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Future Library Unconference 2013 - Rob davies

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Future Library Unconference 2013 - Rob davies

  1. 1. Europeana Awareness Best Practice Network Creating a buzz around Europeana www.europeana.eu
  2. 2. Engage publicise Europeana to users, policy makers, politicians and cultural heritage organisations in every Member State
  3. 3. promote its use by a broad public for a variety of purposes engage users via User Generated Content, digital stories and social networking
  4. 4. Facilitate • Europeana Awareness will develop new partnerships with key sectors which are currently underexploited by Europeana: – – – – – public libraries local archival groups broadcasters tourism open culture re-users
  5. 5. Distribute • Commitment to open culture and re-use • New distribution channels for Europeana content working with the tourism sector, education, family history services, broadcasters
  6. 6. Aggregate Build the trusted source for cultural heritage. • 30 million CH items now indexed by Europeana • Build an aggregation ecosystem across Europe • Improve metadata quality • Represent diversity of our cultural heritage • Local institutions are important – including Public Libraries! – Europeana Local, LoCloud
  7. 7. Licensing Framework
  8. 8. The Europeana Awareness Public Libraries Network • Europeana is recruiting leading public libraries across Europe to join the Europeana Public Libraries Network • 76 public libraries from 31 countries are already members • we would like to invite other public libraries to join us
  9. 9. Aim of the Europeana Awareness PL Network • strengthen Europeana’s engagement with public libraries all over Europe, by developing productive partnerships which: – support public libraries in the digital era – enable users to interact with the vast quantity of high quality, digital content available through Europeana as part of their own services; – increase awareness of the Europeana initiative, among public library users and professionals
  10. 10. Benefits • What’s in it for me? • What’s in it for my library?
  11. 11. Benefits of joining the PL Network • networking opportunities and easier cooperation with leading public libraries across Europe • access to Europeana’s technical expertise and that of the wider Europeana network – an open forum for experts across Europe: content providers, aggregators, technical, legal and strategic knowledge from the cultural heritage sector and creative industries
  12. 12. Activities • Member libraries invited to pilot online tools, enabling users to access, use or contribute to Europeana – Widgets – APIs – Digital story telling and content collection platform • Member libraries in Greece (and elsewhere) will take part in the Europeana thematic campaigns such as 1914-1918 – helping collect User Generated Content – Memory Hubs
  13. 13. Together we can reach our goal!
  14. 14. Contact Rob Davies MDR Partners rob.davies@mdrpartners.com