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Serverless and CI/CD

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Slides from my talk at Serverless Days Cardiff. https://cardiff.serverlessdays.io/talk-dean-bryen.html

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Serverless and CI/CD

  1. 1. Serverless CI/CD DEAN BRYEN @DEANBRYEN ˜
  2. 2. I work for Microsoft ˜
  3. 3. Serverless Devops+ =
  4. 4. CI CD IaC+ + Assumptions
  5. 5. But I’m already doing all of those things!
  6. 6. There is more to this serverless world than just FaaS Accompanying Services A function or function app is our unit of deployment. Unit of Deployment Only really exists when invoked. So cheap to have sitting around. Short lifecycle So what’s different about serverless? ˜
  7. 7. We want to build these services and unit test them exactly once per deploy. Build Once We’re probably already using or familiar with pipelines. How can we re-use those. Leverage Existing Knowledge Triggered from commit, automated gates etc. Automate wherever possible And what experience do we want? ˜ Deploy to staging / test / prod as we are familiar with. Independent Envs Consistency through stages for app and infra code. Repeatability
  8. 8. The good news.
  9. 9. What does it look like in practice? ˜demo time.
  10. 10. Summary… You don’t have to change everything! Think about the unique properties of serverless Most of the principles can be applied in any microservice architecture. It’s just a no brainer with serverless. ˜ ˜
  11. 11. Thank You. DEAN BRYEN @DEANBRYEN ˜