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  1. MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM Submitted By- Diksha Jindal Devanshu Gohri
  2. PAYTM  Paytm is an E-commerce and payment system company which was launched in 2010.  It is owned by One97 company and is headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.  Paytm is an acronym for ‘Pay Through Mobile’.  Apart from being accessed from the browser, its app is available on the Android, Windows and IOS operating system.
  3. PROBLEMS  Population: 1.3B I. 60% Unbanked II. 90% Small business no link to formal financial institutions III. Only 3.6% households undertake cashless transactions IV. 600 M with net-banking facilities V. 20M Credit Cards, 350M Debit cards VI. 60% Own mobile phones VII. 60% projected to own smartphones by 2019 VIII. In 2015, 34.1% of mobile phone users accessed the internet from their mobile phone. This figure is expected to grow to 47.4 percent in 2019. Sources: Statisca and Economic Times/India Development Fund
  4. REVOLUTION  In 2014, the company launched Paytm Wallet.  Became India’s largest mobile payment service platform.  150 million wallets and 75 million android based app download as of Nov. 2016.  Demonetisation plays key role.
  5. REVOLUTION  It eliminates the problem of change.  Even a small retailer (stalls) moves to Paytm.  Add money, no OTP and User id login.
  6. INTIAL SERVICES  Initially Paytm started by offering mobile recharging, then added bill payment and e-commerce, with products similar to business such as Amazon and Snapdeal.
  7. PAYMENT SOLUTIONS  Paytm offers smart payment solutions for online businesses. The payment solutions allow them to accept online payments through Paytm.  The payment option comes with no setup fee and maintenance charges. However, the company charges a commission of 1.99% on every transaction.
  8. PAYTM WALLET  Ever wondered how Paytm earns even after providing 50-100% cashback?  Through the Paytm wallet, of course.  Cashbacks are credited to the users in their Paytm wallets.
  10. PAYTM WALLET  Paytm wallet is a semi-closed wallet used to store currency in digital form which can be used to buy goods and services at identified merchant locations or establishments (like petrol pumps, a supermarket, your barber’s shop, movie hall, etc.) which have a specific contract with the company to accept these payment instruments.
  11. PAYTM WALLET  The money deposited by users in Paytm wallet is deposited by Paytm in an Escrow Account with a partner bank. This escrow account deposit fetches Paytm certain interest which is decided as per the contract between the bank and Paytm.  Banks and payment gateways charge a fee equivalent to 1-3% of the money deposited for using their services. This fee can’t be charged to the customers as it’ll make them choose alternatives like UPI, IMPS, etc.
  12. PAYTM BANK  A payments bank is a digital bank which can accept deposits and give out interests on the deposits but can’t offer loans to its customers.  Just like the Paytm wallet, users operate Paytm bank using their smartphones. Paytm also issues debit cards with QR codes which can be scanned at various points.
  13. COMPETITION  Paytm has 68% market share.  Rival freecharge has only 11% market share.
  16. HOW TO GET BARCODE  Simply download the latest version of paytm app in your smartphone.  Open the app and login to your account.  Click on “Pay or Send” option on the homepage of paytm app.  Paytm app will start scanning the QR code. ...  That's it.
  17. PAYTM FOR BUSINESS  Is for who wants to open a separate account of paytm for their shop or business  With this your QR code will be generated which is totally different from normal paytm account.  This QR code directly accepts the paytm and deposite into your saving bank account.  You can add more than one mobile no. If you have.
  18. WHY PEOPLE ATTRACT TOWARDS PAYTM  Easy Accessible:- The paytm side easy to accessible they are much easy as compare to other site people are like them for their easy accessible specialty .paytm also available on the mobile, tablets, laptops , and for paytm the high speed data connection is not required .it is easily work on mobile without any problem.
  19. MOBILE FRIENDLY  paytm service is also available in mobile so you can easily download and use this application in your mobile anywhere. On other hand we can say that it’s a mobile friendly application.
  20. SAFE AND SECURE PAYMENT:  paytm uses many trusted software for their security purpose they used many security application they provided best security when any transaction are done, they uses 256 bit of encryption for their security purpose.
  21. RBI APPROVED DIGITAL WALLET:  Their digital wallet are approver by the reserve bank of India(RBI). So people are trusted on their paytm wallet service. That means They follow all the rules and regulation they are required to work e- wallet. They provide 45+ banks for net banking.(one of the largest Payment Gateways in India.) You canalso Rs 1 lakh plus money transfer (follow the KYC(know your customer ) rule and regulation) otherwise its RS 10000 .
  22. SELLER OPPORTUNITY IN PAYTM:  A consumer can also sell or do business with the help of paytm Partner With Paytm
  24. QR CODE  A QR Code is a 2D barcode that encodes data and can be decoded using a smartphone application. Which is Unique for every user.
  25. SOFTWARE PRODUCTS PAYTM IS USING INTERNALLY:  Customer Support: ForeSee, Google Forms, Zendesk  Marketing: AppsFlyer, Google Tag Manager, SendGrid  Product & Design: Balsamiq, Google Fonts  Analytics: Google Analytics, Heatmap, VWO  HR: Lever  Productivity: Betaout, Dropbox, Evernote, G Suite, Slack