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bpost crosschannel day - 22nov2012

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Customers Take Control
Customers Take Control
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bpost crosschannel day - 22nov2012

  1. 1. bpost Crosschannel Day November 22d, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda for today PART I 12u45 – 14u55 What’s going on in retail? S. Carbonaro Cross-Channel Inside Out: The cross channel organization C. Jones Identifying Your Most Likely Buyer based on FMCG buying Behaviour K. Dierick (GFK) Coffee break 14u55 – 15u20 PART II 15u20 – 17u05 From Cash & Carry to multichannel: challenges & opportunities X. Thiry (Makro NL) Customer communication in a pure online environment P. Grypdonck (Vente-Exclusive) The success story of the Delhaize Cube J. Gautier (Delhaize) Successful in your cross-channel strategy V. Nolf (bpost) Conclusions (by Gino Van Ossel) 17u05 – 17u15
  3. 3. Introduction by Gino Van Ossel (Vlerick School of Management) 4
  4. 4. 5 © Vlerick Business School
  6. 6. 7
  7. 7. SHOPPING BEHAVIOUR 2.0: FROM SINGLE TO MULTIPLE TOUCHPOINTS Source: “The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-platform Consumer 8 Behavior”,
  8. 8. SHOPPING BEHAVIOUR 2.0: FROM SINGLE TO MULTIPLE TOUCHPOINTS Source: “The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-platform Consumer 9 Behavior”,
  10. 10. SHOPPING BEHAVIOUR 2.0: FROM SINGLE TO MULTIPLE TOUCHPOINTS Source: “The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-platform Consumer 11 Behavior”,
  11. 11. omni number of channels multi single silo cross 12
  12. 12. omni coverage number of channels multi single silo cross 13
  13. 13. seamless integration 14
  14. 14. omni number of channels multi single silo cross 15
  15. 15. omni “new school” number of channels multi “old school” single silo cross 16
  16. 16. CONCLUSION “If we focus on the customer, the outcome will be right” Jamie Nordstrom head of Nordstrom Direct 17
  17. 17. CONCLUSION Prof. Gino Van Ossel Retail management E-commerce & cross-channel Shopper & trade marketing Channel management gino.vanossel@vlerick.com @ginovanossel 18
  18. 18. What’s going on in retail? by Simonetta Carbonaro
  19. 19. Cross Cross-Channel Inside Out: The cross-channel organisation by Chris Jones
  20. 20. The customer demands a seamless cross-channel experience omni-channel experience A cross-channel experience will have many touch-points with your organisation.
  21. 21. Cross-channel customers: both opportunity and challenge First, the good news. Cross-channel customers1: •Spend 3.5 times more than single-channel customers •Purchase across more categories •Shop more frequently •Are more loyal And then, the challenge. Cross-channel customers: •Are your best customers already. They are yours to lose. •Expect a seamless cross-channel experience. If you don’t offer them all the channels they demand, they will switch to a competitor who does 2 •Do you respond with a seamless organisation? 1 IDC insights, May 2012 2 see http://redsockmultichannel.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/the-multichannel-halo-effect-faith-or.html
  22. 22. Should your organisation be multiple channel or multi-channel? Few, if any, retailers have fully Multichannel organisations… yet. But the more seamless the customer experience needed, the more seamless your organisation has to become to deliver it.
  23. 23. Case #1: Assortment – the cross-channel challenge Mobile Internet Call-centre In-store Kiosk Cross-channel retailers increasingly offer Endless Aisle concepts on all their channels (including for in-store ordering), meeting customer expectations set by Amazon etc c20k non-food SKUs in a large store 80k SKUs in the full store range Over 100k non-food SKUs online >250k SKUs on Target.com
  24. 24. Case #1: Assortment – impact: jobs become more complex Endless Aisles - with increased SKU counts – are a simple case of a typical organisation challenge facing the cross-channel retailer. For example, what direction should the buying teams go in? Option A – I liked 1992 Option B – 2 teams Option C – 1 team  lost sales  simple organisation  complex jobs  lost customers  planning in silos  cross-channel plan  long-term decline  competing channels  channel synergy A 1-team across all channels approach is increasingly required for sophisticated retail strategies, placing the right “mix” in each customer channel: “As we look forward, I think our larger stores will have a bit more food space, a little bit less general merchandise space, a bit more clothing space.” Philip Clarke, Tesco CEO, October 2012
  25. 25. Case #2: Product Data – a challenge at the foundation of cross-channel retail What product could be simpler than a loaf of bread? Customer-descriptive product data management, But a loaf of bread is not so simple: there are critically impacting the over 40 data points describing it here entire customer experience, is a completely new organisational function. The benchmark is 25 FTE- minutes per SKU. Where should this huge, essential, task sit in the organisation?
