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Building a Content Strategy That Search Engines Love - Dylan Sellberg


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Building a Content Strategy That Search Engines Love - Dylan Sellberg

  1. 1. Creating A Content Strategy That Search Engines Love (and that you love too) 2017 Design Bloggers Conference
  2. 2. Who is HubSpot? A Global Movement - INBOUND! - HQ in Cambridge, MA - HubSpot Offers a Full Stack of Products for - Marketing - Sales - Customer Relationship Management - 21,000 Customers in 90 Countries - 2.3 Million Social Followers - 19k+ Annual Registered INBOUND Attendees - 54k HubSpot Academy Certifications @HubSpot | @DylSell
  3. 3. Who am I? Dylan Sellberg - Implementation Specialist at HubSpot - Started first business at age 11 - Managed multi-million dollar marketing campaigns - Consults with 30+ marketers each week on marketing and sales best practices - Favorite social platform is Twitter @DylSell - Lean Six Sigma Green Belt @HubSpot | @DylSell
  4. 4. 2017 Design Bloggers Conference Diving In
  5. 5. Design Bloggers Conference Your Current Content Strategy Oh, I have an idea - I’ll post it! Today’s Search Engines How they work and what is new Your New Content Strategy This is a big idea, hang onto your hats Building a Content Strategy That Search Engines <3 and you do too My goal is to introduce a content strategy that will help you and your business Use #EVENTHASHTAG and I’ll respond to any questions from the Twitter Thread both during and after this talkQ+A Let’s go DEEP here @HubSpot | @DylSell@HubSpot | @DylSell How It All Fits Together How a new content strategy will change your results
  6. 6. What is going on with Search Engines? @HubSpot | @DylSell
  7. 7. How does the Google Machine Work? The goal of search has always been the same. Enter a question...you get an answer. But... questions have changed as users have become more sophisticated... The New Search Engines @HubSpot | @DylSell@HubSpot | @DylSell
  8. 8. 1. Obtain backlinks to your site 2. Add keywords in your meta description, and H1 tags 3. Add a lot of keywords in the body of your content. The more, the better. 4. Add “hidden” keyword mentions in the HTML of your page. 5. Rinse & repeat The New Search Engines Before now @HubSpot | @DylSell *This system is easily gamed by SEOs, marketers, content writers, everybody
  9. 9. But search has evolved
  10. 10. Inside Google’s Search Algorithm Inside the machine are various algorithms that take hundreds of factors into account to deliver the most relevant result to the searcher. Each update is just another piece of the overall Google Search Algorithm. The New Search Engines @HubSpot | @DylSell@HubSpot | @DylSell Mobile Panda Rankbrain Penguin Hummingbird
  11. 11. 3 Most Important Ranking Factors 1. Content 2. Links The New Search Engines @HubSpot | @DylSell@HubSpot | @DylSell 3. RankBrain
  12. 12. A machine-learning artificial intelligence system that’s used in the Google Search Algorithm to help process results. RankBrain is intended to help primarily understand long-tail queries and user intent. @HubSpot | @DylSell
  13. 13. HubSpot Internal Only RankBrain is “involved in every query,” and affects the actual rankings “probably not in every query but in a lot of queries.” Jeff Dean Computer Scientist, Google (plus it’s the third most important factor affecting search)
  14. 14. Target searchers' intent and concepts, Google will do a good job recognizing content and figuring out the keywords that it maps to @HubSpot | @DylSell 2015, Content Marketing Institute @HubSpot | @DylSell
  15. 15. Your current content strategy
  16. 16. Your Current Content Strategy @HubSpot | @DylSell A spontaneous idea equals a blog post
  17. 17. 1. You have limited bandwidth 2. Have a hard time creating content on a consistent basis 3. Unable to connect content to your goals or mission Your Current Content Strategy Roadblocks with this “Strategy” @HubSpot | @DylSell@HubSpot | @DylSell The “See What Sticks” Strategy
  18. 18. 1. Difficulty generating concrete ideas 2. Difficulty connecting content generated to your business goals and strategies 3. Trying to mesh your pages with keywords conflicts with your writing style Your Current Content Strategy Roadblocks with this “Strategy” @HubSpot | @DylSell@HubSpot | @DylSell The “Keyword Research” Strategy
  19. 19. You are not alone. @HubSpot | @DylSell
  20. 20. The majority of marketers don’t have a documented content strategy. In fact, Only 35% of B2B marketers and only 37% of B2C marketers have a documented content strategy. @HubSpot | @DylSell 2015, Content Marketing Institute @HubSpot | @DylSell
  21. 21. A Story
  22. 22. @HubSpot | @DylSell@HubSpot | @DylSell 2 years ago, HubSpot launched the our CRM and created an Inbound Sales Framework...
