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Digital Storytelling Secrets

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Why "SMarketing" Matters
Why "SMarketing" Matters
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Digital Storytelling Secrets

  1. 1. Business Storytelling Secrets How to transform your marketing and generate superb leads using digital storytelling
  2. 2. Recognise this guy?
  3. 3. Here’s what he says about the power of storytelling
  4. 4. “Ever since I started in business.... I have been fascinated by the intersection of entrepreneurship and storytelling”
  5. 5. “Entrepreneurs who make a difference are, in effect, professional storytellers”
  6. 6. To this day Richard Branson continues to grow his brand through digital storytelling
  7. 7. Do you know who this is?
  8. 8. His name is Gary Vaynerchuk Huge social media guru and self-made billionaire
  9. 9. His Advice?
  10. 10. Whatever business you’re in… ...your job is to tell your story
  11. 11. Why does Storytelling Grow Brands so Successfully?
  12. 12. Put simply...
  13. 13. Humans are not hard-wired to understand logic
  14. 14. Humans are ideally set up to understand stories
  15. 15. We Like Stories
  16. 16. So we pay attention to them
  17. 17. (Attention is crucial because you can only market to people if you have their attention)
  18. 18. And once we’re paying attention...
  19. 19. We connect with stories
  20. 20. We feel an emotional warmth
  21. 21. And we’re more likely to buy
  22. 22. Also we remember stories
  23. 23. Stories quickly build memorable brands
  24. 24. Attention=> Connection=> Action=> Recall This is the power of story
  25. 25. But which stories deliver results in business?
  26. 26. Your Personal Story You must tell your personal story
  27. 27. Your Personal Story Explain your why. Explain the passion behind your work.
  28. 28. James Dyson’s personal story is a great example
  29. 29. 40 years on the simple story on the previous slide continues to be instrumental in Dyson’s global success
  30. 30. “What I love most about my role is putting systems in place that make accounting and bookkeeping seamless and automatic. This means our clients can spend less time on their books and more time on their businesses. It also means that we spend less time preparing reports and returns and more time being proactive and giving strategic advice.” On a smaller scale...
  31. 31. “What I love most about my role is putting systems in place that make accounting and bookkeeping seamless and automatic. This means our clients can spend less time on their books and more time on their businesses. It also means that we spend less time preparing reports and returns and more time being proactive and giving strategic advice.” This simple story is part of a website that delivers 4 great leads every single week to a small accountancy firm.
  32. 32. Your Business Story
  33. 33. You must also tell your business story BUT...
  34. 34. ...Not as a boring About Us page
  35. 35. Instead your business story is about what you do for your customers
  36. 36. Here are a few examples of very effective business stories
  37. 37. A company selling water filters
  38. 38. A family lawyer
  39. 39. A firm of architects
  40. 40. And a certain successful airline... Richard decided that he was fed up with airlines that didn’t care about their passengers and he wanted to do something about it. A phone call to Boeing to find out if they had any 747s for sale and an airline was born. “We just made it that much more special than all the other airlines we were competing with,” Richard says.
  41. 41. Your Product Story
  42. 42. Your Product Story is about HOW your products or services help your customers
  43. 43. Your Product Story helps to build credibility and trust
  44. 44. Here are 3 examples
  45. 45. A Farmer explains their system
  46. 46. Architects explain the project stages
  47. 47. And Dyson are masters at using simple visuals to explain the HOW from the customers’ viewpoint
  48. 48. And finally the most important story of all...
  49. 49. ...your customer story
  50. 50. Unless you know your market’s problems and desires inside out your business will fail
  51. 51. Telling the customer story is part of every other story
  52. 52. Everything you say comes back to the benefit for them
  53. 53. A couple of examples
  54. 54. This farmer knows the 4 main reasons people choose grass fed and has those front & centre
  55. 55. This financial planner knows people’s concerns about investments & addresses them head on
  56. 56. So once you’re clear on the stories… how do you tell them?
  57. 57. In the digital space great copywriting is the first step to storytelling
  58. 58. Other media like images and video flow from the written word
  59. 59. Here are a few writing tips...
  60. 60. Avoid Self Centred Copy Like This We exceed expectations by combining our systems with personalised service and a tailored adaptation to every unique client. We meet and endeavour to exceed legislated quality and compliance expectations.
  61. 61. Website visitors do not care about you - they care about what you can do for them
  62. 62. Don’t be vague like this Our credibility to exceed client expectations in the industry has enabled us to form a network of equally qualified and experienced businesses to facilitate our clients’ needs and the option to only deal with the best across a plethora of industries
  63. 63. Your clients will see you as wishy washy
  64. 64. Avoid being too formal Our financial planners offer cost effective services delivering results in a professional and timely manner
  65. 65. Get with the times - the Internet is a modern place
  66. 66. Lose the complicated language Strategic Taxation planning is uniquely different in execution for each client due to differing family structures, resources and employment.
  67. 67. You write to communicate not impress Knowledgeable yes! Arrogant no!
  68. 68. Here’s a useful tip that makes your content sing... Banish the Zombie!
  69. 69. By that I mean you must banish all passive text!
  70. 70. If you can add by zombies to a sentence and it makes sense it’s passive
  71. 71. For example Operating since 1994, differentiation is achieved (by zombies) through strategic planning and a commitment to deliver personalised service and financial peace of mind to clients.
  72. 72. Or without the Zombies... We’ve been in business since 1994. Careful planning is the core of everything we do. We are committed to delivering a personalised service and financial peace of mind to our clients.
  73. 73. Talk to your visitors
  74. 74. Not at them
  75. 75. And finally… Enthusiasm and Passion are Vital
  76. 76. Make sure your writer is passionate about what you do
  77. 77. If you’d like to learn more or ask a question... You can jump on a webinar with me http://brilliantdigital.com.au/webinar-registration/
  78. 78. Check out my blog http://bbim.com.au/blog/
  79. 79. Connect on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/debjeffreys/
  80. 80. Or book a catch-up http://www.meetme.so/BrilliantDigital
  81. 81. Have a great day - I’m looking forward to reading your stories!
  82. 82. www.brilliantdigital.com.au