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Deborah's Resume'

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Deborah's Resume'

  1. 1. Deborah Copley Gibson 206 Willing Lakes Court Orangeburg, SC 29118 H: 803-973-5490 C: 803-747-9894 Email: dcgibson4hope@yahoo.com I was born in Crossville, Tennessee in 1953. I lived and went to elementary school in the small town of Jamestown. During this time my parents divorced. My mother remarried and my brother and I moved to Orlando, Florida. I graduated from Boone High School and then attended Florida Bible College for over three years in Hollywood, Florida. At age 22, I married and moved to California. I traveled to many different places that my husband’s work required. I also visited my parents, who had moved to Africa, and they took me on a trip to Spain. Living in California and traveling broadened my small town mind. We eventually settled down in Florida and my career choice at age 27 was cosmetology. I obtained a license from MargateSchool of Beauty and began working in Ft. Lauderdale. For many years I experienced working directly with the public. As a small business owner I was responsible for all of my product inventory, retail sales, telephone appointments, and bank deposits. I learned to keep a positive attitude with a pleasant demeanor. My career as a cosmetologist was interrupted by hand surgery. During my recovery period I decided to change my vocation. I was trained to work as a sales consultant for Olan Mills in their Church Directory Division. It was based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. At this time my sales and public relations abilities were maximized. I acquired new computer skills and learned how to make sales, take online orders and download them nightly. This job required driving many miles through three or four states and going to small churches in remote areas. I was responsible and accountable for all revenue and bank deposits. I had to fill out weekly expense and travel reports and participated in weekly conference calls. Team work and a positive attitude combined with a professional appearance and
  2. 2. professional conductwas expected. I enjoyed this job working with churches but the long travel hours and time spent away from my son caused me to seek other employment. I gained experience in the field of television in my free time. Forapproximately three months I created and hosted my own Christian show called “God Talk”. This gave me experience and insight into the ministry of preaching and teaching. Being involved with this helped me to say yes to my destiny as a Christian. Soonafter that I became a candidate seeking to become a licensed United Methodist pastor. In 2008 my mother was diagnosed with forth stage cancer. My sonwas in college and no longer lived with me. I moved into my parent’s home to help take care of my mother. She lived another two and a half years. During that time I became a part time “ local pastor” and associate at Albany United Methodist Church in Albany Kentucky. I served there for over two years where I started a local jail ministry, facilitated” Celebrate Recovery”, preached bi-weekly and held Bible studies. After my mother died I moved to the town of North, South Carolina, where no appointments were open for me as a local pastor. I took a job teaching school at Livingston Christian Academy along with my husband. This experience gave me more teaching skills as I learned to work with first, second, and third graders. It was a joy. Within a year, my District Superintendent, Rev. John Hipp, gave me a pastoral appointment. Ihave been serving Oak Grove UMC and Calvary UMC in Swansea, South Carolina, as their Senior Pastor for four years. This experience is helping me fulfill my calling to make disciples for the transformation of the world. My job as pastor includes many facets of ministry. It requires leadership abilities with the heart of a servant. I personally facilitate classes on discipleship, confirmation and Bible study. We employ a Youth Director and have “Children’s Church” available to children eleven and under. Our ministry is a team effort. I spend time every summer taking theological courses at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. This past winter I also invested in a class offered by the Grief
  3. 3. Recovery Institute, based in California. Their aim has been to deliver grief recovery assistance to the largest number of people in the shortestnumber of time. I am now a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist. I have always had a heart for recovery ministry. I was the daughter of an alcoholic and never realized the impact that would have on my life. I have experienced being a divorced and single mother raising a child by myself. Experiencing the hard knocks of life and searching for healing myself has given me a heart for helping people find faith in Jesus Christ and showing them the actions they need to take to be free from their past hurts and losses.