  26. 26. Case #2: Product Data – impact: adding clicks to traditionally bricks jobs Two “identical” product flows, from source to sales-channel s Pallets Pallet Stock Warehouses Bricks Channels Attr ib utes Suppliers Attributes Data Warehouses Clicks Channels It is possible to respond to “new” tasks by adding “new” teams, but existing functions often have the key competencies; it just needs extending from bricks to clicks. Making the Logistics (Supply Chain) team responsible not only for shipping products but for shipping data is one successful example. A Logistics team is already strong at business process design, standards & compliance, supplier relationships, flow management, working with sales channels, just in time delivery… It maybe looks surprising, but actually is very logical, and a great example of cross- channel organisational thinking
  27. 27. Case #3: Collect in Store, cross-channel differentiator and growth engine Customer take-up of click- and-collect is spectacular "Our product mix lends itself to a multi-channel offer as customers often want further advice, a demonstration or fitting. Online purchasing patterns reflect this, with 86% of sales on Halfords.com reserved and then collected from a store“ - Halfords “We are seeing about 34% of those visits translating into additional sales in shop and that number is growing exponentially at the moment. It’s typically or increasingly for purchases that the customer didn’t think they would make. So it is quite outwith [beyond] whatever they were going to collect.” – John Lewis ** of eligible General Merchandise sales (i.e. excluding food and impossible items like washing machines and sofas) * John Lewis state that 34% of John Lewis sales are collected in Waitrose Stores! So actually their figure is probably higher in total. Click-and-collect was offered at 97 Waitrose's and 35 John Lewis's
  28. 28. Case #3: Collect in Store. Impact: New KPIs and Incentives Required Whose sale is it anyway? Web Store Manager Manager € Towards my KPIs Cross-channel shopping journeys make it more complex to measure success. Especially for stores, new ways of analysing performance are required, overturning “traditional” measures that may have been in place for a long time. Channel Conflict must be prevented.
  29. 29. Case #4: Delivery to Home. Cross-channel issues even for pure online? Top Cart Abandonment Reasons1 The top reason customers abandon their cart is shipping costs. “No shipping charges” is another reason for the popularity of collect-in-store compared to home delivery. The trend, seen most clearly in the UK, especially for large articles, is that shipping should be free, or at least subsidised. Free La rge Free La rge Free La rge Sta nda rd s hi ppi ng a rti cl e Sta ndard s hi ppi ng a rti cl e Sta nda rd s hi ppi ng a rti cl e Shi ppi ng on l a rge s hi ppi ng Shi pping on l a rge s hi ppi ng Shi ppi ng on l a rge s hi ppi ng Cha rge ca rts ? cha rge Cha rge ca rts ? cha rge Cha rge ca rts ? cha rge Tesco Direct £3 No £7 LaRedoute €5,95 No n/a Otto.de €5,95 No € 26 John Lewis £3 Yes Free 3Suisses €5,95 No € 19 Baur €5,95 No € 40 Boots £2.95 Yes £13 Carrefour Electrical €6,99 No € 60 Conrad €5,95 Yes n/a Asos free n/a n/a Auchan Electrical €4,00 No € 65 Rossman €3,95 Yes n/a Debenhams £3.99 Yes Free Etam.fr €5,90 Yes n/a Goertz Free n/a n/a Marks & Spencer £3.99 No Free Darty.fr €5,00 Yes Free Redcoon.de €5,99 No € 40 Argos £3.95 No £8 Galleries Lafayette €6,00 Yes n/a Notebooksbilliger.de €5,99 No € 40 Subsidy to Pick, pack & ship customer costs passed on to customer 1 Forrester Research, Cart Abandonment Reasons, 2010
  30. 30. Case #4: Delivery to Home. Impact: new budget relationships "From 1 April 2011, the Group has reclassified delivery costs from cost of sales to operating expenses to reflect their increasing deployment as a marketing expenditure. Prior year comparatives have been reclassified accordingly.“ 1 Logistics costs paid for by the Marketing budget! Other interesting example changes include the Call-Centre being part of the Logistics budget, and Returns/Waste being part of the Call-Centre budget… 1 Asos plc annual report 2011/12
  31. 31. Case #5: Cross-channel change: a culture clash? Creating your cross-channel customer experience demands simultaneously: The flexibility of The stability of websites EPOS & The agility of The predictability social media of Logistics ?
