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Newcastle content meetup: user research and content design

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David McCrae and Graeme Claridge, GDS

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Newcastle content meetup: user research and content design

  1. 1. David McCrae - User researcher Graeme Claridge - Content designer Government Digital Service User research & content design
  2. 2. GDS
  3. 3. GDS How will you know how to speak to customers if you don’t speak to customers?
  4. 4. GDS
  5. 5. GDS Look for behaviour. What do people do and what do they not do?
  6. 6. GDS Pain points are caused by unmet needs. What are they?
  7. 7. GDS
  8. 8. GDS Copy your highlights onto sticky notes.
  9. 9. GDS
  10. 10. GDS Affinity mapping is a simple way to visualise and see patterns in observations
  11. 11. GDS Step 1: Put all of the sticky notes on a wall in no particular order Step 2: Group together the sticky notes your think are related Step 3: Write themes for your post it note groups
  12. 12. GDS The bigger a group is the more frequently it happens The more it stops a user completing their goal the higher the priority
  13. 13. GDS Title your themes to think about the problem “How might we…”
  14. 14. GDS
  15. 15. GDS Designing content to match the user needs
  16. 16. GDS Does the content match the user need?
  17. 17. GDS
  18. 18. Thanks! David McCrae Graeme Claridge