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DWSPR19 Sessions plenieres 17042019 - 5G - Thierry BOISNON - Nokia

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- Telco market opportunities and new value creation
- 5G is a giant leap powered by a set of new technologies
- 5G is a giant leap - mandatory to make the 4th industrial revolution happen
- 5G market traction - the market is accelerating
- Nokia Bell Labs' Future X Vision set the direction for 3GPP's 5G architecture
- Nokia 5G commercial references in key markets
- Nokia speed of innovation with the wider 5G ecosystem

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DWSPR19 Sessions plenieres 17042019 - 5G - Thierry BOISNON - Nokia

  1. 1. Thierry Boisnon April 17, 2019 2019 DIGIWORLD SPRING SESSION
  2. 2. © 2019 Nokia2 Traditional Market flat Traditional CSP service revenues in mature markets* are flat * Western Europe, Canada, USA, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, and NZ Source: Gartner New DSP markets offering significant revenue expansion Estimated 2025 value creation potential of the IoT - McKinsey Global Institute Cloud Services growth but limited value captured by CSPs 2015 20192015 2019 Source: Gartner BPaaS = Business Processes as a Service ($B) MUST DO MUST BECOME x 3 Consumers Industry Telco Market Opportunity and New Value Creation
  3. 3. © 2019 Nokia3 5G is a giant leap powered by a set of new technologies Capacity Connectivity Latency Reliability10 years on battery 100 Mbps whenever needed >10 Gbps peak data rates <1 ms radio latency 1,000,000 devices per km2 Requirements New 5G technology building blocks New spectrum options <3 GHz, 3-6 GHz, cm/mmWave Flexible air interface Multi-connectivity Aggregation and duplication t Throughput # BSSpectrum Spectral efficiency x x x x x x Massive MIMO & beamforming Cloud native & network slicing Connectionless communication Centralized and distributed Efficient massive IoT eMBB URLLC mMTC
  4. 4. © 2019 Nokia4 5G is a giant leap - mandatory to make the 4th industrial revolution happen Industrial automation Ultra-reliable, low-latency connectivity V2X connectivity Automated driving HD maps Infotainment Smart sea port Real-time video Traffic lights management, data processing from mobile sensors and virtual reality Different automotive and public safety slices running over the same network Coupling advanced interactive robots with wireless perimeter intrusion detection Endless possibilities New technologies New business case New revolution
  5. 5. © 2019 Nokia5 5G market traction – the market is accelerating Korea deploying 2018 5G spectrum licencing done 5G RFPs - Vendor selection ongoing Commercialization – rollout late-2018, launch April 2019 North America deploying now Commercial deployments Q4 2018 28 & 39GHz main bands 600Mhz one operator FCC put 3.7-4.2GHz on agenda Cable operators in trials Latin America – early trials China – huge scale trials Government is pushing 5G readiness NDRC large scale trials Accelerated CSP field trials to target 2H2019 commercial readiness Japan deploying 2019 5G tests in 2018 Wide-scale field trial 2019 ; DoCoMo pilot operation Sept. 2019 5G IoT trials CSP refocus to verticals 5G Commercial launch in 2020 with Tokyo Summer Olympics Europe - trialling 5G spectrum auctions since mid 2017 Focus on 3.5GHz band First launches in late 2018 – led by Sweden, Finland and Italy Several 5G pilots – MISE in Italy - Hamburg Harbour 5GPPP – Horizon 2020 FIFA 2018 MEA – early trials Targeting initial 5G deployments for 2H 2018 and early 2019 - UAE Expo 2020 - Qatar FIFA 2022 - Saudi Vision 2030
  6. 6. © 2019 Nokia6 Converged Edge Cloud Software- defined Massive Scale Access Long fibers Converged Node Short waves & wires Emerging Devices & Sensors Smart Network Fabric Universal Adaptive Core Access agnostic converged core Programmable Network OS Dynamic customer services Management & Orchestration SDN NFV Digital Value Platforms Web, Enterprise & Vertical apps External data sources Open APIs Augmented Cognition Systems Analytics Modular, decomposed network functions Common data layer Machine learning Dynamic Data Security • New trust framework • Ecosystem sharing • Mass edge monitoring Dynamic network optimization Multi-operator federation Autonomously optimized coverage & capacity Nokia Bell Labs’ Future X vision set the direction for 3GPP’s 5G architecture Access agnostic core Shared data layerNetwork slicing Massive MIMO Ultra-reliable, low latency mmWave access Edge computing 5G QoS model 3GPP 5G, ETSI MEC features Public
  7. 7. © 2019 Nokia7 Finland Italy South Africa Market leading momentum Nokia 5G commercial references in key markets Public 50+ technical engagements completed in 2018 70+ technical engagements planned or on the way in 2019 San Marino Denmark Switzerland Austria 30+ commercial 5G agreements Approaching 100 5G engagements Uruguay
  8. 8. © 2019 Nokia8 Public Nokia speed of innovation with the wider 5G ecosystem Piloting with leading verticals 5G smart sea port / airport Driving the deployment of 5G Nokia 5G trials and contracts AT&T T-Mobile Verizon Sprint Charter Bell Canada Telus Shaw TIM ElisaFinland Telia Finland VF Italy TAG Orange Telefonica KPN Cosmote SFR CMCC CTC CUC MIIT DOCOMO KT LG U+ SKT KDDI Softbank StarHub Optus TWM Ooredoo Qatar Etisalat UAE Vodacom SA STC Du UAE Zain Mobily Rain Collaborating with leading chipset and device manufacturers 3GPP compliant 5G smartphones expected to be available by 1H 2019 5G V2X connectivity Smart power grids 5G industrial automation Public commercial 5G agreements: DoCoMo,T-Mobile US, AT&T ,Telia Finland, Vodafone Italy, TIM San Marino, SKT, KT, Optus, rain SA, STC, A1 Austria, US Cellular, Salt Switzerland, Springt US, Telenor Denmark