  32. 32. Case #5: Cross-channel change. Impact: hybrid methodologies For example: in IT, Agile and Waterfall approaches are being blended into methodologies such as Hybrid Agile Spectators at the Spa Francorchamps F1 Grand Prix will know this can sometimes be a tricky mixture!
  33. 33. Case #6: Cross-channel Customers => A New Store Experience ROBO-Customers… …Need Digital Stores Research Online Buy Offline Research Offline Buy Online 83% of customers research products online before buying1 53% of smart-phone owners use them to research their purchases first 25% of smart-phone owners The Sales Assistant is no longer someone use them to research their purchases while in who Transacts. He/She must now Interact. the store Pewinternet.org 1
  34. 34. Case #6: A New Store Experience. Impact: Old Myths Become True! Role basis changes from Process to Service Old Myth: “Our sales staff are the most knowledgeable people in our business” From McJobs… to iJobs… New Reality: The dialogue with a ROBO-customer is a more sophisticated dialogue. It starts from the premise that both parties are much better informed. The use of Process as a substitute for Knowledge becomes less acceptable to customers. Organisation Impact: Knowledgeable, Service-focussed staff expect flatter structures and a more democratic environment.
  35. 35. Case #7: A New Store Experience. Impact: Old Myths Become True! Old Myth: “We treat every customer as an individual” The ROBO-customer leaves a lot of footsteps… •Browse & search history …which retailers try to •Mobile tracking exploit via Big Data •Social network posts Personalisation strategies •Loyalty card data •… Mobile communication tool… or Big Data tracking device?
  36. 36. Case #7: A New Store Experience. Impact: Retailing Turns Inside Out! Old Myth: “We treat every customer as an individual” “midata will allow consumers greater insight into their everyday consumption and lifestyle habits by using applications and intermediaries UK Government initiative, aimed at giving to analyse their actual behaviours and consumers access to the data created thereby empower them to make better through their … internet transactions and spending choices and secure the best high street loyalty cards. deals. “ – UK Consumer Minister New Reality: a paradigm shift. Every individual customer will: •In the medium term, “become a part” of the retailer’s organisation •In the longer term, instead of the retailer broadcasting its offer for the customer to find, the customer will broadcast their need; it will become up to the retailer find it
  37. 37. Summary: Seven Organisational Impacts from Cross-Channel Impact Example More complex jobs Assortment buying Clicks in traditionally Bricks jobs Product Data Management New KPIs and Incentives Ascribing a Click & Collect Sale Redistribution of budgets Logistics costs as marketing spend Cultural & Methodology Changes Hybrids e.g. Agile + Waterfall in IT New Myths: Service not Process New style stores with Tablets not POS Retailing Turns Inside Out! Midata personalisation
  38. 38. Summary: The reality is a multispeed approach to multichannel organisation Assortment / Buying I.T. Marketing Stores
  39. 39. Summary: Seven Impacts… but one Certainty If your Cross-Channel Strategy does not change the job of every single person in your organisation… … then you have the wrong Cross-Channel Strategy!
