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to capture
more customer values
We all know that customer centric marketing enables
marketers to create a pos...
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Infographic: Simple steps to capture more customer value

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Ready for a jump start? Discover simple steps to capture more customer value and the best practice from our latest infographic now!

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Infographic: Simple steps to capture more customer value

  1. 1. SIMPLE STEPS to capture more customer values We all know that customer centric marketing enables marketers to create a positive customer experience, resulting in capturing even more customer values. But how can we efficiently approach this to achieve the best outcome? Discover it here. And you can create even more value and achieve all these at the same time through well-managed customer centric marketing. The combination of experience, resources and IP means that a database marketing expert can bring revenue forward by building out faster. How customers create value What is the Best Practice? More customers Customers spend more Customers stay longer React quickly to identified needs What are the key capability success factors? What happens when you are able to satisfy your customers’ needs? HOW ? can you jump start The future of database marketing is about building targeted campaigns at scale to achieve the best customer centric marketing values. A marketing transformation journey case study revealed an overhaul of a manual campaign execution. With marketing automation, one Campaign Analyst could take care of multiple campaigns and more things can be done effectively with less time. 500% increase of number of campaigns built in 12 months after implementation from 20 campaigns to 100+ campaigns 50% decrease of campaign build time from 10 hours to 5 hours* Campaigns can now be audited and segmented for performance tuning and quality assurance Automation is the key to achieving scale 500 % 50% They will be more valuable because they will buy more from you They are less vulnerable to your competitors because they do not have an unfulfilled need They will stay longer because you make it easy and you understand them More Resources Campaign Playbook Faster Build * Does not include briefing and creative work $ Learn and adapt quickly Measure everything at every customer interaction at customer level www.digitalalchemy.asia Strategy Create customer alignment between strategy and execution Targeting (Analytics & Decisioning) Able to intelligently decide which communication a customer should receive according to their unique profile Execution (Multi Channel Execution & Scale) � Able to communicate with a customer through their preferred channel � Able to scale and build a number of targeted campaigns Measurement Measure the effectiveness of every customer interaction + + Optimise contact to ensure customers only receive relevant offers Listen to your customers by using analysts to identify opportunities = Scale more campaigns & faster