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  1. 1. On a roleWhen Lily sets her sights on a part, she makes sure it happens. “I’m really determined,” she says. “Once I know I’ve done all I can do, it’s totally fine.” Famous feature When it comes to rising stars, you won’t find a name hotter than Lily Collins right now H er latest movie has rocketed to the top of the box office, but while Lily Collins’ rise to stardom seems sudden, truth is Hollywood’s new It-girl already had an impressive résumé before industry players put her number on speed dial. The 24-year-old daughter of British rocker Phil Collins, 62, certainly knows her way around the scene. “I grew up seeing the pros and cons of the business with my dad,” she tells Nylon mag. “A lot of people’s perception is that I don’t have to work my way to get in a room because someone’s always interested in the last name, but I always say that personality opens doors [and] character keeps them open.” Moving experience Born in England to Phil and his second wife Jill Tavelman, in bloom Lily Lily moved to LA with her mum at age five after her parents’ divorce. Once there, she enrolled in prestigious prep school Harvard-Westlake where she led a normal – albeit privileged – childhood. Growing up, she would spend Christmas in the English countryside and at 18 she made her debut at the elite Crillon Ball in Paris, dressed in Chanel couture. “To this day, my core group of solid friends are from high school,” she tells the LA Times newspaper. With her striking looks, Lily first gained attention as a model – she called herself, “the short girl with attitude” – but her real passion was acting. In the showbiz world, however, her famous name was more of a hindrance than an advantage. “The first [agent] told me, ‘There are plenty of sons of, daughters of, cousins of, nieces of, nephews of – so what makes you special? Do something, come back and we’ll talk,’” she says. The write stuff Always ambitious, Lily pursued her other goal – journalism. A talented writer, she began contributing to British mag Elle Girl at 15, and followed that up with articles for Teen Vogue and Seventeen. Next came a hosting gig for kids’ TV channel Nickelodeon at 18. “I wanted to be the youngest talk-show host,” she admits. “No- one got it. I came into boardrooms with pie charts and research. I was like, ‘Why is this not computing? It seems a given that the younger generation has a voice!’ I feel like I was just a few years too early.” While that dream failed to materialise, being in front of the camera was a perfect fit and, while studying broadcast journalism at the University of Southern California, Lily began to audition for films. Her breakthrough came in 2009, when she played the daughter of Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock’s character in The Blind Side. “I did my first semester during the second half of the [academic] year, and then Blind Side happened,” she explains. “I didn’t want to leave and not have that time count, so I had to write 10 extra papers and Skype with teachers, all while I was on set. And I had to fly back for finals. It was... really difficult.” A star is made Having well and truly caught the Taylor Lautner The on-screen chemistry between Lily and Taylor spilled into real life. They dated for a year before ending things in late 2011. leading men bug, Lily left uni to act full-time. Her next big role was as Snow White opposite Julia Roberts, 45, in 2012’s Mirror Mirror. “I wanted it so badly,” the starlet admits, and her passion paid off – auditioning on Thursday, she had the gig by Friday morning. And the parts kept rolling in. She played 21-year-old Taylor Lautner’s love interest in Abduction and starred opposite Julianne Moore, 52, in indie flick The English Teacher. But the role that has her poised to join the ranks of Kristen Stewart, 23, and Jennifer Lawrence, 23, is the lead role of Clary in supernatural franchise The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones. While her career’s still taking off, Lily’s love life is already firmly A-list. As well as a romance with Taylor, she enjoyed a fling with Zac Efron, 25, and recently split from Mortal Instruments co-star Jamie Campbell Bower, 24. “Lily and I are very, very close,” Jamie tells E! Online. “Always have been, always will be.” When even your ex has only good things to say, you know you’re doing something right! Clip, save and share from every page using the app. It’s free from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Zac Efron Lily and Zac were linked in February 2012, but had split by June. “It was just a casual thing and it fizzled,” a source tells Us Weekly magazine. Jamie Campbell Bower The actress fell for another co-star – Brit actor Jamie – but despite their recent break-up, the pair remain friends. Movie magic... Scan to see the trailer for Lily’s fantasy epic The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones Watch Her supporting role in The Blind Side led to the lead in Mirror Mirror. Lily honed her action chops with Taylor in Abduction. Something in the heir Far from being intimidated by her famous father Phil, Lily was inspired. “I grew up watching my dad... that made me want to make a mark on the world as well,” she says.