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  1. 1. Deepak Maurya E-mail: deepak.jaipuria12@gmail.com, Mobile : +91-995859-6672 PASSPORT NO :- N0588473PAN No:-BKAPM1271N OBJECTIVE Rendering to work in an environment, which can enhance my personality and technical skills.To be involved in analysis, design and development of applications so that my acquired knowledge may increase and acquaint me with new technologies to set an ideal for other. SUMMARY  Around 3 years 3 months of work experience and currently employed with CSDC Systems Inc.aProduct based companyas a Software Engineer.  Around 1 year 10 months of work experience with 3i Consulting Pvt. Ltd. as a Software Engineer.  Masters of Computer Application(MCA) [71%], consistently good academic records. TECHNICAL EXPOSURE Key Technology Expertise Operating Systems :Windows 2000 / XP/2007 Database :MySQL, SQL Server (PL/SQL), Oracle(PL/SQL) Languages :C, Core Java,J2EE(JSP & Servlet), Java Script,Ajax. Technologies :Spring MVC, Hibernate,JOOQ, Servlet, Android, XML Application Servers : Tomcat, Web Logic 8.1 Tools : EclipseJuno,Net Beans, ZK 3rd Party API : Dynamsoft Web Twain for Scanning Major Strengths  Experience in the areas of Analysis,Design and Development in Client/Server and application development using Java,J2ee(JSP & Servlet) and Springwith hibernate integration.  Proficiency in CoreJava, Servlet, Springwith hibernate  Experience in Servlets, JSP, Spring, and Hibernate and PL-SQL(MS SQL and Oracle). WORK EXPERIENCE  Current Organization : CSDC Systems Inc.  Current Designation : Software Engineer  Duration: May 2014 to Present
  2. 2.  Current Location : Delhi/Noida  Previous Organization : 3i Consulting Pvt. Ltd.  Designation : Software Engineer  Duration: Jun 2012 to April 2014  Location : Indirapuram(Ghaziabad) INDUSTRIAL TRAINING I have done my Industrial training in Android Platform from Swarnim Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. From Jan-2012 to May-2012. PROJECT DETAILS PROJECT -1  Project Name : AMANDA Version 7.0  Duration : June 2014 to till now.  Environment : Java 1.5 EE, ZK Framework, JOOQ, Web Services, DAO Tomcat, SQL Server, Oracle Brief Description: AMANDA is a web-based commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) product that enables business process automation for local, county, state and provincial government agencies. Its flexible and configurable design provides an ideal platform for configuring powerful licensing, permitting, planning, compliance, and courts justice solutions. Beginning with a core solution for licensing, permitting, planning, compliance or courts and justice, customers can take advantage of AMANDA’s modular architecture and add additional functionality. The AMANDA Business Performance platform is in use at over 150 government agencies across North America and the Caribbean and has over 12,000 active users. Roles and responsibility:  I have been working on almost each and every part of this project from the requirement phase till the implementation phase.  Co-coordinatingwith Clients and Business Analystto understand the scopeof requirement provided in business requirement Document.  Analyzing and Coding different modules.  Proving the bug fixes for different modules And.  PL/SQL programming for data migration. PROJECT -2  Project Name : Grade Medicare  Duration : June 2012 to May 2014  Environment : Java 1.5 EE, Spring MVC, Hibernate, MySQL
  3. 3. Brief Description: This projectgathers information of Doctor’s who located at different location and Hospitals.User can search here details of doctors and hospitals by using their name or locations.In this there was a forum link in which user can create their topic and get solutions by doctors and users. Roles and responsibility:  I have been working on almost each and every part of this project from the requirement phase till the implementation phase.  Co-coordinating with Clients and Business Analystto understand the scopeof requirement provided in business requirement Document.  Understanding the Functional Design Document  Coding different modules. PROJECT -3  Project Name : Tech Mentro On Mobile  Duration : Jan 2012 to May 2012  Environment : Eclipse, Android, SQLite Brief Description: This application isan android application.This application provides information regarding course details of Tech Mentro on android mobile devices.Tech Mentro is a leading educational organization provides the education solution in different areas of IT technologies. Roles and responsibility:  Involved in Coding using tools of Eclipse(Android) IDE.  Worked in Sqlite database for tables & connectivity.  Involved in designing the front-end screen. PROJECT -4  Project Name : Automobile Automation System  Technologies : Net Beans IDE , MS-Access Brief Description: This application provides information regardingvehicleservicingin wide area and provides the fast servicein sort time.And this application also storecustomer details,their vehicledetails and spareparts related information also. Roles and responsibility:  Have been actively involved in requirement analysis, designing and architecting the component.
  4. 4.  One of the major responsibilities that I had given for this project is to provide various ideas for implementing the project. PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS Master of Computer Applications - MCA from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Ghaziabad(Affiliated to Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow)in 2012 with 71%. Bachelor of Science– B.Sc from V.B.S. Purvanchal Universitywith 52%. Intermediate(10+2) – Intermediate (12th) from U.P. Board with 74.8% HighSchool (10th) – 10th from UP Board with 67% STRENGTHS  Good communication skills – oratory, presentation and authorship. Great listeningand comprehension ability.  Adaptability and quick learner.  Flair for comprehension of technical and functional documentation.  Strong Interpersonal skills and congenial nature.  Faith in hard work being rewarded.  Multitasking and effective time management. PERSONAL INFORMATION Name : Deepak Maurya Nationality : Indian Gender : Male Permanent Address : Kurchanpur Post-Sadar Dist-Jaunpur, U.P. pin-222001 Current Address : House No: 51, Second Floor,Sector 10-C, Vasundhara,Ghaziabad NCR Contact Details : +91-995859-6672, 09453371236 Email : deepak.jaipuria12@gmail.com , deepak.jaipuria12@yahoo.com I hereby declarethat all theabove – mentioned information is correctto the best of my knowledge. References: Availableon Request Deepak Maurya