  40. 40. Cross Channel Inside Out: The Cross-Channel Organisation Thank you for listening! Chris Jones Redsock Management 22nd November 2012 E: chris.jones@redsock.biz M: +44 7770 647038
  41. 41. Identifying Your Most Likely Buyer based on FMCG buying Behaviour by Koenraad Dierick (GFK)
  42. 42. DM TARGETING BASED ON FMCG BUYING BEHAVIOR First results – The Facial Care Business Case 43
  43. 43. Overview How it works? Who is the audience? Business Case – Facial Care Expanding the potential of brands 44
  44. 44. How it works? 45
  46. 46. How it works? HOUSEHOLD DATABASE Continuous tracking of: o Who buys? o What? o How much? o When? o Where? o In promotion? o Which media are consumed? o… 47
  47. 47. How it works? SELECTPOST DATABASE o Who are your brands (potential) buyers in the Selectpost Database? GfK HOUSEHOLD DATABASE 48
  48. 48. How it works? SELECTPOST DATABASE o Who are your brands (potential) buyers in the Selectpost Database? ? GfK HOUSEHOLD DATABASE 49
  49. 49. How it works? SELECTPOST DATABASE o 85% of the GfK Household Panel is also available in the Selectpost database GfK HOUSEHOLD DATABASE 50
  50. 50. How it works? SELECTPOST DATABASE o Based on profile information available in the Selectpost database those addresses best matching the existing buyers of a brand are identified in the Selectpost database GfK HOUSEHOLD DATABASE 51
  51. 51. How it works? SELECTPOST DATABASE o Based on profile information available in the Selectpost database those addresses best matching the existing buyers of a brand are identified in the Selectpost database GfK HOUSEHOLD DATABASE 52
  52. 52. How it works? Total facial care o 6 Groups identified o Based on their buying potential > 85% 54000 85% - 75% 103000 o the higher the buying 75% - 65% 123000 Buying potential 65% - 50% 190000 potential thebetter a SelectPost address matches 50% - 30% 210000 with a GfK buyer < 30% 0 Matching Selectpost addresses 53
  53. 53. Who is the audience? 54
  54. 54. Who is the audience? o (Pre) pensioners with KIDS o Higher income classes o Intellectual & educated o Family matters o Traditions are important o Quality oriented rather than quantity o Highly valuing duty and discipline o Settled, demanding yet open minded o Rather conservative o Looking for Harmony and peace o Focus on self realization and responsibility o Feel they are getting most out of life o More on country side o Over representation of Flemish people 55
  55. 55. Who is the audience? Average pieces 3.43 times/year 56
  56. 56. Who is the audience? 57
  57. 57. Business case facial care 58
  58. 58. Business Case Facial Care Two-weekly evaluation Monthly evaluation Pre Pre Profiling & Evaluation Evaluation Evaluation Evaluation Profiling & Selection Selection measureme measureme nt nt DM DM Evaluation 11 Evaluation 22 Evaluation X… X… … Evaluation Y Y During the first 3 months the impact is measured on a two-weekly basis. After 3 months the impact is measured on a monthly basis for during 3 months. This to evaluate the impact on a longer term. Consideration Consideration Experiment & Experiment & Recommenda Recommenda Awareness Awareness & Purchase & Purchase Loyalty Loyalty purchase purchase tion tion intention intention 59
  59. 59. Business Case Facial Care Consideration Consideration Experiment & Experiment & Recommenda Recommenda Awareness Awareness & Purchase & Purchase Loyalty Loyalty purchase purchase tion tion intention intention 60
  60. 60. Expanding the potential of brands 61
  61. 61. Expanding the potential of brands 1 Identification 2 Quantification Quantification of the potential for growth 3 Profiling and „Paint a Picture“ Reaching an empathetic understanding of opinions, preferences, desires and purchase habits of the marketing core group 4 Link with Selectpost database 62
  62. 62. Expanding the potential of brands Quantification 1 2 14,7% 45,2% 96,1% 3,9% 14,8% 25,3% Heavy Buyers Marginal Group A Development group Others Marketing core group Marginal group B While the Heavy Buyers make up for 4% of the brand, the „Heavy Buyer“- Potential is at 15% 63
  63. 63. Expanding the potential of brands 3 „Paint a Picture“ After the formal differentiation of the marketing core group an empathetic understanding of desires and fears, opinions, values and behavior of this group is then analyzed, in order to achieve a maximum of open potentials. 64
  64. 64. Expanding the potential of brands I 3 3 Life circumstances  Elderly/older households  High income  Very high prosperity  Low economical future fears Lifestyle and values  Active high-cultural leisure-time figuration  Demanding and liberal-minded  Healthy, pleasure and sustainability Purchase behavior  Very low price sensitivity  Very high quality-oriented  Very strong premium affinity * The section „Paint a Picture“ is actually the centre of the TGPs and covers the description of all facets of the marketing core Nutrition preferences group. It holds the largest position with  Discerning towards organic regards to contents as well as quantitatively. Often the knowledge is deepened in market  Untreated, fresh foods research workshops.  From Wallonia 65
