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Smilde corporate short linked in

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Smilde corporate short linked in

  1. 1. Company Profile • Strategy • Brands • Established in 1863 • By Arend Egberts Smilde • Family owned business • Currently 5th and 6th generation • 1988: Honorary title ‘Royal’ • 150 years anniversary in 2013
  2. 2. • Sales offices in Germany, Belgium, France and UK • Approx. € 250 mio turnover • 650 employees • Export to over 60 countries Business Unit Natura Business Unit NL Smilde Bakery BV Edam, Roden & Bo lsward NL Business Unit Bakery Sales Organisation Smilde Food Group Limited Lewes GB Brands Smilde Foods BV Heerenveen & Oosterwolde NL Business Unit Foods Brand Smilde Natura BV H eerenveen NL Powered by Sales Organisation Smilde Bakery GmbH Herne D Sales Organisation Smilde Bakery NV/SA Pittem B Brands Company Profile • Strategy • Brands
  3. 3. Company Profile • Strategy • Brands
  4. 4. • Acquisition of HomeMade and Van de Leur enable: • Broad set of technologies and R&D capabilities • Different scales of production • Pruvé in Edam: puff pastry and meringue • 11 production lines, 4 dough types and meringue recipes • Frozen and ambient capacity • HomeMade in Roden: baking mixes • 4 production lines, complete and basic powder mixing • Consumer packaging and kits assembly line • Van de Leur in Bolsward: pies, cakes and tray bakes • 4 production lines, Yeast dough & shortbread • Frozen capacity Company Profile • Strategy • Brands
  5. 5. • Investing in consumer research and trends to advise our customers to stay ahead of the curve • Investing in Partnerships top players who complement us with strong brands, technologies or products Company Profile • Strategy • Brands
  6. 6. • Serving a broad range of At Home and Out of Home segments gives us: • Synergy of blurring segments • A bird view on food trends Artisan Bakery Food Service Industrial BakeryRetail Company Profile • Strategy • Brands
  7. 7. • Network of sales offices • Sales leverage with affiliated partners • Strong export department Company Profile • Strategy • Brands
  8. 8. Company Profile • Strategy • Brands