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Technology Trends from Hallmark > Summer in the Sand Series for Digital Sandbox Startups

  1. 2014 Digital Trends Digital Sandbox 8/6/14
  2. Inspiration Austin Kleon: Forget about being a genius. You just have to become part of a Scenius
  3. Mastering Mobile As mobile emerges as the dominant digital channel and the glue for all consumer experiences, getting the mobile foundation right is critical for retailing & marketing as mobile becomes the digital reference architecture
  4. Collaborative Economy Enabled by digital technologies, the collaborative economy is estimated to have 6x the impact of the internet. 40% of NA adults have used a collaborative commerce service. Venture capital firms have invested more than $2 Billion in over 300 US ventures since 2012.
  5. Future of Making Continual advancements in 3D printing, maker spaces, digital marketplaces & technology will fuel the Maker movement disrupting companies as makers design, manufacture and distribute goods. Self-organizing nanobots will enable on-site construction of projects.
  6. Explosion of Content and Digital Spaces Continued proliferation of digital apps, sites and services with over a million apps in the apple app store alone. Marketers are realizing digital content engages people more than ads. Providing value and being found amid this abundance are harder and more important than ever.
  7. Power of Platforms Platforms that enable open innovation are replacing manufacturing efficiency as what provides economic power and long-term value. Delivering great consumer experiences only happens within the context of the ecosystems of partners.
  8. Internet of Things The growth of embedded and wearable devices—will have widespread & beneficial effects by 2025. The opportunities & challenges resulting from amplified connectivity will influence nearly everything, everyone, everywhere.
  9. Emotional Design & Personalized Experiences Anticipatory & personalized experiences will be created through the massive amount of data from location-aware devices, social media, cheap sensors & new analytic capabilities. Voice, gestures & sensors will change experience design. The tension between privacy & convenience will continue to increase.
  10. Pervasive Retailing People want to shop on their terms with seamless & personalized experiences. Digital commerce & digitally-influenced sales continue to grow. Each consumer journey is unique and retailer success will come from being relevant to individuals.
  11. Transformation of In-Store Experiences Digital devices, data & services are transforming in-store experiences enabling fully integrated channels & emotional & social experiences. Retailers must adapt to higher levels of service & investment to continue to attract & convert shoppers.
  12. Wearables and Quantifiable Self A tsunami of wearables will change how people interact with the environment and each other. They will not only track health, wellness, home & memories, but provide much of the data for personalized experiences. They allow people to track their life, knowledge of themselves & goals as a new “quantifiable self”. Wearables will be as large as smartphones with faster adoption driven by low cost of sensors.
  13. Expansion of Social & Transformation of Marketing As media consumption has moved to digital devices, marketing teams have transformed to leverage digital spaces, create authentic sharable content & services, word of mouth programs and on-the-fly communications. Social media continues to impact how people connect and what they buy.
  14. Doing Good as the new Green Millennials are loyal to businesses that operate with a sense of generosity and purpose. Digital provides transparency & awareness allowing good profits from this business model.
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  17. Mastering Mobile Collaborative Economy Future of Making Content & Digital Spaces Power of Platforms Internet of Things Emotional Design Pervasive Retailing In-Store Experiences Wearables & Quantified Self Transforming Marketing Doing good is the new green