Causes and Treatment for Ulcerated Mouth at Dentzz

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Meet the experts at Dentzz to get the best treatment for Ulcerated Mouth.

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Causes and Treatment for Ulcerated Mouth at Dentzz

  1. 1. Ulcerated Mouth: Causes and Treatment
  2. 2. • Ulcerated mouth is a dental problem that needs to be treated well. • If the ulcer is quite wide and in a tinge of yellow, the reason for it can be trauma. • Cold sores in the mouth can occur frequently and spread around the gums, tongue, and throat and inside of the cheeks.
  3. 3. Causes • There are many causes for mouth ulcer like minor mouth injury, brushing with force, sports injury, or accidental bite, toothpastes and mouth rinses that contain sodium lauryl sulphate. • It can also be caused by other serious problems like celiac disease which is a condition in which the body is unable to tolerate gluten, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes mellitus.
  4. 4. Treatments • Corticosteroids are a type of treatment that can reduce inflammation. This is done to eliminate the pain that comes with mouth ulcers and also leads to faster healing. • Chlorhexidine gluconate is the most frequently prescribed mouthwash, while there are various gels and sprays that are also available.
  5. 5. Why Dentzz? • Our Dentzz clinics in Mumbai and Delhi, have experienced and well trained dentists who can help you figure out the seriousness of the ulcer. • Therefore, Dentzz is an ideal place if you are seeking specialized dental treatment from globally trained dentist in India.