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  1. 1. KateMoss Inspired by Kate Moss, everyone wants in on Hollywood’s latest surgery craze B otox and boosters have long been in hot demand in Hollywood as ageing A-listers strive to stay youthful. Now, there’s a new fad sweeping the celeb crowd that not only promises to wind back the clock, but also helps women look like a beauty icon. And one icon in particular – Kate Moss. The “Clone Face” trend refers to a series of procedures inspired by the supermodel that promises patients her trademark high cheekbones, angular jaw, smooth forehead and porcelain skin – all via non-invasive treatments such as fillers and skin resurfacing. Dr Richard Ellenbogen, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, tells UK mag Grazia, “In recent years, surgery has fallen out of favour and everybody is turning to fillers. Especially actresses and people in the public eye who just don’t have time for a full facelift.” It’s taken over from celebrity fads such as over-inflated Angelina Jolie-inspired lips, and the “Kylie Eyebrow” – a procedure that aims to pull brows up, creating a permanent arch like pop princess Kylie Minogue’s. The “Pillow Face”, which results in puffy, over-filled features, also had a moment in Hollywood. Famous fans of the Clone Face include Courteney Cox, Robin Wright, Heidi Montag and, most recently, Renée Zellweger, who attracted criticism from fans over her new look. “She took all that was cute and different about her and destroyed it,” one critic tweeted. Fans aren’t the only ones who are unimpressed. Several plastic surgeons have expressed concern over the results. “It makes all these actresses look related,” London dermatologist Dr Michael Prager explains to Grazia. “Beauty is what sets us apart – when you go for the textbook definition of beauty, like with the Clone Face, ironically, you start to lose it.” Adds Dr Ellenbogen, “So many actresses are starting to look exactly the same – it’s weird.” “Beauty is what sets us apart – when you go for the textbook definition of beauty, like with the Clone Face, ironically, you start to lose it.” RENÉE ZELLWEGER Renée, 44, prompted rumours she’d gone under the knife when she stepped out last November looking “unrecognisable”. Famous for squinty eyes and full cheeks, critics branded her new look “startled”. COURTENEY COX She may be turning 50 this year, but Courteney’s super-smooth skin hides her age well. “I’m game for anything. I’m very open to trying to prolong the inevitable,” she confesses to New You magazine. NICOLE KIDMAN Speculation persists that Nic has had work done. But while the 46-year-old tells Italian paper La Repubblica, “I am completely natural”, her line-free skin and puffy cheeks keep us wondering. The fillers don’t come cheap, with actresses paying up to $4000. But according to Dr Ellenbogen, spending the big bucks gives you no guarantee you’ll come out looking as good as Kate. “The way they’re being filled makes them all look like the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” he says. “Their foreheads look higher because they’re so smooth, their cheekbones are overly plump and they eliminate every line from their face which, sadly, often starts to eliminate their natural beauty.” ATTACK OF THE CLONE FACE A-listers are turning to Kate’s iconic face for their beauty inspiration. SURGERY SHOCKerS! Scan with Netpage to check out celebs who’ve gone under the knife link THEY’VE GOT THE LOOK Clip, save and share from every page using the app. It’s free from the iTunes App Store or Google Play feel FAMOUS Fam ousfeature