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MT111 Under the covers: Dell on Dell Deployment and Support

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Ever wonder if Dell Technologies eats its own cooking, so to speak, by leveraging Dell Services for their own IT? In fact, we do, but there’s a twist in the story. Extra-large data centers are dynamic with unique, evolving needs that cannot be efficiently supported with a fixed contract. Dell is the perfect example. Imagine a flexible deployment and support services model that adapts and scales with your changing business needs without compromising quality. With Dell ProDeploy Flex and ProSupport Flex, our dedicated Technical Account Managers and team of field technicians are trained to know our environment and ensure optimal performance. EMC called this “IT Proven.” That’s a great descriptor. Want a peek? Come on in.

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MT111 Under the covers: Dell on Dell Deployment and Support

  1. 1. Under the covers: Dell-on-Dell deployment and support Jim Roth, Vice President, IT Pat Quigley, Executive Director, IT SessionMT111
  2. 2. Dell - Restricted - Confidential How many of you: 1. Are responsible for more than 100 servers? 1,000? 10,000? 2. Have both data centers and remote locations to take care of? 3. Are responsible for deploying new systems, whether data center or PCs and tablets 4. Are responsible for support and management of those systems?
  3. 3. • Scalable network architecture • Technology transitions without downtime • Proactive, automated, centralized monitoring XL IT shops need…
  4. 4. Data center and remote • 19 data centers • 310,000 square feet • 65,300 physical servers • 43,700 virtual machines • 128 PB in storage • 140,000 PCs & tablets Dell EMC global footprint in two distinct environments
  5. 5. Dell - Restricted - Confidential How many of you: 1. Are using vendors to help deploy new systems? 2. In the data center? 3. Remote locations? 4. 100% of the time? 5. 50% of the time?
  6. 6. Dell - Restricted - Confidential • 39% faster deployments with 91% less IT effort* • Can save up to $2,000 per device in labor costs** • Reduces costly mistakes that could cause downtime • Makes supporting remote sites much easier ProDeploy for enterprise
  7. 7. Using ProDeploy in the data center
  8. 8. Dell - Restricted - Confidential • Over 129 regional sites without IT onsiteor server support personnel (e.g. sales offices) • Travel and coordinating multiple personnel, plus user downtime on site, is complex and costly ProDeploy saves time & travel cost
  9. 9. Dell - Restricted - Confidential How many of you: 1. Provide level-one support for your organization? 2. Provide both level-one and level-two support? 3. Have a Dell Technical Account Manager? 4. Are using a Dell onsite parts locker?
  10. 10. • All systems covered • Dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) to help expedite • Dedicated resourceas case owner • Exception dispatches available • Efficiency tools such as TechDirect • Assistance with tracking and extending warranties ProSupport Flex
  11. 11. Dell - Restricted - Confidential • Support for all hardware in our environment, from PCs to switches to complex storage • Our TAM helps expedite • Automated case generation by SupportAssist • Proactive recommendations to prevent issues • They help us maintain currency Dell support reduces downtime
  12. 12. parts parts parts • 15,114 total server assets deployed • 1,772 dispatches last 365 days Lockers in two sites:
  13. 13. Dell - Restricted - Confidential How many of you: 1. Use TechDirect? 2. Have turned on SupportAssist for most of your systems? 3. Plan on using SupportAssist for more systems in the future? 4. Use OpenManage?
  14. 14. • Automated case generation • Trends and predicts issues • Notified if in escalation • Engaged until resolution • For PCs, avoiding hard drive failure SupportAssist: proactive to prevent issues
  15. 15. Dell - Restricted - Confidential tools tools tools • SupportAssist • OpenManage • TechDirect
  16. 16. Dell - Restricted - Confidential How many of you: 1. Have Dell certifications? 2. Have members of your staff or peers with Dell certifications? 3. Have taken Dell training? 4. Have members of your staff or peers that have taken Dell training?
  17. 17. • Accelerates the productivity of technicians • Stay technically up-to-date • Supports career growth • Presents new challenges for team members—keeping them motivated It pays to invest in training and certification
  18. 18. The value of training and certification
  19. 19. Dell - Restricted - Confidential • Make certification part of onboarding new employees • Rely more and more on proactive automated monitoring and support • Use analytics to forecast parts needs, etc. The future
  20. 20. Dell - Restricted - Confidential Let’s summarize Going extra-largedoesn’t have to hurt XL learnings also apply to small and medium Train, train, train & advocate for certification Flexible deployment & support models are vital Proactive, automated monitoring is vital
  21. 21. Dell - Restricted - Confidential • Are we being proactive enough? • Can we use help deploying complex or large volumes of systems • Are we training enough? Next steps: Ask yourself…
  22. 22. Dell - Restricted - Confidential Questions? What do you think? Your to-do’s: 1. Visit us at Services in the Expo 2. Learn more at www.dell.com/ITLifecycleServices Thanks! ENTER
  23. 23. Thank you