  65. 65. More information? Koenraad Dierick (BE) Consultant Advanced Business Made by Sanne Van Hoef Solutions (ABS) 02/558 0551 | 0473/33 47 70 Koenraad.Dierick@gfk.com Dr Dirk Depril Made by Sanne Van Hoef Media Consultant +32 2 558 0588 | +32 486 533 827 Dirk.Depril@gfk.com 66
  66. 66. Makro NL : from Cash & Carry to multichannel : challenges & opportunities by Xavier Thiry (Makro)
  67. 67. bpost Crosschannel day Xavier THIRY Antwerp , 22 November 2012 Member of
  68. 68. 1 METRO Group: emerging internet giant 2 MCC moving forwards approach 3 Makro.nl Page 70 Member of
  69. 69. Member of
  70. 70. METRO Cash & Carry – a core brand of METRO GROUP Self-service Food retail Nonfood Department wholesale specialty stores Sales (bn): € 31,1 Sales (bn): € 11.5 Sales (bn): € 20.8 Sales (bn): € 3.5 Countries*: 30…. Countries: 6 Countries: 17 Countries: 2 Stores*: 703 Stores: 429 Stores: 877 Stores: 138 Cross functional companies METRO GROUP sales 2010: € 67 bn * Status: August 31, 2011 Page 72 Member of
  71. 71. Member of
  72. 72. METRO GROUP - All sales lines are online in 2012 2011 2012 Divisions Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Corporate solutions Food & Non-food Local implementations since Q4 2010 in Q4 2011: Online F / BE / UK Shop in 1 pilot 2012: 5 pilot countries countries Live since May 2010: Non-food online store Portfolio enlargement 1st store Nov 2010: Drive-in concept 07 Oct 2011: Relaunched Galeria-kaufhof.de with fashion Q1 2012: MediaMarkt.de online 10 Oct 2011: Saturn.de online mCommerce 1 Sep 2011: Music platform Juke (myjuke.com) online 1 Jul 2011: Acquisition of Redcoon Since Q3 2010: Online Shop Media Markt in NL / AT Today Member of
  73. 73. 1 METRO Group: emerging internet giant 2 MCC / Makro multichannel approach: chances & challenges 3 Makro.nl Page 75 Member of
  74. 74. Freshness & quality in food departments Fruit and Fresh Fish Meat Dairy Wine Vegetables  Leading international wholesaler in fresh fruit and vegetables  One of Europe's biggest fish and meat wholesalers  Excellent quality, especially of meat, fish, fruit and vegetable delivered fresh every day (unparalleled expertise in logistics and state-of-the-art cooling in the store) Page 76 Member of
  75. 75. Category killer in professional nonfood Professional Professional Cleaning & Seasonal Office Household Media Hygiene  Large range & variety of professional kitchen equipment, cleaning products, small/large electrical appliances, personal hygiene products  Further strengthening non-food range: general supplies for business and office Page 77 Member of
  76. 76. Member of
  77. 77. The Ecommerce proposition completes the existing customers value proposition of METRO C&C. TRANSACTION SERVICE CHANNELS TIER 3 | Key Accounts Delivery Individual service, individual possibility to order, individual assortment, CSP is standard Actual/Potential Spend TIER 2 | Field force Individual customer service, customer groups discounts and ECommerce targeted promo, limited number of CSP TIER 1 | Small/Medium business, C&C Consumer Standard customer services in stores and via call centrum, Standard Pricing, standard promotion low high Personal approach and Self service Intense and personal care active management Member of
  78. 78. Makro –Multichannel wholesaler for Horeca, service providers, small companies and offices Cash & Carry Bezorging E-Commerce 1968 2011 2012 Member of
  79. 79. MAKRO = DE MULTICHANNEL GROOTHANDEL Dinsdag 18 september: Makro webshop live Member of
  80. 80. E-Commerce is een multichannel aanvulling E-Commerce  KLANTEN: kleine kantoren  Bezorging  Andere initiatieven (bijv. Wijn online, MakroDirect) E-Commerce Sales Online population Online buyers 30 14 12 25 Million people 10 20 Sales (M) 8 15 6 10 4 2 5 0 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2011 2012 2013 2014 Year Year Uitgestelde E-Commerce lancering resulteert in nadeel t.o.v. de concurrentie Member of
  81. 81. Country Organisation Model Food Non-Food Project Stage 1: 2-3 Year Organisation Stage 3: Dedicated project Stage 2: eBusiness organisation. Multichannel Dedicated coordinating teams, plus team to establish specialist expertise embedded in capability ready capability departments for growth! Member of
  83. 83. NB see reference document: 7 person start-up organisation for non-food eCommerce for further information Country Organisation Model - eCommerce Pro Forma Key eCommerce Business- Functional Area as-Usual organisation Member of
  84. 84. CHALLENGE # 2 IT / Systems Member of
  85. 85. Member of
  86. 86. Member of
