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Open Data & Government Data Programme



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Open Data & Government Data Programme

  1. 1. Open Data & Government Data Programme Update event for external data users 8 December 2015 Paul Maltby Director of Data Government Digital Service @maltbyps
  2. 2. In the last Parliament our data approach was dominated by open data GDS
  3. 3. We did okay GDS
  4. 4. The data user community worked wonders GDS
  5. 5. But like ODI & others we know we now need to stretch our approach wider and deeper GDS
  6. 6. That means, where appropriate, shared data, not just open data GDS
  7. 7. That means quality, not just quantity GDS
  8. 8. We will continue the deep involvement with external data users to keep pressure on the quality and quantity of open data GDS
  9. 9. But the big shift is to drive data quality by dog-fooding within government GDS
  10. 10. A new Government Data Programme aiming to transform how data is used across public services GDS
  11. 11. GDS Too much government data is Duplicated In many different formats Hard to reach Hard to maintain Hard to put to good use
  12. 12. GDS Our aim = better digital services
  13. 13. GDS Our aim = good policy and operational decisions
  14. 14. GDS Our aim = economic benefits
  15. 15. GDS Our aim = public trust & security
  16. 16. GDS The Government Data Programme has 3 workstreams
  17. 17. 1.Better use of data GDS
  18. 18. Driving internal use of new data with: Data science and open data projects on top policy challenges Data capability and literacy (with ONS) GDS
  19. 19. Maintaining UK’s international leadership on open data and transparency GDS
  20. 20. Improving decision making and boosting demand for data quality for benefit of all GDS
  21. 21. @cgchristrott Consul General, Cape Town, SA Data science opportunities: Unstructured data and visualisations GDS
  22. 22. Data Science & the Civil Service 22 Data science opportunities: Clustering and prediction GDS
  23. 23. There is some unfinished business on open data GDS
  24. 24. We especially want help from external users with ODI to keep driving the open data agenda GDS
  25. 25. ONS creating mainstream data science capability among analysts in government GDS
  26. 26. GDS will be supporting this, including through data literacy for non-data specialists GDS
  27. 27. 2. Modernising data infrastructure GDS
  28. 28. Creating a security-conscious data layer in government consisting of Data access tools APIs Registers GDS
  29. 29. Resulting in a National Information Infrastructure of open and shared data to fuel business and government innovation GDS
  30. 30. Registers: lists of facts where the government is the canonical source of truth API standards: so without friction appropriate data can be queried across government Discovery tools: so civil servants can find out if data exists & if they can access it
  31. 31. GDS companies, charities, trade unions, courts, schools, universities, hospitals, zoos, circuses, inspections, licences, certificates, births, marriages, deaths, electoral roll, insolvencies, bankruptcies, passports, animal passports, drivers, vehicles, land parcels, land ownership, land use, legal boundaries, awards, tax rates, benefits, livestock movements, flood risk, river levels, companies, fish caught, patents, trademarks, designs, non-native invasive plants, bank holidays, food standards, clock changes …
  33. 33. Registers are more than just a list GDS
  34. 34. GDS Persistent & canonical Minimum viable dataset A service, not a list Integrity of history Open / shared / private
  35. 35. GDS
  36. 36. GDS Registers: Are owned by a department Provided as a service for others inside and outside government According to common design patterns & software
  37. 37. GDS Starting with commonly referenced registers such as Countries Companies (limited companies, charities, sole traders) Local authorities Premises Addresses
  38. 38. GDS No technology big bang required
  39. 39. Creating an API infrastructure across government and, where appropriate, to users outside GDS
  40. 40. Reducing the need for bulk data sharing in government GDS
  41. 41. So no more downloading and emailing data around Whitehall GDS
  42. 42. And no more disks in the post GDS
  43. 43. (but we know how important bulk availability of data is for some external users via data.gov.uk) GDS
  44. 44. We’re also starting to think about better data discovery tools - both inside and outside government GDS
  45. 45. GDS
  46. 46. There are currently no tools for civil servants to know whether non-open data exists across government GDS
  47. 47. Never mind knowing whether they can or should access it GDS
  48. 48. Or having tools available to help them query the data or provide basic manipulation, eg plot on a map GDS
  49. 49. A discovery process on tooling will start in the new year - we will be doing user research with users inside and outside government GDS
  50. 50. 3. Data policy and governance GDS
  51. 51. Supporting the programme through cross-dept governance: Agree the technical approach and common policies Data access legislation? International engagement and policies GDS
  52. 52. Creating shared vision & ambition and collective rules of the road GDS
  53. 53. GDS A new Ministerial Group on Digital Transformation - including data
  54. 54. An external Steering Group chaired by National Statistician John Pullinger GDS
  55. 55. Open Data Institute keeping our feet to the fire and connected with external data users GDS See more on the ODI process
  56. 56. GDS At the heart of the programme senior Data Leaders drawn from across government
  57. 57. Agreeing: Common policies (eg external sharing) Data standards Responsibility for registers Opportunities for collaboration And leading the new data vision across Whitehall GDS
  58. 58. Possible new data access legislation? GDS Research and statistics ● HMRC ● ADRNs ● ONS admin data Tailored public services ● Personal data for defined & limited individual benefit Fraud ● Personal data for tackling fraud (with sunset clause) See more on the earlier open policy process with civil society at datasharing.org.uk
  59. 59. 1 2 3 4 5 Start with clear user need and public benefit Use data and tools which have the minimum intrusion necessary Create robust data science models Be alert to public perceptions Be as open as possible Data science ethical framework 6 Keep data secure GDS
  60. 60. And tackling the big questions Citizen consent and control of data When and how data should/shouldn’t be shared outside government GDS
  61. 61. Better use of data Open data Data Science Data literacy and capability GDS Modernising data infrastructure Data discovery tools APIs Registers Data policy and governance Common policies and leadership Possible legislation International leadership
  62. 62. Paul Maltby Director of Data Government Digital Service @maltbyps