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Dm arts d1-workshop-steffen ehrhardt-google-innovations in display

  1. 1. Innovations in Display Steffen Ehrhardt, Cairo, 10th Sep’12
  2. 2. A simple recipe for the perfect ad Right message THE Right person PERFECT Right time AD Right context 2
  3. 3. The goal : deliver the right ad, to the right user at the right time Search Video Display TV Offline media Social Mobile Fastest growing medium 3 Google confidential
  4. 4. Why care about Display? 95% of time online is spent outside of Search Source: Online Publishing Association and Nielsen//NetRatings, August 2011 4
  5. 5. 5 trends to be “in on” in 2012 Be in on display, search, social media, digital video and mobile Online Social Digital display Search media video Mobile 76% 68% 59% 30% 23% Note: Online Marketing tactics used by Ad Agencies, Q3 2011 5 Source: www.emarketer.com.
  6. 6. Transformation puts us at the brink of major growth $200B Display advertising can be a $200B industry in less than 10 years. Eric Schmidt Executive Chairman, Google AdWeek 15.9B in 2014 10.2B in 2010 6
  7. 7. Display is on fire
  8. 8. oneREACH time people buying impressions best million every currently research drive ooVoo quarter content technologies including real-time exchanges Media yearsnetworks insights clients audience- month relationships offers partners grow advertiser inventory buying control user goals brands campaign behavior categories strategy Network uniqueInternet STUDY based display Alliance great system advertising company video audience managemen solutions pricing bid optimization media ad digital overall using Exchange t billion ads choices tags choose advertiser advanced audiences result targeting investment Web real awareness verification sales users information trading objectives new contextual quality percent reachspublishers performance consumers business offer capabilities trusted revenue right market fourth s Ad premium publishe Aim daily site servedtechnology Plusdatabrand attributes networkproprieta use value across make maximize team sites leading helpconsumer timesdeliver Reach account customers marketingr transparency Globalscale helps largest grow demographics ryonline buyers bidding sponsored
  9. 9. Our Vision: An Integrated Solution Google Analytics Display Ad Builder
  10. 10. Telling the AdWords story: where do Products fit in? Leakproof your lower funnel Refresh it with new leads Broaden your marketing High to consumers who regularly visit relevant Bring new visitors to sites and pages your site by reaching them with contextually Interests & Incremental Users Attract consumers relevant marketing Topics searching on your non-branded search Display keywords Contextual Pull site visitors back Search to your site with Non-Branded Attract consumers remarketing Keywords searching on your branded search Display keywords Remarketing Search Branded Low Keywords Low Cost Per Conversion (CPA) High
  11. 11. Plan
  12. 12. Ad Planner Allows you to slice and dice data with several filters to find your audience. • Data for all countries worldwide • Works with Mobile and Video • For Google Display Network
  13. 13. Buy
  14. 14. 14
  15. 15. More granular Targeting Flexible targeting means that you can connect with consumers on the right device, at the right time Device & Provider Location Content Time of day 15
  16. 16. Do you know your customer? Who They Are Where They Are = Audience Buying = Contextual Buying Interests Remarketing Contextual Targeting Similar Users By Keywords | By Topics Combine contextual and audience for maximum reach and maximum performance
  17. 17. Buy: Audience Advertising Innovations Remarketing Contextual Interest Categories Target people Reach your audience at Target your users / who have visited the right time with the your website. Works right message potential clients by also just with your their Interests Analytics Tags! 17
  18. 18. Contextual Targeting = Google! 6x higher than the global average Display CTR! Source: Google internal data. Results are averages across all Display campaigns on the Google Display Network for Q1 2011
  19. 19. Interest Categories
  20. 20. In the Past, a Website Served the Same Ad to Every User Google confidential
  21. 21. Today we can serve a Relevant Ad to Every User Google confidential
  22. 22. Google Interest Categories 1 2 3 While user surfs the web, Google infers interest Ads are shown across Google stores a cookie to categories based on the GDN to users based remember every visit on content, recency & on their interest, GDN websites. frequency and associates it regardless of the page with the cookie. content. http://www.google.com/ads/preferences Google confidential
  23. 23. Don’t Mix up General Affinities with Interest Categories Target Group Profile Target Group Behavior Shopping Handbags & Purses Passive Interests are general hobbies, Interest Categories are interests derived passions or affinities. by surf behavior on the web. E.g.: Basketball, HipHop, Horses E.g.: Software, Solar Panels, Fashion, Vacation Offers Google confidential
  24. 24. The combined effect of targeting interested users with the right creative Target people who have expressed interest in your brand or category of brands 24 Google confidential Display Network
  25. 25. Remarketing
  26. 26. Remarketing can engage shopping cart abandoners. Studies show 70% of online shoppers abandon carts.* * 2010 Google study. # iProspect & Comscore real branding implications of digital media - Aug’11. Share of exposed respondents who answered affirmative. * Google confidential
  27. 27. Customer Examples / Use Cases Visitor Segments report on visitor data across sessions. 1. Visitors who visit landing page A, then product page B, then order page C (in that order) 2. Visitors who've visited at least X times (i.e. in the last 30 days) 3. Visitors who've visited your website at least once in the last X days 4. Visitors who've first come from Display, then Search 5. Visitors who've purchased X but not Y 6. Visitors who viewed a section of your site more than once in past X days 7. Visitors who've signed in at least once.