  87. 87. We are working on one centralized platform for 4 different shops and 3 different fulfillment methods which will run on 3 continents. One common eCommerce Four different modules Fulfillment solution available METRO Profi Food shop Fulfillment from stores or platforms Store based assortment Common platform METRO Wine shop Fulfillment from one central warehouse per country  Central eCommerce platform will be Country based assortment used in each country for different eCommerce modules  Standardized solution which fits to METRO Office/Cleaning Central warehouse per country or per continent shop market and saves cost and time with direct shipment to the customers Assortment based on leading country with possibility for local adaptation  Platform enables an easy connection to all other MCC systems METRO Gastro NF shop Central warehouse per continent with direct shipment to the customers Assortment based on leading country with possibility for local adaptation Page 89 Member of
  88. 88. Member of
  89. 89. CHALLENGE # 3 OPERATIONS / Supply Chain Member of
  90. 90. Member of
  91. 91. MAKRO WEBSHOP Member of
  92. 92. Store vs. warehouse picking - Overview  Makro NL decided to utilise Vianen store to fulfil their General Needs online shop orders  Vianen shares space and employees with “normal” store operation – created warehouse in store  Orders are picked and packed in Vianen and sent via courier to customers  Setup is not new to Makro, most Makro HoReCa delivery operations are set up like this  Setup is unique to General Needs proposition, other eCommerce countries (Romania, Poland, Russia) went for central warehouse solution Page 94 Member of
  93. 93. Store vs. warehouse – Differentiating components Pick in store Pick in central warehouse Assortment  Limited to store assortment  Full central assortment  Cannibalisation risk by offline customers  More capital expenditure when compared Stock  Higher capital expenditure when utilising to single store multiple stores  Available at no additional cost  Rent to be paid regardless of utilisation,  Use of under-utilised stores expensive when low Space  Order volume limit, replication in additional store needed  High cost, store’s not optimised for  Up to a third of in-store picking and Handling picking and packing packing cost  Click & collect possible  Dedicated team with clear allocation of  Shopping experience for offline cost and responsibility General customers restricted at high order volumes Page 95 Member of
  94. 94. Store vs. warehouse picking - Outlook  Ideal early phase setup, when expected order volume is unclear  Pick in store has advantages when processing low volumes, once higher volumes are reached advantages shift to centralised solution  Plan B is required that compares cost implications for both solutions and break- even point  Pick-in-store could be used as starting point for offering click & collect/ drive-in solutions for customers Page 96 Member of
  95. 95. CHALLENGE # 4 MARKETING Member of
  96. 96. Cash & Carry wholesale exclusively for professional customers (I) HoReCa Trader Institutions Services  Restaurants  Generalist food  Institutions  Health care  Fast Food  Specialist food  Office-based  Physical services  Bars & cafes  Kiosks & petrol services  Wellness  Accommodation stations  Industries  Craftsmen  Caterers  Wholesaler  Nonfood traders  Canteen Page 98 Member of
  97. 97. For each of web shop we have clear definition for core target customers -Example Office web shop High Price = High Emotional Involvement Furniture Storage/ Maint. Computers & office Office instruments supplies Coffee Water Food Detergent/ Toiletries Low Price = Low Emotional Boss Assistant Involvement Member of
  98. 98. Member of
  99. 99. Relevance of information sources (1/3) Customer Survey Netherlands Q24 Please tell me whether the following sources are relevant for you to gather information about suppliers for professional purchase. Prospectuses / flyers 58 Company website / homepage 37 Email / newsletter 36 Company visits 22 Catalogues 21 Advertising in daily newspapers 19 Business acquaintances 18 Other personal recommendations 16 Advertising in magazines 15 Professional magazines 15 Advertising in shops 13 Advertising on posters 12 Advertising on TV 9 % Source: Brand potential analysis MCC NL 2008 Basis: Makro customers n=606 / Non-customers n=317 Multiple answers were possible Member of
  100. 100. Vision: From generic, mainly transactional communication to a targeted and balanced communication Model reaching more customers TODAY VISION 2015 1 to 1 1:1 1:1 1 to 1 Coupon Loyalty Coupon Web/social Loyalty Web/social from generic to customized Differentiation of Message media media targeted email targeted email Competence Competence incl. Hobby incl. Hobby Cook/ Metro A la Carte Cook/ Mail A la Carte Metro Mail Positioning mass mass Positioning Sell & Tell Sell & Tell Transactional Brand Building Transactional Brand Building … to 1 mio Communication From 750k touched customers receivers in totality Page 102 Member of