  23. 23. And...we launched a TON of content @HubSpot | @DylSell@HubSpot | @DylSell
  24. 24. And it was SO keyword optimized... @HubSpot | @DylSell@HubSpot | @DylSell
  25. 25. And, the results were like... @HubSpot | @DylSell@HubSpot | @DylSell
  26. 26. Then, it hit us... Write for humans, not for robots @HubSpot | @DylSell@HubSpot | @DylSell
  27. 27. So we tried a new framework... @HubSpot | @DylSell@HubSpot | @DylSell
  28. 28. And the results were like... @HubSpot | @DylSell@HubSpot | @DylSell
  29. 29. @HubSpot | @DylSell@HubSpot | @DylSell
  30. 30. So, how can you do this?
  31. 31. Develop a content strategy! @HubSpot | @DylSell@HubSpot | @DylSell
  32. 32. That search engines love... @HubSpot | @DylSell@HubSpot | @DylSell
  33. 33. And you do too... @HubSpot | @DylSell@HubSpot | @DylSell
  34. 34. Introducing... @HubSpot | @DylSell@HubSpot | @DylSell
  35. 35. The Content Cluster Framework @HubSpot | @DylSell@HubSpot | @DylSell
  36. 36. Topics Over Keywords Key Sub Topic Core Topic Hyperlink @HubSpot | @DylSell@HubSpot | @DylSell
  37. 37. Topics Over Keywords ● Links off to sub-topic / cluster content and resources ● This is the anchor of topical content on your site ● Typically a web page on your main site Pillar Content | (10x Content) @HubSpot | @DylSell@HubSpot | @DylSell
  38. 38. ● Holistic view of where you stand on a given topic ● Will increase authority on topic to return results no matter the search ● Google takes care of parsing a search query and returning your result ● This can be a blog page, checklist, case study Topics Over Keywords Topic Content @HubSpot | @DylSell@HubSpot | @DylSell
  39. 39. Topics Over Keywords @HubSpot | @DylSell Scandinavian Design @HubSpot | @DylSell Minimalism at work Emerging Scandinavian Design Companies Functionalism at work in office spaces Which Nordic country produces the best products Is Scandinavian Design played out?
  40. 40. How to put this into play @HubSpot | @DylSell@HubSpot | @DylSell Map out 5-10 of the core problems that your buyer has Build out each of the core topic with subtopics using keyword research Map out content ideas that align with each core topic with corresponding subtopics Validate each idea with industry and competitive research. Create, measure, and refine Group each of the problems into broad topic areas
  41. 41. Creating A Content Strategy That Search Engines Love (and that you love too) @HubSpot | @DylSell 3 Most Important Ranking Factors 1. Content 2. Links 3. RankBrain
  42. 42. Thank you. @HubSpot | @DylSell
  43. 43. Q+A Please, no softballs Out of time? Dsellberg@HubSpot.com
  44. 44. 1. Matthew Barby (and his blog) https://www.matthewbarby.com/blog/ 2. Angela DeFranco 3. Joseph Del Bene 4. How to create 10x content (Moz) 5. Anum Hussain Topics over Keywords 6. All About RankBrain (Search Engine Land) Thank you’s + resources The Real Pros @HubSpot | @DylSell