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Serverless Applications on AWS

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Serverless Apps on AWS talk from the AWS London Loft.

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Serverless Applications on AWS

  1. 1. Serverless Apps on AWS Dean Bryen - Solutions Architect - AWS James Hall - Co-Founder - Parallax dean@amazon.com @deanbryen

  2. 2. What are your goals?
  3. 3. 3 Racing within a window of time
  4. 4. 4 Focus is on solving a problem
  5. 5. 5 Skills are in Development not Infrastructure
  6. 6. 6 Over-Engineering vs Re-Engineering
  7. 7. The Evolution of Architecture
  8. 8. 8 The Monolith
  9. 9. 9 Micro Services
  10. 10. 10 API Driven Development
  11. 11. The Evolution of Compute and Storage
  12. 12. 12 Physical Servers / Disks ->VM’s
  13. 13. 13 Containers
  14. 14. 14 Platform Level Services
  15. 15. My Application Challenge
  16. 16. Build a micro service based web application that….. Scales per request Requires no deployment effort Fault Tolerant Has a RESTful API interface with a Web client
  17. 17. The Catch NO Servers NO Monolithic App or Explicit Web Service NO Explicit code for scaling and fault tolerance And do it within 45 minutes…
  18. 18. What Services Could we use?
  19. 19. Static Assets in Amazon S3 Internet scale HTTP/S based object store Inerently Highly Available and Fault Tolerant Designed for 11 9’s of Durability Can host static websites Holds trillions of objects
  20. 20. Serverless micro services with AWS Lambda Event Driven Computing service Never pay for idle Scales per request Supports Node.js, python and Java (or other JVM based languages) Event triggers from other AWS Services 23 different ‘Power Levels’ of AWS Lambda
  21. 21. A RESTful API with Amazon API Gateway Host multiple versions and stages of your API Create and distribute API Keys to your developers Throttle and Monitor API Calls Cache Responses Transform Data Generate SDK’s (Including Swagger Support)
 Interact directly with AWS Lambda
  22. 22. A NoSQL Data Store with Amazon DynamoDB Managed noSQL Data Store Can be either a Document or Key/Value store Simply provision read and write throughput Enables you to focuss on your data DynamoDB streams enables you to take actions on events Inherently Highly Available and Fault Tolerant
  23. 23. Putting it all together
  24. 24. The Service Itself Static Site in S3 www.servicecheck.com Web Client API Gateway
 /serviceCheck Lambda
 serviceLogger Lambda
 serviceCheck DynamoDB
  25. 25. Serverless Framework - Previously JAWS
  26. 26. It’s more cost effective
  27. 27. Demo
  28. 28. Some other serverless patterns
  29. 29. Serverless Real Time Clickstream Raw data pushed to S3 Amazon Redshift Amazon Kinesis Amazon Kinesis AWS Lambda
  30. 30. Serverless DAM Architecture users Ingest Bucket CloudFormation Template DynamoDB Cognito Lambda MetaData Extract Asset Bucket Index Logs Bucket Static Site Elastic Transcoder IAM ElasticSearch API$ Gateway$ Lambda App Logic
  31. 31. Serverless Chat Application Internet Activity Indicator Chat Service Activity Messages Search Service DynamoDB Streams Elasticsearch Service S3 Web Hosting Twilio Slack Chat API Gateway IoT Device IoT Processing Website AWS IoT or Amazon SNS
  32. 32. One Column parall.ax
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  33. 33. “Everybody loved the idea, some little geniuses created this app where you can record your part.” @parallax Serverless Applications on AWS David Guetta
  34. 34. “The longer I spent watching the intro video, the more it looked like David sort of didn't want to be there. He was shifting around on his chair like a man who'd just nicked a Mars bar.” – VICE
  35. 35. @parallax
  36. 36. Traditional Architecture @parallax@parallax
  37. 37. @parallax Traditional Architecture Serverless Applications on AWS
  38. 38. £ £ £ £ £ £ £ @parallax Traditional Architecture Serverless Applications on AWS