  101. 101. Multi – Channel frame at a glance 5 Allocation of resources 4 Couponing to generate frequency 3 Additional promotion impulses 2 No substitution of printed promotion by E-Mail Makro Mail 1 Excellence in Customer Data Member of
  102. 102. Online communication channels Homepage: E-mail Online ordering page: Page 104 Member of
  103. 103. Emarketing changes the rules of the game • new metrics • new insights • test / measure / improve • full traceability Member of
  104. 104. CHALLENGE # 5 ASSORTMENT / PRICE Member of
  105. 105. General Assortment Development – Depth before Breadth It is even more important to demonstrate range-competence on the web than in physical stores. Do This... SKU SKU count count Before This... Categories Categories Member of
  106. 106. Office web shop is a key service to recover business demand from SCO by increasing sales of our General Business Needs solutions. Focused areas: Focus  Food and NF  Food and NF products & services products & services used in companies Office that enable daily Office Pantry Pantry office work to serve guests & cater for “internal breaks”.  Products & services Maintenance/ Workwear/ Work Wear/ used for cleaning of Cleaning/  Essential work wear Cleaning/ Hygiene surfaces & technical Maintenance for specific branches, Safety Hygiene equipment & hygiene / security & safety products equipment Safety Note: all solutions generally do NOT represent core needs Page 108 Member of
  107. 107. Office supplies: 7000 articles Copy Bathroom room, maintenan ce & supplied Entrance Office 1 area Office 2 Office 3 Kitchen Page 109 Member of
  108. 108. 1 METRO Group: emerging internet giant 2 MCC moving forwards approach 3 Makro.nl: first results Page 110 Member of
  109. 109. MAKRO.NL extend his proposition  Entire office solution Kantoor oplossing 7000 articles (5000 NF / 2000 F) • Unique Market Proposition • Full multichannel (return, same price, customer review) • Launch: November 2012 • 100.000 registred customers in start up phase • Sales: 50 % Food / 50 % NF Member of
  110. 110. Thank you for listening! Member of
  111. 111. Vente-Exclusive.be: customer communication in a pure online environment by Peter Grypdonck
  112. 112. Customer communication in a pure online environment bpost Crosschannel Day Peter Grypdonck, CEO www.vente-exclusive.com
  113. 113. Overview •Vente-Exclusive.com in a nutshell •Why is communication key for us? •Our communication channels •The role of Social Media •Plans for the future
  114. 114. Our business: online private sales of fashion and lifestyle brands
  115. 115. Why is communication key for us? •We rarely see or meet our customers •Our business model is a bit a-typical •Communication is crucial for customer satisfaction
  116. 116. Our business model is a bit a-typical…
  117. 117. Communication about order status •Real time and automated communication with Bpost •Direct line and contact person in case of issues •All communication flows via our own people
  118. 118. Our communication channels: mainly e-communication Daily / weekly sale invitations Marketing Webshop e-mails Media (B2B Transactional & B2C) e-mails In-box Customer Service messaging (Chat / e-mail) Social media
  119. 119. Daily / weekly invitation mail Account information Personalized intro Overview new sales -> direct link to shop
  120. 120. Homepage Personal account info available on homepage Overview new sales + pending orders
  121. 121. Contacting Vente-Exclusive.com Every member can contact us via •e-mail (response within 12h) •or chat (instant conversation) •But not via phone support
  122. 122. Proactive contacts in case of issue through CS Customers appreciate our pro- active approach, even when we have to cancel an article from their order
  123. 123. Social media – connecting to our members
  124. 124. Social media – creating interaction
  125. 125. Social media – getting feedback
  126. 126. Social media – providing service to customers
  127. 127. Social media – getting positive word-of-mouth
  128. 128. Social media – getting positive word-of-mouth
  129. 129. Social media – asking help to customers…
  130. 130. Social media – … and thanking them for it
  131. 131. Mobile: keeping customers close
  132. 132. Communication – plans for the future •Experiment with new channels – also offline •Update historic communication media •Accelerate investment in social and mobile •Invest in creating even more interaction with members
  133. 133. peter.grypdonck@vente-exclusive.com
  134. 134. The success story of the Delhaize Cube by Jim Gautier 136
  135. 135. The success story of the Delhaize cube Jim Gautier Local & Luxemburg Marketing Manager
  136. 136. What is Delhaize Direct ?
