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DWS17 - Plenary session: Big strategic Bets - Andres LINDLAD - Accenture

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- Opportunities and threats on the way to the digital age

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DWS17 - Plenary session: Big strategic Bets - Andres LINDLAD - Accenture

  1. 1. TRASHTHE RULEBOOKThe new rules of engagement are being written by Communications &Media customers. Embrace new service models to capture their attention. #PlayToLead
  2. 2. SQUEEZED FROMALL SIDESDigital disruptors are turning up the pressure for the Telecoms Industry all over the world. #PlayToLead
  3. 3. . #PlayToLead Access the report here
  4. 4. . #PlayToLead Access the report here
  5. 5. B D C A ENTERPRISEVALUE TRADITIONAL BUSINESS NEW BUSINESS GROW THE CORE SCALE THE NEW WISE PIVOT Release trapped value to sustain growth Respond to headwinds in legacy business by leveraging advantages in new models Get the timing right to minimize risk S-CURVE OF TRANSFORMATION TIME TRANSFORM THE CORE Drive optimization to fuel growth C B A D #PlayToLead
  6. 6. PICK YOUR PLAY Network Innovator, Ecosystem Player? How will telcos thrive in the the new Digital landscape? #PlayToLead
  7. 7. Welcome to the era of value chains. Partner across an Open Ecosystem to better monetize data, create new offerings and drive greater value for your customers. PLAY TOGETHER #PlayToLead
  8. 8. PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHSLeverage your heritage of telecoms experience – customers, billing relationships, networks, security, and trust - to embrace new competitive advantage. #PlayToLead
  9. 9. STEP FORWARDNow is the right moment for telco’s to transform – to embrace new services and play a new, data-driven, open role in emerging ecosystems. #PlayToLead
  10. 10. SMART CENTREDPlace the embedded intelligence of the Telco Brain at the core of your telecoms business to drive omni-channel customer engagement and new, ecosystem-wide service growth. #PlayToLead
  11. 11. FUTURE FOCUSEvery journey starts with the decision to make it. The decision to adopt a future-focused mind-set for your telco’s business starts now. #PlayToLead