  39. 39. With AWS Serverless @parallax@parallax Serverless Applications on AWS
  40. 40. @parallax Without “Servers” Serverless Applications on AWS
  41. 41. Serverless Framework @parallax@parallax Serverless Applications on AWS
  42. 42. • Pay-per-use Pricing • No servers to manage • Run nano/microservices
 (or monoliths!) @parallax Serverless Applications on AWS
  43. 43. How it works @parallax@parallax Serverless Applications on AWS
  44. 44. @parallax Page lifecycle Serverless Applications on AWS 1. User visits HTTPS
 GET / S3 with CloudFront 2. CSS & JS HTTPS
 GET *.js *.css S3 with CloudFront index.html 3. Lang detect API Gateway w/ Lambda HTTPS
 GET /users/ country HTTPS
 POST /users/ update 4. User fills details API Gateway w/ Lambda
  45. 45. @parallax Page lifecycle Serverless Applications on AWS 5. 5. FB Login (optional) HTTPS
 GET api.facebook.com Hits Facebook Hosted Endpoint via Facebook Javascript SDK 6. YouTube HTTPS
 GET youtube.com YouTube iframe { “email”: “xyz”, “profile_id”: 123 } 7. Start recording API Gateway w/ Lambda Responds with S3 upload token HTTPS
 GET /recordings/token Uploads directly to S3 bucket over HTTPS using token 6. 7. 8. HTTPS
 POST bucket.s3.amazon/UID/ recording-X.mp3 8. Upload recording
  46. 46. @parallax Page lifecycle Serverless Applications on AWS 9. Submit details API Gateway w/ Lambda 10. Artwork gen HTTPS
 POST /users/generate_ artwork API Gateway w/ Lambda. Create image, put on S3, return S3 image URL 11. Artwork display CloudFront w/ S3 HTTPS
 GET /domain.com/UID.png AddThis.js is populated with the share texts, and includes the S3 URL HTTP
 GET addthis.com/file.js HTTPS
 POST /users/ update { url: “domain.com/ UID.png” } 10. 11. 12. Social share 13. Social share HTTPS
 GET https://twitter.com/intent/ tweet?text=XYZ 12. 13. Directly hits the social media service
  47. 47. @parallax Serverless Applications on AWS
  48. 48. @parallax Serverless Applications on AWS
  49. 49. Chelsea FC / Delta @parallax@parallax Serverless Applications on AWS
  50. 50. @parallax
  51. 51. Deployment @parallax@parallax Serverless Applications on AWS
  52. 52. @parallax Serverless Applications on AWS
  53. 53. @parallax Serverless Applications on AWS
  54. 54. The Future? GraphQL @parallax@parallax Serverless Applications on AWS
  55. 55. @parallax@parallax
  56. 56. @parallax@parallax { user(id: 3500401) { id, name, isViewerFriend, profilePicture(size: 50) { uri, width, height } } }
  57. 57. @parallax@parallax { "user" : { "id": 3500401, "name": "Jing Chen", "isViewerFriend": true, "profilePicture": { "uri": "http://someurl.cdn/pic.jpg", "width": 50, "height": 50 } } }
  58. 58. @parallax Serverless Applications on AWS Some sequences may have been shortened.
  59. 59. @parallax Serverless Applications on AWS
  60. 60. @parallax Serverless Applications on AWS
  61. 61. @parallax Serverless Applications on AWS
  62. 62. @parallax Serverless Applications on AWS
  63. 63. @parallax Serverless Applications on AWS
  64. 64. @parallax Serverless Applications on AWS
  65. 65. Build small apps to help your DevOps @parallax@parallax Serverless Applications on AWS
  66. 66. One more thing @parallax@parallax Serverless Applications on AWS
  67. 67. @parallax Serverless Applications on AWS
  68. 68. @parallax Serverless Applications on AWS
  69. 69. Summary and Next Steps
  70. 70. Summary Utilise Platform Level Services that have built in HA Use a microservice approach Use a common interface for services such as RESTful APIs Store static files in Amazon S3 Use AWS Lambda as the glue between AWS services
  71. 71. Next Steps Sign up for an AWS Account Try out a new server-less service Make use of AWS Forums and Support Come and meet an architect at the loft Check out aws.amazon.com for more information
  72. 72. awsloft.london closing.party && startup.showcase 28 April :: 18:00 >> 22:00
  73. 73. Thank You dean@amazon.com @deanbryen
 Dean Bryen - Solutions Architect - AWS James Hall - Co-Founder - Parallax @parallax