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Dhanashri academy 7 mistakes

  2.  The stock market is not the place for the ill informed  You just need someone to show you the way  There is no Holy Grail in Trading  Our trading system is highly successful, easy to learn and low risk MISTAKE ONE - Lack of Knowledge and No Plan
  3.  Traders expect to make a gazillion dollars very Quickly  The stock market can be a great way to replace your current income and for creating wealth but it does require time  Not Necessary to leave your current job to start investing  With our Methods you only need to get 50-60% of your trades "right MISTAKE TWO - Unrealistic Expectations
  4.  At start, beginners feel they often feel like they know nothing; that everyone else has the answers  They listen to all the news reports & reporters which is very confusing  They take "tips" from their buddy  We will show you how you can get to know everything MISTAKE THREE - Listening to Others
  5.  Letting Ego or Emotions get in the way  When you first start to trade it is very difficult to control your emotions  Fear and greed can be overwhelming; Lack of discipline, lack of patience and over confidence MISTAKE FOUR - Getting in the Way
  6.  Many traders don't understand the critical nature of money management  This is a critical aspect of trading  It is not complex to address  We can show you will ensure that you don't "blow up" and that you get to keep your profits. MISTAKE FIVE - Poor Money Management
  7.  New traders only learn how to trade a rising market  traders know really good strategies for trading in a falling market  you don't learn to trade "both" sides of the market, you are drastically limiting the number of trades  We can show you a simple strategy that allows you to profit when stocks fall MISTAKE SIX - Only Trading in One Direction
  8.  New traders feel they have to be in the market all the time to make any real money  They see trading opportunities when they're not even there  We can show you simple techniques that ensure you only "pull the trigger" when you should MISTAKE SEVEN - Overtrading