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Paul Miller - Digital Workplace predictions for 2016

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CEO Paul Miller shares his predictions for the Digital Workplace for 2016, and also takes a look at how his predictions for 2015 have come true. The full article can be found here: https://shar.es/1GukYs

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Paul Miller - Digital Workplace predictions for 2016

  1. 1. Digital Workplace Predictions 2016 Paul Miller CEO and Founder Digital Workplace Group @paulmillersays
  2. 2. 2015 – How did I do? 1. Customer revolution comes from within 2. CEOs grab digital workplace as opportunity 3. Digital workplace extends beyond staff/contractors 4. New ‘digital work ethic’ permeates the workplace 5. HR exploits digital workplace for recruitment and retention 6. Organizations establish ‘digital employee experience’ programmes 7. Offices struggle as pace of digital innovation advances 8. Real-time communication systems pilot enhanced virtual technologies 9. Fewer managers as knowledge moves to frontline 10.Digital fragmentation repaired @paulmillersays
  3. 3. 2015 – How did I do? 7 out of 10 – again – come on Paul! @paulmillersays
  4. 4. # One Employee experience will become the heartbeat of digital workplace strategies @paulmillersays
  5. 5. Digital workplace teams will envision new ‘digital headquarters’ that mirror refashioned physical HQs @paulmillersays # Two
  6. 6. Enhanced intranets as ‘front doors’ to wider digital workplace will gain in importance @paulmillersays # Three
  7. 7. Culture will take an ever more central role in digital workplace success @paulmillersays # Four
  8. 8. Enterprise search will finally make significant progress due to powerful success stories @paulmillersays # Five
  9. 9. Disappointing digital workplaces will harm recruitment, retention and engagement @paulmillersays # Six
  10. 10. Microsoft’s dominance will open the way for viable alternative technologies @paulmillersays # Eight
  11. 11. Governance, strategy and measurement will set the world’s best digital workplaces apart from the rest @paulmillersays # Nine
  12. 12. Mobile workers will have deeper knowledge in their hands digitally – further reducing and replacing many managers @paulmillersays # Ten
  13. 13. Our concept of the digital workplace will expand to include ‘machine to machine’ (non- human) relationships @paulmillersays # Ten
  14. 14. Digital Workplace Predictions 2016 Paul Miller CEO and Founder Digital Workplace Group @paulmillersays