  28. 28. Google Analytics Remarketing create advanced remarketing strategies with no extra tagging sophisticated targeting use the rich detail of Visitor Segment data to remarket to exactly the right customers with highly relevant messages based on actual behavior. usabilityquickly build and adjust precise remarketing lists with a beautiful and intuitive user interface in Google Analytics. simplicity and efficiency Use your Google Analytics tag to build eliminate the need for time-consuming re- remarketing lists in AdWords tagging for each new campaign. After a one-time tag update, create new Leverage over 100 rich dimensions and remarketing lists and edit existing lists metrics to build remarketing lists. with no additional changes needed.
  29. 29. Look-a-like technology a.k.a similar users Find like minded consumers. Google’s look-a-like technology finds consumers with similar browsing habits to those on your remarketing list. = Remarketing List Similar Users User has been to your been to User hasn’t been to your website your website and visits sports but visited the same sports sites sites 29 Google confidential
  30. 30. Similar Audiences Overview Product Overview We look at users on an existing audience and target people who have similar browsing behavior, but who haven't been to your site (and therefore aren't on your remarketing lists). We think of it as a personalized interest category for an individual product or service, but in the industry it is also called "lookalike" technology. This allows you to reach incremental (new) users on display.
  31. 31. Optimize Creative
  32. 32. In your dreams… 32
  33. 33. In Reality… 33
  34. 34. oneREACH time people buying impressions millio real- every exchanges currently research Media years drive ooVoo best quarter n content technologie including network clien audience- s relationsh month Network inven s grow advertiser insights timepartner offers buying control user goals brand campai categories s ips strategy s behavior ts system baseddisplay gn Alliance adverti video company great audienc Internet STUDY unique managemen solutions ad optimizadigita pricing bid media overall sing tory using Excha t billion ads choices Webtargeti tags choose advanced nge tion investment l awareness users verificatio advertisaudienresu qualit e n real sales trading information new objectives contextual reach usey ng publis ces consumers business offer capabilitie trusted revenue percent market Adperforman right ers s fourth lts publisher Aim Plu daily site technolog dat premi make valu across served bra customer networ s attributes um maximize her propri team site y Reach help leading s a larges deliver demographic bidding account e consumer growmarketin k onli etary nd s buyers times Global transparenc scale shelp g y s t s ne sponsored
  35. 35. Display can be powerful! 35
  36. 36. Target your audience with the right message Message for Women: Find the Perfect Ring Message for Men: Make her Speechless 36
  37. 37. At the right time: Serving the right creative to the right device
  38. 38. The power of Video - use Video Ads TrueView Click to Play 38
  39. 39. Video Drives More Brand Impact Than Simple Flash Ads Average Brand Impact of Video Ads versus Simple Flash 1.4 1.2 1.0 0.8 0.6 0.4 0.2 0.0 Video Simple Flash Source: Dynamic Logic MarketNorms, Fixed frequency level of 1 39
  40. 40. More creativity with rich media 40
  41. 41. Full set of creative options to engage with users Ad Format Sizes Banner: 468 x 60 Square: 250 x 250 Standard Image (JPG or GIF) Small Square: 200 x 200 Standard Flash Leaderboard: 728 x 90 Rich Media Flash Medium Rectangle: 300 x 250 In-Unit Video Click-to-play Large Rectangle: 336 x 280 Video Ads Skyscraper: 120 x 600 Wide Skyscraper: 160 x 600
  42. 42. Display Ads Ready in Minutes For Free “The Display Ad Builder is a great creative sandbox, allowing us to quickly test and iterate with new ad formats and capabilities that text ads can’t offer.” Interactive Agency Razorfish
  43. 43. Blank Template Supports Animation! Blank Template aka Build your own allows advertisers to build templates from scratch. That includes uploading own pictures, resizing, reframing, different fonts etc.
  44. 44. Measure
  45. 45. Think beyond Click, Impression and CTR Click Impression CTR 45
  46. 46. So What Can You Measure In Addition to Click, CTR, Impression? 46
  47. 47. Engagement Metrics
  48. 48. Better measure and attribute conversions for display • Assisted Conversions • Conversion Paths • Time Lag • Path Length … 48
  49. 49. Impact of Display Campaigns 40% lift in search traffic “Display became measurable and allowed us to prove an acceptable CPA.” - Luke Hubbard, Vice President , Integrated Media Solutions 49
  50. 50. Our Vision: An Integrated Solution with transparency and control Google Analytics Display Ad Builder
  51. 51. There’s a perfect ad for everyone. 51
  52. 52. Thank You. steffen@google.com © Copyright 2012 Google Inc. Al rights reserved.