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The Mobile Performance Landscape - July 2012

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Following the recent release of our 2nd M-commerce white paper, we have just published our first infographic highlighting the key findings from this report.

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The Mobile Performance Landscape - July 2012

  1. 1. THE MOBILE PERFORMANCE LANDSCAPE THIS INFOGRAPHIC OUTLINES THE GROWTH IN MOBILE COMMERCE IN GENERAL, AND TRENDS SEEN HERE AT AFFILIATE WINDOW WITH CONSUMERS INCREASINGLY TURNING TO MOBILE DEVICES FOR CONNECTING TO THE INTERNET, SAVVY ADVERTISERS AND PUBLISHERS HAVE BEEN ABLE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE MOBILE COMMERCE ACTIVITY HAS RAMPED UP SIGNIFICANTLY OVER THE PAST 18 MONTHS UK TABLET PENETRATION REACHES UK SMARTPHONE PENETRATION REACHES 8% 45% M-COMMERCE GROWTH (IMRG DATA) m-commerce has grown considerably as tech savvy Brits turn to mobile devices 300% 254% 2010/2011 2011/2012 source: IMRG AFFILIATE WINDOW STATS traffic and transactions through the network have grown at a staggering rate JAN 2011 MOBILE SALES 2% £ £ APR MOBILE 2012 SALES 7% MOBILE TRAFFIC 2% MOBILE TRAFFIC 12% BREAKDOWN OF SALES M-COMMERCE SALES PRIMARILY DRIVEN BY THE iPAD 55% 29% 11% iPhone iPad 3% Blackberry Android 2% other BREAKDOWN OF TRAFFIC 37% iPAD THE DOMINANT DEVICE BUT MORE TRAFFIC COMING THROUGH MOBILE HANDSETS THAN TABLET DEVICES 40% 17% 2% iPhone iPad Blackberry Android 3% other WHAT ARE THE PUBLISHER PROMOTIONAL TYPES DRIVING TRAFFIC? a diverse range of publishers are generating mobile traffic CONTENT 29% PPC 18% PRICE COMPARISON 7% VOUCHER CODE 15% CASHBACK /LOYALTY 7% OTHER 5% MOBILE SPECIFIC 5% EMAIL 2% SECTOR INSIGHTS 35% MOBILE TRAFFIC OF ALL THROUGH THE NETWORK IS FOR FASHION RETAIL TRAVEL RECEIVES 6% OF ALL OF OUR MOBILE TRAFFIC TELECOMS RECEIVES 6% OF OUR MOBILE TRAFFIC BUT ONLY 5% OF OUR DESKTOP TRAFFIC SHARE OF MOBILE TRAFFIC BY SECTOR VS. AFFILIATE WINDOW AVERAGE department stores telecoms above network average retail (fashion) retail (other) travel £ £ finance group buying retail (electrical) utilities other : EXCEEDED : LOSS £2.1 M 9 JULY th THE POINT IN 2012 WHEN MOBILE SALES THE 2011 TOTAL THE ESTIMATED £ £ £ £ £ £ £ IN COMMISSION THROUGH THE £ NETWORK IN 2012, DUE TO ADVERTISERS NOT HAVING MOBILE TRACKING IN PLACE £ £ £ £ £ £ £ :IN M-COMMERCE£ £28, 000, 000 SALES RECEIVED BY ADVERTISERS WHERE COMMISSION WASN’T ABLE TO BE PAID TO AFFILIATES £ £ £ £ £ The data contained in this infographic has been taken from Affiliate Window's mobile stats. This covers traffic (clicks) and transactions (sales) generated through affiliate sites on a mobile device. This data is based on 53.3m clicks and 1.5m sales generated through mobile devices January 2011 - June 2012. If you would like to sign up to receive our strategy newsletter (including monthly mobile stats), or if you would like to receive our mobile commerce white paper, please contact us. @AWin_Strategy @AffWin strategy@affiliatewindow.com