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DSD-INT 2015 - EO-related projects at deltares - Jaap Kwadijk

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EO-related projects at deltares

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DSD-INT 2015 - EO-related projects at deltares - Jaap Kwadijk

  1. 1. Why is Deltares interested in Earth Observation Jaap Kwadijk, Director of Science Deltares Courtesy to: Ghada, Hessel, Marjolijn H, Jaap S, Marc B, Albrecht, Bregje, Nicky, and many many others
  2. 2. OpenStreetMap based Monthly updated global paved area map
  3. 3. Focal topic : Multi resolution modelling (using big data sets )=> Global water budget and floods Gleeson, Wada, Bierkens and van Beek, Nature, 2012. Winsemius et al, Nature Climate Change, accepted.
  4. 4. Deltares focal topic: BIG data in water management
  5. 5. Trends in Global Data for water More, more and more!!! Some 2014 water relevant datasets • “SRTM 30m for all!” • ISRIC SoilGrids1km Global soil data • Global Width Database • Google Earth Engine (release of LandSat archive + analytics) 6 november 2015 Source: Yamazaki et al. 2014 - Development of the Global Width Database for Large Rivers
  6. 6. 6 november 2015
  7. 7. Challenges • Bring data to the model/analysis (which we do traditionally)? Or vice versa (move to cloud/HPC) • Translate large amounts of data into something useful 6 november 2015
  8. 8. Deltares (societal) research themes
  9. 9. Deltares Examples of Earth Observation Portfolio Floodrisk
  10. 10. MYWAVE│2012 - 2015 • FP 7 Project, recently completed • Has established a foundation for a Marine Core Service that includes ocean waves. • From NL: Deltares, KNMI partners Introduction Portfolio Ambitions
  11. 11. GLOSSIS│ Introduction Portfolio Ambitions Global operational storm surges GLOSSIS is the first operational forecasting system for storm surge prediction on a global scale, taking into account tidal and extra-tropical storm events in real time
  12. 12. Deltares Examples of Earth Observation Portfolio Assessment of water resources
  13. 13. EU FP7 GLOWASIS GLOWASIS│ Introduction Portfolio Ambitions
  14. 14. Improved Drought Early Warning and FORecasting to strengthen preparedness and adaptation to droughts in Africa Normal Condition Monitoring of hydro-meteorological variables Implementation of drought mitigation plan Drought Normal Condition Alert Onset End Implementation of post-drought recovery plan Drought Forecasting and Warning Warning DEWFORA │ Introduction Portfolio Ambitions A framework for the providing drought early warning and response • monitoring and vulnerability assessment, forecasting, warning, response, and knowledge dissemination
  15. 15. Save Money and Reduce Time : New Zealand SMART │2011-2017 Introduction Portfolio Ambitions The overall aim of the proposed research is to develop a suite of highly innovative methods for characterising New Zealand’s groundwater systems. Trans-disciplinary information needs have been determined by stakeholder consultation and include the measurement of: • groundwater volume and changes in it over time • aquifer hydraulic properties • fluxes of groundwater interchange with surface waters • water age
  16. 16. EartH2Observe: integrate earth observations from different missions, in-situ data, and multiple global hydrological & landsurface models to construct a Global Water Resources Reanalysis (WRR) dataset of at least 30 years Introduction Portfolio Ambitions eartH2Observe │2014-2018
  17. 17. Deltares Examples of Earth Observation Portfolio adaptive delta planning
  18. 18. 3 February 2015 SubCoast│ Introduction Portfolio Ambitions The objective of the GMES-downstream service. SubCoast will be to develop a service for monitoring the extent and impact of subsidence in coastal lowlands and demonstrate its capability in various pilots for a variety of settings around Europe.
  19. 19. RASOR │ Introduction Portfolio Ambitions Partners Rapid Analysis and Spatialisation Of Risk • Multi-hazard risk analysis platform for disaster management, • Supports critical infrastructure monitoring & climate change impact assessments
  20. 20. FAST│2014-2018 Introduction Portfolio Ambitions Partners │ FAST is developing down-stream services for the European Earth Observation Programme Copernicus to support cost-effective, nature-based shoreline protection against flooding and erosion.
  21. 21. • Evaluate ‘innovative’ platforms & sensors for RWS (MWTL) monitoring • Ships incl. VOS & FerryBoxes • Combine buoys, platforms, satellite EO • Validation, power analysis, cost-benefit • Strategic advise on implementation • Compliant w. MSFD & OSPAR • Link to upcoming Copernicus data & services Introduction Portfolio Ambitions Monitoring strategy for Rijkswaterstaat
