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Happy Community Management - McDonalds

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Happy Community Management - McDonalds

  1. 1. h ppy community management winner mixx awards 2016
  2. 2. The speakers.
  3. 3. Creative Director Content at TBWA Bout Holtof Marketing Supervisor at McDonald’s Athina Manirakiza
  4. 4. The winning case.
  5. 5. Facebook walls are tough places.
  6. 6. We could have responded like this: Suck you too, James!
  7. 7. But we prefer this: Sorry James, you can’t eat our tasty Juicy Jane through a straw yet 😉. But when it does, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, do suck up our delicious milkshakes.
  8. 8. McDonald’s Belgium, the French and Dutch Facebook page, has about 140.000 followers. Each day, both pages receive on average 1.035 reactions, questions, complaints and suggestions.
  9. 9. Our recipe.
  10. 10. Humorworks.Eveninthe worsesituations.Every comment isrespondedwithasmile. Withoutignoringtheproblem, andapologizingwhenneeded, wetrytoturnnegativecomments intoapositive.Withwittyreplies, emoji’s,pictures…whatever works.Toturnupsetcustomers intohappy.Andeverydislikeinto alike.Wecallit: HappyCommunityManagement. .
  11. 11. Our tools.
  12. 12. 1. A great 365 content strategy. 2. A great identity: a personal, consistent, caring, happy and forever young tone of voice. 3. A great, dedicated team of content creators, 24/7. 4. A great tool to publish, monitor and engage with our fans: Sprinklr. 5. Great patience.
  13. 13. About Sprinklr: • We’ve worked closely with Sprinklr to build a custom setup: the system allows us to categorize and assign comments & complaints by urgency, type and certain keywords. • The number of engagements grew by 38,4% in the past year. • In the last quarter we swiftly managed a total of 7.2K comments and messages. • We managed to maintain the same level of timely response: within minutes during working hours.
  14. 14. The results.
  15. 15. Return the love.
  16. 16. act in the
  17. 17. How to turn a challenge into an opportunity?
  18. 18. Thank you!