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Debangini Nath
#Omni-channel #Communication #Strategist + #Artist *with #Meraki +
#Digital #Fashion #Director @CREYATE who...
Milan to produce photo stories / fashion films for unique collaboration projects. During my graduation, my
first industry ...
Also, I handle the Entertainment Marketing + Fashion PR & Communications space of the brand too, where
we work towards see...
magazine editorials (anima...
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Debangini Nath-Resume, Omni-channel communication strategist

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Debangini Nath-Resume, Omni-channel communication strategist

  1. 1. Debangini Nath #Omni-channel #Communication #Strategist + #Artist *with #Meraki + #Digital #Fashion #Director @CREYATE who likes to play with all states-of-matter “Ilike to play with the pragmatic memory by seducing the mind with a sensory feed of the accepted truths & with the ones that are beyond the comprehension to finally leave it to the permutations and combinations that the mind further weaves…Beauty is, as beauty does!” NAME: Debangini Nath AGE/SEX: 29/Female DATE OF BIRTH: 07-01-1987 NATIONALITY: Indian FATHER'S NAME: COL Debabrata Nath MOTHER'S NAME: Mrs Nandini Nath BACKGROUND: Bengali, Indian & hail from a defence society background and have travelled extensively HOBBIES: Reading, writing (a book, poetries), fashion & art appreciation, travelling & exploring new cultures, sketching, dancing(classical Indian dance forms), anchoring for events, flat-lay photography, public speaking, and travelling mostly for understanding exploring diversity and culture. EDUCATION: 10 +12 (CBSE national Board, high school) with a major in the science stream (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English), post the same studied 3 years of Fashion Communication from Symbiosis Institute Of Design (India) and upon transferring my credits I completed my graduation on Fashion Styling from Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), Moda Lab in Milan. I was granted a 100% SCHOLARSHIP and tutorship by IED, Moda Lab (Milano) to pursue my Masters in Fashion Communication with a major on Fashion Styling at IED, Milan, which I completed successfully as a topper in December 2011 with a distinction(100+marks/ cento cum laude) and my thesis project on the same was credited as one of the best projects of the year 2011 for IED, Milano and has been on installation in Milano December onwards . Thereafter, my thesis- project was then published in the magazine “THE BOOK ABOUT US / vol III”(Milano) for the year 2012. SUBJECTS: *Fashion Direction *Art-Direction *Fashion & Entertainment Marketing *Fashion Styling *Fashion show management *Fashion-Cinema Direction & Production *Fashion Story-boarding *Fashion Web-Communication *Fashion Brand & Image development *Fashion communication (advertorials/editorials) *Fashion History *Fashion Economics *Fashion Culture *Fashion Forecasting *Visual Merchandising *Fashion Publishing Companies *Fashion Anthropology *Cool-hunting *Trend Intelligence, etc. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: During my 4 years’ experience in Milan for both my academic + work period in Milan, Italy, I had collaborated with multiple Designers, Photographers, Video-artists & Model agencies in
  2. 2. Milan to produce photo stories / fashion films for unique collaboration projects. During my graduation, my first industry exposure to work for a shoot was with SLURP magazine(Milano), its photographer & director for a college project. After my graduation I collaborated as a Fashion Stylist/Writer with BE MILANO (a partner to the Camera di Commercio, Milano) for the “Milan Fashion City” project wherein I Styled shoots for the beMI MAG by collaboration with designers like Erkan Coruh (Vogue Who’s on Next winner 2010) (http://eclipse- debangini.blogspot.in/2011/02/erkan-coruh-for-bemi.html) and other couturiers like DL Delfrance (http://www.delfranceribeiro.com/)& designers alike. I also worked with a brand from Puglia, Italy called COR SINE LABE DOLI w.r.t their product line-extension for the same year they represented the Cannes film festival as a creative collaborator for the official drink partner BELVEDERE Vodka (LVMH Group). I have also free- lanced as a Stylist for magazines such as COSMOPOLITAN Italia, MADE with Style (Milano), Runway Style magazine (Detroit, America), NASTY magazine, etc. I have worked on cool-hunting (stree-style) for one of the most iconic fashion based web-platform in the world: WWW.STYLE.COM/Style.it(http://www.style.it/moda/photogallery/dressing-cool/2011/scheda/stoccolma- 02/item/stoccolma.aspx#focus) during my work in Italy. Post my return from Milan in June 2012, I was appointed as the “Entertainment Marketing Manager & Official Stylist” to PUMA India, (PPR Group/ Gucci Group) to operate on a pan-India basis from June 2012 onwards to creatively produce projects + extend PR relations/ network for the company + manage Fashion Marketing collaterals + Brand Seeding. To name some of the projects I managed during this tenure: co- ordinating, organising and choreographing FASHION SHOWS + styling BRAND CAMPAIGNS + introducing, conceptualising, directing, producing & styling LOOKBOOK http://www.pumashop.in/lookbook/ + conceptualising & curating experiential & close-circuit events such as the PUMA T7 EVENT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oS-z_XWNQ4E& http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3A89dH31-_U by onboarding my close contacts from the fashion industry for this event + organising seasonal PRESS DAYS + directing & producing FASHION FILMS for PUMA (used in their social media/retail spaces) +seeding the brand with the fashion & entertainment industry for contributing to PUMA India’s BRAND INDENTITY evolution on from just being a sportswear brand to a fashion & lifestyle oriented brand in the country. The media started taking a note of this fashion oriented change in the company and thereafter started featuring the progressive PUMA in their fashion stories / editorials. COSMOPOLITAN magazine has recognised my efforts on building PUMA’s fashion reputation in India as one of the most upcoming & influential FASHION PR+FASHION PROFESIONAL in India and have done a story on me on their current August 2013 issue. After my stint with Puma, I moved to Arvind Internet Limited. (AIL) as their DIGITAL FASHION DIRECTOR and am heading the Visual Communication vertical for their first brick + click brand called CREYATE and now am also working towards shaping the fashion landscape of their next omni-channel business. At AIL, ever since the inception of their first concept brand called CREYATE (customisation platform that enables customization and celebrates our consumer’s fit & style preferences via our 3D customization engine), I have been working on shaping the visual culture of CREYATE. This omni-channel brand is a unique platform and I am working on projecting its CONCEPT based standpoint that elaborates on this brand’s utilitarian stance alongside its fashion forward offerings. Currently, @AIL I am BUILDING THE BRAND LANGUAGE + IDENTITY FOR CREYATE by conceptualizing, directing & curating all Brand campaign stories + Fashion Films + animated .GIF cinemagraphs that define the cutting edge CREYATE lifestyle + mindstyle of the technology enabled fashion movements within the CREYATE landscape. These visual communication collaterals that my vertical curates + produces are used as strong tools of communication to shape and populate the CREYATE’s omni-channel universe in the form of Campaign / Concept Films, Brand’s creative campaign collaterals, Seasonal Lookbooks, Testimonial stories, Press Kits, etc. for featuring on our technologically integrated retail spaces + Website + Social media portals, marketing requirements, etc. The visual tone that I have crafted for the brand resonates a CREYATE MAN / CREYATE WOMAN who happens to be a global citizen + trend-centric + culturally advanced.
  3. 3. Also, I handle the Entertainment Marketing + Fashion PR & Communications space of the brand too, where we work towards seeding the brand with Fashion + Technology + Culture based intellectuals for these early adopters + media to build a buzz around our latest launches / stories, etc. Given my current job, I get to meet people from all facets and interface between the worlds of fashion, art, media, entertainment, technology & business which I enjoy profusely because of the host of possibilities + information that these worlds generate. TECHNICAL SKILLS: Windows/Mac, Microsoft Office(Word, Power-point), Photoshop, Illustrator, In-design, Movie makers, etc. LINGUISTIC SKILLS: English (excellent), Italian (Very-good), Hindi & Bengali-Indian (fluent). ASPIRATIONS: Having had a background of working on Fashion based communcations in Milan, Italy & India in both the worlds of brands & publishing, it would be interesting to explore opportunities wherein I can work on disruptive mediums of communications of this new world order of that talks beyond the language of monologues. Hence, I want to develop myself as a Creative Director who dialogs via advanced styling + strong curation to solve for the era where we need to converse in multilogues. To realize the same I would like to drive an inhouse team Creative unit for conceptualizing + curating + producing + packaging future forward &commercially viable fashion communications (brand, fashion & concept films + campaign shoots / brand campaign +Cinemagraphs / .GIFs + infographics + seasonal/ brand lookbooks + Digital / Experiental mag + PR & Social content). These communications / stories are pivotal in shaping brand identity & universe of Fashion Brands / Multi Brand Business models / Omni-channel business models. I would be interested to work towards a similar platform to define concepts that India has yet not explored on retail / e-tail gamut of content & communications. I want to continue to equip myself with the knowledge of global & conceptual fashion businesses by utilizing my exposure of Italy’s global business approach & significant experiences in dynamic brands like PUMA & CREYATE have been milestones for broadening my horizon and paving the ward forward for being able to produce more dynamic ways of communicating. My desire for searching, understanding and learning has had extensions because my education and work in Milan taught me to see fashion as an art-form and a cultural identity for anyone and everyone in the society. Having said so, Italian fashion is also evolving with urban philosophies and global statements, but they stay true to their culture of "misto di vecchio e moderno", meaning the mix of the old and modern because their heritage as a ‘fashion and artisanal industry’ is unrivalled for the same, right from the days of Elsa Sciaparelli's uncanny 'trompe l'oeil games' with fashion in the 1930s to when Armani was granted the licensing agreement with the Gruppo Finanziario Tessile in 1978 for which Italy was put onto the global map of fashion for the MADE IN ITALY statement. The same rule should apply to India for moving on whist holding on to our roots, which some designers like Kallol Datta, Kanika Saluja, Sailex, Jenjum Gadi, Arjun Saluja, Masaba, etc have well translated this ideology so far. Then there are those who need to find the fine balance of the old and the new. We are not only a growing economy but also an intelligent one and even though dropping economies has hit half the globe badly, yet India continues to churn out jaw-dropping 'odds and evens' in the fashion and luxury sector for buyers from all over to increasingly come and flock around more. To understand the evolving Indian Economy & new Digital market and utilize my creative assets has always been a part of my career aspiration, so as to aid India with the philosophy of Fashion + Art Direction which is extremely challenging, target connecting and an interesting manifestation of intelligent communication if juxta-positioned with the appropriate mood, thought and story building characters and technique, which can accelerate India’s growth for being placed in the global map of Fashion & Business too. POSITIVES: Enterprising, good oratory skills, intellectual, dynamic with great management/organisational skills and experiential event-designer and extreme PR expertise. AESTHETIC SENSIBILITIES/VISION: Minimalist - Eclecticism tied together with a global spirit.
  4. 4. TYPOLOGY OF CAREER-OPTIONS: FASHION - CREATIVE - STYLE DIRECTION especially for fashion films & magazine editorials (animated/still life) fashion magazines/online magazines/web communication, Styling / Art direction for campaigns + experiential content for Brands & conceptualising neo-events for Brands, ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING (Fashion PR + Fashion Marketing) for luxury / fashion brands, Cool hunting, Fashion Forecasting, etc. BELIEF: To me, Fashion today lives the real time scenario. But, Fashion is crafted to stand as ART. Art in my opinion is the courage to go out in the open and scream out where you belong. Art is a strong intellect today and this digital age demand's strong visual-info gratification targeted to keep the audience engaged. Hence, professionals like us help to shape a brand's identity with disruptive ways of story- telling, artfully + in real time via omni-channel platforms. Preview some of my work via: CREYATE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InWuEVdcgF4&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ortJ0T_Ok1o&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xAPqk1VP1Y&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcJGc6GGXGk&feature=youtu.be PUMA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4SlYw1X0KA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oS-z_XWNQ4E&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3A89dH31-_U&feature=youtu.be ITALIAN PROJECTS https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=LYnfYyC64I0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0A10SN1xqkI&feature=youtu.be To browse through media coverages on me: https://www.facebook.com/kalloldatta1955/photos/a.10151567854623642.609875.10739958641/1015244745202 3642/?type=1&theater http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-A1U-Dq4hU http://lifestylestores.com/blog/index.php/2012/08/grey-reinvented/ http://modaninja.com/tag/debangini-nath/ http://www.purple-peeptoes.com/2013/04/debangini.html http://www.marieclaireindia.com/article.aspx?artid=284647 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151432062412158&set=t.1022384756&type=3&theater CONTACT ME @ LINKED IN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/debangini-nath-68a39918?trk=hp-identity-name BLOG ID: http://eclipse-debangini.blogspot.com/ MAIL ID: debangininath@ied.edu / debangini@arvindinternet.com CELL NUMBER: +91 9741891729(INDIA) +39 3276142304(ITALY)