  22. 22. Deltares Examples of Earth Observation Portfolio Assessment Ecosystems and water quality
  23. 23. Cyanobacterial Monitoring Services • Funded by the European Space Agency • Service: combination of 1) earth observations, 2) in situ spectral readings and 3) EWACS for early warning of HAB’s. • 2014: pilots in Netherlands: Paterswoldsemeer (PWM) and Rijnland lake area. CyMonS│2014-2016 Introduction Portfolio Ambitions
  24. 24. Data Science for ecosystem services Link existing GMES + non-GMES WebGIS Services Download GMES + non-GMES data and provide as WebGIS services (local cache) + + + + = Dynamic multi-hazard map WebGIS Viewer + GUI Python framework for Web processing services Multi-spatial analysis Web based territorial management system Database • Examine feasibility & cost- benefit of risk prevention related to the use of wetlands, coastal systems and dry lands to mitigate flood. • Combined Sentinel data w/ field studies and statistics in GIS • Thematic maps & analyses for coastal regions such as Wadden Sea and Northern Adriatic coast. • Training to implement algorithm for risk analysis & “Building with Nature” ECOSTRESS│2014-2015 Introduction Portfolio Ambitions
  25. 25. Improving future ecosystem benefits through earth observations ECOPOTENTIAL│2014-2018 Introduction Portfolio Ambitions The ECOPOTENTIAL project focuses its activities and pilot actions on a targeted set of internationally recognized protected areas (PA) in Europe, European Territories and beyond, including mountain, arid and semi-arid, and coastal and marine ecosystems.
  26. 26. Improved monitoring and forecasting of ecology of European INland waters by combining Future earth ObseRvation data and Models INFORM│2014-2018 Introduction Portfolio Ambitions •Phytoplankton types, yellow matter, TSM & turbidity, stratification, macrophytes, primary production, light attenuation & euphotic depth •Deltares develops biogeochemical model to link EO data to IS data & analyse the WQ dynamics & interactions for 2 cases:
  27. 27. Deltares Examples of Earth Observation Portfolio Coastal infrastructure
  28. 28. Model-Supported Monitoring of SPM • Integration and assimilation of EO data into sediment transport model • Reconstruction of autonomous reference conditions for prolonged time • More accurate trend detection of suspended matter (SPM) Impact assessment of large scale land reclamation on turbidity in coastal waters MoS2│ Introduction Portfolio Ambitions
  29. 29. So.. we provide a lot of EO Services for water and coastal management…… Adopted from a Deltares presentation Copernicus Climate Projections Workshop | ECMWF Townhall, Reading April 20-21, 2015
  30. 30. We claim we do it for water / coastal managers What do water / coastal managers do?: Deal with too much, too little, too dirty water…..how? • Monitor their water system’ inform people what they can expect on all kind of water issues + warn them for floods and droughts • Develop and maintain an infrastructure that meet all the requirements (WFD, EU-FD, Marine Strategy Framework Directive, International agreements, design criteria of infrastructure) • Discuss with policymakers the (interpretation / meaning / consequences) of changes in these requirements • Discuss with sectors dependent on the possible options to adapt the system (Long term) Actually they spend (very) limited time to what we provide
  31. 31. EO services for the long term and short term planning • EO services for the long term planning: typically for serving the preparation of a water/coastal management plan for a country / water management system (frequency 5-10 yrs (?)) • EO services for the short term: typically for serving flood/drought/quality warning (frequency daily-weekly) • How this planning is organized (to what extend alien parties are involved) varies a lot over countries; coastal management somewhat easier than inland
  32. 32. Typical questions in the water planning phase • Are the current standards still reasonable or should they be changed • What adaptation strategies do help to meet the standards • Is implementation of the strategies technically possible/feasible? • What are the costs and benefits of developing adaptation strategies? • Can the strategies be implemented in the current political and environmental conditions?. • What are the political consequences and institutional requirements for implementation of the strategies? Summarizing: • Do measures do the job • Is it technically possible to implement them, • Can we pay them It is our job to support them on this!
  33. 33. So.., in stead of looking for ecosystem, climate, water, etc,…. services Try to support them with decision services