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Regrowth of Beta Cells with Small Molecule Therapy

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Type 1 diabetes (T1D) results when beta cells are destroyed and the body can no longer produce enough insulin to convert the sugar from the foods we eat into energy. A major focus of our work towards a cure for T1D is on identifying the events that occur in the beta cell on the path towards their destruction and the development of diabetes.

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Regrowth of Beta Cells with Small Molecule Therapy

  1. 1. “Regrowth of beta cells with small- molecule therapy”
  2. 2. Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) The Pancreas: Home of the beta cell http://www.livescience.com/44662-pancreas.html Beta cells sufficient Insulin sufficient T1D: Beta cells lost Insulin Insufficient
  3. 3. The mTORC1 pathway: An important regulator of beta cell growth and division What is it? What does it do? mTORC1-active beta cells Increased Cell Division (more cells) Aylett et al. (2016) Science 321(6268):42-48 mTORC1: an enzyme complex Increased Cell Growth (more insulin) mTORC1
  4. 4. Key New Finding: Beta cells try unsuccessfully to regrow themselves before the onset of diabetes with mTORC1 But it is not enough… Beta cells sufficient Beta cells insufficient Cell Growth and Division Progression towards Diabetes Early Mid Late mTORC1
  5. 5. The Goal: Regrow beta cells at a greater rate of speed with mTORC1 small molecule therapy Efficient Beta Cell Growth and Division small-molecule therapy High Low Can we promote beta cell growth and reverse diabetes? Level of mTORC1 activity:
  6. 6. The Approach Models: 2. T1D mice 1. Beta cells in culture 3. Human samples 1. Test known small molecules that stimulate the mTORC1 pathway 2. Screen small molecule libraries to identify new mTORC1-activating drugs Experiments:
  7. 7. Intended Outcome Beta cells sufficient Cell Growth and Division Progression towards Diabetes Early Mid Late 1. Prevention Reversal of diabetes progression 2. Cure Restore enough beta cells to make sufficient insulin mTORC1
  8. 8. …for taking the time to consider supporting this project and being a part of innovative early-career T1D research!