.C from Shivaji University Kolhapur.  B.A. In Yashwantrao Chavan Open University Nashik.  1 Year Technical Course in Paint Application Technology from Samarth Tech. institute. Pune.  Diploma in Surface Coating Technology from (JVRC) Deccan Edu. Society Institute. Pune. COMPUTER SKILLS:  Knowledge of (Atex application, MS Word, Excel, Power Point) & Internet.  Knowledge of SAP B1.Operating (4 year). ACHIEVEMENT:  Successfully Installation & Commissioning of Automatic Shot blasting come primer machine.  Successfully implementation of epoxy based single coat (mono coat) primer come top coat painting system for (ICP) industrial crane product as well as (WLS) work station lifting project in paint shop.  Successfully implementation of alkyd based single coat (mono coat) primer come top coat painting system for (ICS) industrial crane solution project.  Reduction in Paint & Flushing Thinner consumption by reducing paint touch up & Painting Similar Shade in One time.  Training of the operators on Equipment Operating Procedure as well as setting of new targets for them.  Reduction in Rejection & Consumable Cost.  Implementation of Product customer satisfaction audit in Paint shop.  Doubled the productivity in Paint Shop by Powder Coating 4 Parts on one hanger as against the design of 2 Parts & minimizing conveyor down time.
  2. 2. WORK EXPERIENCE: Currently working : AT&F India fabrication Pvt. Ltd. Pune. Designation : Asst. Manager- Surface Coating. Date of Joining : 10th Aug 2012 to till date. Job Responsibilities: - AT&F is basically in Marine, Infrastructure, Mining, and Defense industry. Now AT&F started facility in India and I am looking, Shot Blasting & Painting project of link spam WORK EXPERIENCE: Previously Working: WMI Konecranes India Ltd. Pune. Designation : Executive – Paint Shop. Date of Joining : 1st Aug 2012 to 5th Aug. 2015 Job Responsibilities:-  Responsible for Blasting & painting process establishment Process plan and process mapping to optimize the resources of paint shop processes.  Standardize the work sequence and methods applied to carry out production activity, common in paint shop shifts through training to team members and regular verification.  Verify Process parameters against set standard and in case of any deviation, conduct study and suggest and implement best possible solution.  Effectively Conducted Automatic Sheet & Structure shot Blasting & Shop Priming Trial with Respective Agencies.  Implementation of Epoxy, alkyd single coat paint (Primer come finish paint) for crane structure.  Preparation and review Standard Work Sheets for all production tact’s considering availability of Manpower, work distribution , methods to be applied, use of Direct & Indirect material/ consumables , tools ,use of personal protective equipment’s and quality requirements.  Acquired knowledge of various chemical testing’s of Paints, Also well versed with wet & dry paint Quality testing of paints after application like WFT, DFT, Cross hatch cut test, Salt spray test, Cross cut Adhesion test, Gloss test, pull off adhesion test etc. of finished parts.  Monitoring & Correction BOM against Actual Paint Consumption By taking Paint Trials.  Monitoring Daily SAP Production, Paint Stock Overview against Store, and Monitoring Daily Inventory Of parts & Paint Compare to Physical. WORK EXPERIENCE: Currently working : PEAL Pvt. Ltd. Pune (Relan group) Designation : Engineer (Paint Shop) Date of Joining : Nov 2011 to Aug. 2012  Production planning to achieve day to day Production target in powder coating.  Monitoring Process Parameters & Process Documentation.
  3. 3.  Daily root cause analysis to reduce online defects in pretreatment & powder coating process.  Monitoring Production, Quality, Cost, Delivery & Safety.  Responsible for Paint finish improvements compared to competitors  Co-ordinate with all necessary agencies for Problem resolution  Monitoring & Correction BOM against Actual Paint Consumption By taking Paint Trials.  Monitoring Daily Production, Powder Stock Overview against Store and Monitoring Daily Inventory Of Parts & Powder Compare to Physical.  Identify process improvement opportunities to continually improve shop performance  Implementation of Kaizen & 5 S at Shop floor.  Preparation Of All Pretreatment & Powder Coating Process Documentation WORK EXPERIENCE: Currently working : Duroshox Pvt. Ltd. Pune. Designation : Engineer – (Paint shop). Date of Joining : Aug 2010 to Nov. 2011  Distribution of work load within available manpower in order to achieve daily production target.  Preparing system and process audit schedule based on control plan and process flow diagram  Responsible for daily Production planning, control & production confirmation in SAP.  Training to team member on Productivity, Quality, Safety, 5’S & Kaizen.  Utilization & handling of skilled/unskilled manpower accurately  Troubleshooting and solving technical problems related to pretreatment, chemicals & powder.  As per requirement of production tools raising purchase requisition & follow-up for P.O. For m/c spare parts & service.  Analyzing daily consumable & non consumable consumption and generation production reports.  Conveyor Hanger Modification according to part size.  Preparation of daily rework & rejection sheet and analysis of rework process. WORK EXPERIENCE: Currently working : Haier appliances India Pvt. Ltd. Pune. Designation : Trainee. – Powder coating. Date of Joining : Feb 2008 to Aug. 2010  Responsible for pretreatment & powder coating process. PERSONAL DETAILS:  Father’s name : Ramchandra Narayan More  Date of birth : 10th , March 1988  Sex : Male  Marital Status : Married  Languages Known : English, Hindi and Marathi.  Hobbies : Cricket, Reading, Watching News. STRENGTHS: I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge. Place: PUNE
  4. 4. Date: (DIPAK R. MORE)