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Diego Fdez-Sevilla. PhD._________________
Environmental Research Analyst
Avenida Buenos Aires 61 6-B. Ourense. Spain
+34 6...
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Spontaneous application Diego Fdez-Sevilla cover letter

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Diego Fdez-Sevilla cover letter

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Spontaneous application Diego Fdez-Sevilla cover letter

  1. 1. Diego Fdez-Sevilla. PhD._________________ Environmental Research Analyst Avenida Buenos Aires 61 6-B. Ourense. Spain +34 639649581 Email:d.fdezsevilla@gmail.com October 2015 Dear Sr/Madam, I am addressing this letter to you in order to be considered as a candidate in your processes of selection for the present and future positions. My education and training are based on Environmental Biology and Aerobiology at Postgraduate level. The experience and skills which I have developed through my career have led me to be involved in studies linking Biological Performance, Atmospheric Particle Load and Climatic Alterations. The common ground shared between the different professional activities in which I have been involved lays in the application of primary and secondary research to create, evaluate and deliver scientific outputs, addressing environmentally relevant questions. I believe that my multidisciplinary knowledge, skills and experience, would be an asset in a broad range of positions. Throughout my career I have built a strong background assessing the limitations of methodologies applied in evaluating synergistic interactions between the Atmosphere and the Biological components of an ecosystem (field of Aerobiology). Furthermore, I have addressed the challenge of designing and conducting my own line of research aimed to identify and justify the existence of gaps of knowledge in environmental relevant topics such as GMOs, Pollution, Land Use and Cover, GHGs and Climatic Alterations. This ongoing project has been running already for two years (from Oct 2013) producing over 100 publications in a research blog which has reached 10000 views and more than 7000 viewers. In this project I deliver up to date data and approaches documenting and analysing technical and scientific aspects looking at synergistic interactions between Land Cover and Use, Albedo and Surface Temperature, Atmospheric Pressure developments, Atmospheric Composition and Behaviour, and Energy Flows and Gradients. The developments raised from this work has led me to design and propose for open review, the validity of an hypothesis which describes mechanisms and implications for atmospheric developments due to increasing conc. of atm. CO2 and Water Vapour over Polar Latitudes. This theory unifies in a single principle the cause for Arctic amplification, blocking patterns associated to deep cyclonic events, a pause in atmospheric T raise, increases in atmospheric kinetic energy dispersed through altitude and latitude in the NH as well as increases in localised snow and water precipitations. http://wp.me/p403AM-to I believe that by sharing passion and a state of mind, my aptitudes will reinforce the potential of the team to identify what is happening in the environment and to analyse the grade at which the parts are involved. Ultimately, my multidisciplinary and multicultural background will enhance the exchange of ideas and perspectives required to unify criteria identifying issues and solutions. Altogether, my input could help into make a contribution in the present state of knowledge helping to design and implement relevant environmental policies. Based on all my previous arguments I would like for you to consider my candidature and give me the opportunity to develop further any possibility for collaboration. Sincerely yours, Diego Fdez-Sevilla. Ph.D.