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evidence folder

  1. 1. UNIVERSIDAD TECNOLOGICA DE LA LAGUNA (BIS) ¨NOTEBOOK¨ PRIMARY TEACHAER BIS 12 T.M } MAE: Elvia Alejandra Aguilar Gonzáles Alumna: Diana Elizabeth Chávez Hernández
  4. 4. QUESTIONS IN CLASS 1. Can I go to the badroon? 2. Can I aswer the pone? 3. Can I spend please? 4. Can you check my Homework? 5. How do you say in english? 6. Can you speak more slowly? 7. Can you explain again? 8. Can we work together? 9. How do you spell? 10. Can you repet that please?
  5. 5. HELLO Hi Hey What´sup? Good Afternon GOOD BYE Take care See you later Bye See you tomorrow Gotta Go
  6. 6. MY PRESENTATION Mi name is Diana Chávez, I have 18 year old, I from in the city of Gómez Palacio. Dgo. My Favorite thing to do is be lying down watching movies, go to my boy friend, family, Friends, or slpeep. Mainly to the film or to eat at different sites, ilove so much to walk places nazas, Dgo. Tlahualilo, Cuencame. Are Places that personally, Ilove them, I currenty belog to a group of church wich. I´m in charge, working with adolescents from 12-14 years old, and really is something that makes me very Happy. Some of my faults is that, they are very pessimistic and get easily bored of doing something; My favorite color is pink, because is beatiful; My favorite fod is chiken, is very very delicious; My animal favorite is monkey, really really ilove so much, it´s beatiful and very tender. I´m Studing in the university UTL is amazing to study.
  7. 7. ° CHOOSE THE MOST APPROPIATE ANSWER 1.Good morning Good morning, Jane. How are you? -Fine, Thank you are you 2. It´s nice to meet you Nice to meet you too 3. Hello, William.- Hello, Mrs. Smite 4.Tina, This is my comeworker, Alfred Moore. – Hello, Mrs More 5. Excuse Me, What is your first name again? Isabel 6. Where are you from, kate? – I´m from Australia 7. Merry Chrismas!. The some to you 8. Have a nice weekend.- You too 9. Well, i´ve got to go now. Is is nice to see you. Bye! – Good Bye, Andy. Present ¨Be¨ Simple past ¨Was/ Were¨ Past Participle ¨Been¨ I´m Here I was there I will be there Present (am, are, is) Am (I)
  8. 8. I am Teacher I´m at work I´not a student Are ( You, we, they) You are my friend We are friends They are my friends You aren´t my friend They aren´t my friends We are not my Friends Is ( He, She, It) She´s my girlfriend She is my girlfriend She is not my girlfriend He is my boyfriend He´s my boyfriend He is not my boyfriend THE VERBS Base form Simple past Past Participe Spanish Be Was/were Been Ser/estar See Saw Seen Ver Listen Listened Listened Escuchar Speak Spoke Spoken Hablar Write Wrote Written Escribir Walk Walked Walked Caminar Run Ran Run Correr Come Come come Venir Study Studied Studied estudiar Sing Sang Sung Cantar Dance Danced Danced Bailar Work Worked Worked Trabajar Dream Dreamed Dreamed Soñar Awake Awoke Awoken despertar
  9. 9. Sleep Slept Slept Dormir ¿? QUESTIONS Verb to be+ Subject + Complement Am I at work? Is he you boy friend? Is it your car? Arent´a teacher? Isn´t it my classroom? Answer. - Yes, she is - Yes, I am - No, she isn´t - Yes, they are - No. They aren´t Contraccions, I´m You´re Wer´re They´re She´s He´s It´s My name is Cheng I´m a student. Her name is Maria. She´s a student, too.
  10. 10. Maria and I are student We´re students You and abdullah are students They´re students. You aren´t a teacher, You´re a student They´re not teachers, They´re students. WEEKDAYS  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday  Sunday
  11. 11. MONTH OF THE YEARS  January  February  March  April  May  June  July  August  September  October  November  December
  12. 12. 1st| First 2nd Second 3rd Third 4th Fourth 5th Fifth 6th Sixth 7th Seventh 8th Eighth 9th Ninth 10th thent December second, nineteen fourten 12/2/1994 Junary fifth, nineteen sixty- eigth 1/5/1968 WORK TOGETHER What´s your name? My name is Diana What´s your last name? Chavez What´s your nickname? Elizabeth What´s yout e-mail adress? My e-mail is Diana_chavez23@hotmail.com What´s your phone? 8712802951 How can i find you on Facebook? Diana Chavez How old are you? 18 @ . ________ -
  13. 13. at dot under score dash NUMBERS CADINALS
  14. 14. FAMILY MEMBERS FAMILY TREE Gran Father. My gran fathers name is juan chavez and he´s sixty one years old. My Granmother name´s Maria Hernandez and she´s sixty years old Gran Father is name Juan Chavez and he´s sixty two years old. My Granmother name is Carmen Favela and she´s sixty three years old My Father´s Jorge Chavez And thirthy nine years old My mom name´s Consuelo Hdz Forty Years old My Borthe´s Jorge Chavez and Twenty years old My Brothe´s Juan Chavez and Fiften yearts old. ME! My name is Diana anda Eightheen years old. My brother he´s JEsus chavez and elevenyears old,
  15. 15. Parents
  16. 16. HOURS AND MINUTS Nephew Grandson
  17. 17. BODY PARTS I´ts a eigth passed ten It´s a thirthteen passeed twelve At eleven oclock
  19. 19. ARTICLES a- an A doctor is in the hospital A cat is beatiful An Elephant is gigant An easy cuestion An alarma- clock An earl A door SO, AND, BUT I Like English and like French very much My Brother likes mates but He doesnt like history Can you read so write english words?
  20. 20. QUESTIONS Who What Where When Who run? What is your name? Where dowe eat? When are we going to see each other? SIMPLE PRESENT STRUCTURE Subject+verb I eat You eat They eat We eat She runs Che cries It eats Maria eats a lot juan cries a lot