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Vancouver island university

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Vancouver island university

  1. 1. Vancouver Island University – SPPwww.viu.caAdmission to Undergraduate Degree, Diploma, and Certificate Programs♣ Graduation from high school or equivalent.♣ Meet VIU’s English language requirements for academic programs. Conditional acceptance ispossible for students who do not meet the English language requirements.♣ International students who are B.C. high school graduates must have a minimum grade of “C” inEnglish 12 to enter directly into an academic program.♣ IELTS 6.0 (with no score under 5.5)Admission to Post-Degree Diploma in Business Studies♣ Business or non-business Bachelors degree from a recognized institution.♣ Meet VIU’s English language requirements for academic programs. Individual course pre-requisites also apply.Admission to MBA Program♣ Minimum “B” average in the final 2 years of a business or non-business Bachelor’s degree.♣ IELTS 6.5 with no band under 6.0♣ Work experience is preferred but not required.♣ Submit Letter of Intent, Resume and two Letters of Recommendation from past employers orprofessors.Programs♣ Aboriginal Construction♣ Aboriginal Sports Management♣ Aboriginal University Bridging Program♣ Access Programs♣ Accounting, Bachelor of Business Administration
  2. 2. ♣ Activity Assistant♣ Adult Basic Education♣ Advanced Diploma in GIS Applications (ADGISA)♣ Anthropology, Bachelor of Arts♣ Applied (trades) Programs♣ Applied Business Technology♣ Applied Business Technology On-line♣ Apprenticeship♣ Arts and Humanities, Faculty of♣ Arts One—First Nations♣ Arts, Majors and Minors♣ Art—Visual and Applied Arts♣ Astronomy♣ Automotive Service Technician♣ Bachelor of Arts, Child and Youth Care♣ Bachelor of Arts, Majors and Minors♣ Bachelor of Education—Post Baccalaureate Degree (full-time)♣ Bachelor of Fine Arts—Theatre♣ Bachelor of Fine Arts—Visual Art♣ Bachelor of Hospitality Management♣ Bachelor of Interior Design♣ Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies♣ Bachelor of Music—Classical Transfer♣ Bachelor of Natural Resource Protection♣ Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Aquaculture♣ Bachelor of Science, Majors, Minors and Transfer♣ Bachelor of Science, Nursing♣ Bachelor of Science—Transfer Programs♣ Bachelor of Tourism Management♣ Baking–Professional♣ Biology Department♣ Biology, Bachelor of Arts♣ Biology, Bachelor of Science♣ Business Administration (Bachelor Degree)♣ Business Management♣ Business Programs, Faculty of Management♣ Carpentry♣ Centre For Continuing Studies Certificate And Diploma Programs♣ Chemistry♣ Chemistry, Bachelor of Arts♣ Chemistry, Bachelor of Science♣ Child and Youth Care, Bachelor of Arts♣ Community Support Worker♣ Computer Science, Bachelor of Arts♣ Computing Science, Bachelor of Science (Mandatory Co-op)♣ Computing Science, Bachelor of Science (Optional Co-op)
  3. 3. ♣ Continuing Education♣ Continuing Education Courses♣ Co-operative Education♣ Criminology♣ Criminology, Bachelor of Arts♣ Culinary Arts♣ Culinary Arts – Bridging Option♣ Culinary Arts (Professional Cook Training)♣ Dental Assistant♣ Dental Hygiene♣ Dental Office Receptionist♣ Digital Media Studies♣ Digital Media Technologies (DMT)♣ Disability Studies♣ Early Childhood Education♣ Early Childhood Education and Care♣ Earth Science Department♣ Earth Science, Bachelor of Arts♣ Earth Science, Bachelor of Science♣ Economics♣ Economics, Bachelor of Arts♣ Economics, Bachelor of Business Administration♣ Electrician♣ Engineering♣ Engineering, Bachelor of Science - Transfer♣ English, Bachelor of Arts♣ English-as-a-Second-Language♣ ESL: English as a Second Language♣ Event Management♣ Faculty of Arts and Humanities♣ Faculty of Management♣ Faculty of Social Sciences♣ Financial Services, Bachelor of Business Administration♣ Fine & Performing Arts Programs♣ Fine Arts—Visual Art♣ First Nations Programs♣ First Nations Studies Department♣ First Nations Studies, Bachelor of Arts♣ First Nations University Bridging Program♣ Fisheries & Aquaculture, Post-Degree Diploma♣ Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology♣ Fisheries and Aquaculture, Bachelor of Science♣ Forest Resources Technology♣ General Diplomas♣ Geographic Information Systems (GIS)♣ Geography
  4. 4. ♣ Geography, Bachelor of Arts♣ Geography, Bachelor of Science♣ Geology Department♣ GIS - Advanced Diploma in GIS Applications (ADGISA)♣ Global Studies♣ Global Studies, Bachelor of Arts♣ Graphic Design♣ Graphic Design, Bachelor of Arts♣ Hairdressing♣ Health and Human Services♣ Health Care Assistant♣ Health Programs♣ Health Services Administration in Long Term and Community Care♣ Heating, Ventilation, & Air-Conditioning/Refrigeration♣ Heavy Duty/Commercial Transport Mechanics♣ Heavy Equipment Operator♣ History, Bachelor of Arts♣ Horticultural Technician♣ Hospitality Management♣ Hospitality Management - Bachelor of♣ Hospitality Management – Bridging Option♣ Human Resource Management, Bachelor of Business Administration♣ Human Services Certificate Programs♣ Human Services Programs♣ Information Technology & Applied Systems (ITAS)♣ International Business, Bachelor of Business Administration♣ International Education♣ Internet Production (IPro)♣ Management Skills for Supervisors♣ Management, Bachelor of Business Administration♣ Management, Faculty of♣ Marketing, Bachelor of Business Administration♣ Master of Arts in Sustainable Leisure Management♣ Master of Business Administration (MBA)♣ Master of Education in Educational Leadership♣ Master of Education in Special Education♣ Mathematics, Bachelor of Arts♣ Mathematics, Bachelor of Science♣ Media Studies♣ Media Studies, Bachelor of Arts♣ Music♣ Nursing, Bachelor of Science♣ Nursing, Bachelor of Science♣ Nursing, Practical♣ Philosophy, Bachelor of Arts♣ Physical Education
  5. 5. ♣ Physical Education, Bachelor of Arts♣ Physics, Bachelor of Science - Transfer♣ Physics, Engineering and Astronomy♣ Political Science♣ Political Studies, Bachelor of Arts♣ Practical Nursing♣ Psychology♣ Psychology, Bachelor of Arts♣ Psychology, Bachelor of Science♣ Recreation and Sport Management♣ Recreation and Tourism Management♣ Resource Management Officer Technology♣ Science, Majors, Minors and Transfer♣ Social Sciences, Faculty of♣ Social Services♣ Sociology Department♣ Sociology, Bachelor of Arts♣ Special Education Teacher Specialty Post Degree Diploma♣ Sport, Health & Physical Education♣ Teacher Leadership Graduate Diploma♣ Tourism ManagementBenefits to Join Dhrron Consultancy- IELTS coaching *FREE- FREE career counseling- FREE accommodation arrangement- FREE air port pick up facilitiesFor more InformationContact :Dhrron Consultancy304 Corner pointJetalpur road,Alkapuri,Vadodara - 390007Phone : 0265-2335999, 6642999Helpline : 09824349773info@dhrronconsultancy.comwww.dhrronconsultancy.com