  137. 137. Smartphone applications are the first step to an omnichannel approach http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vtE9ix2sZM
  138. 138. Delhaize launched first virtual grocery store in Europe Objectives of the Cube Campaign : -Increase notoriety of Delhaize Direct and his new e-commerce website -Increase notoriety of our Delhaize Smartphone App -Gather knowledge on virtual stores -Test customer perception http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4c0r22o-l8
  139. 139. Principle of the Delhaize Cube  Scan one or more product with your smartphone  Prepare your shopping list or  Make your order via your smartphone and pick the next day minimum your products in a Delhaize shop
  140. 140. 6 cubes travelling around the country in high frequented places  Wk 14->15 : Belgian Coast : Oostende, Knokke, Blankenberge  Wk 16->17 : NMBS stations : Bxl North, South, Central, Anvers Berchem, Mons, Liège, Mecehelen, Oudenaarde, Gent-sint-Pieters  Wk 18->19 : NMBS stations : Hasselt, Leuven, Kortrijk, Brugge, A’pen C, Ottignies, Charleroi  Wk 19->20 : Metro Brussels : De Brouckère, Schuman, Centrale, Rogier, Louise, Mérode, Pte de Namur, Arts-Loi, Madou, Simonis  Wk 16->20 : Walking places : Brussels Flagey, Hasselt, Gand, Anvers, stadsfeestzaal, Nivelles, Charleroi, Mechelen, Enghien, Tournai
  141. 141. Each cube was supported by hostesses giving explanations and distributing leaflets
  142. 142. Teasing video to create curiosity amongst press representatives http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRgxO0WDLts&feature=relmfu
  145. 145. It was an ef ficient call to action campaign to suppor t the launch of the new website + 22,1% = evolution of the number of downloads of the application +39,9 % = evolution of the number of visits on Delhaize Direct website + 27,6% = evolution of the number of orders
  146. 146. Thank You ! Contact details  Jim Gautier Local & Luxemburg Marketing manager Delhaize Belgium Phone : +32 2 412.83.27 Email : jgautier@delhaize.be
  147. 147. Successful in your cross-channel strategy By Vincent Nolf (bpost)
  148. 148. Agenda 1. A Cross-channel strategy: why ? 2. Right targets 3. Right communication 4. Right delivery 5. Conclusions 151
  149. 149. A cross-channel strategy, why? Because it makes sense for you, retailers… Newlook Next & Spencer Marks Cross-channel shoppers are worth 4X THE VALUE of single channel 37% of visitors picking up their order in store also shoppers buy something else 152
  150. 150. A cross-channel strategy, why? … and, more important, also for your customers Source: McKinsey – iconsumer 2011 153
  151. 151. A cross-channel strategy, why? Key challenge will be to have a truly integrated cross-channel approach… while keeping same delivery promise to the consumers SHOP WEB MOBILE Information Ordering Delivery After Sales Multiple-channel Cross-channel 154
  152. 152. Right target
  153. 153. First, who are your customers ? Example: different social shopper segments… 14% 14% 16% 22% 15% 18% … with different needs Archetype represents x% of total shoppers Source: Research done by Leo Burnett “PeopleShop” 156
  154. 154. … and why do they choose to shop online or offline ? Ideal Attributes – IN STORE Shopping Ideal Attributes – ONLINE Shopping % 47% 54 41% 65 % 58% safe organized fast 42% fast easy 32% 40% clean 35% easy 44 % 43% 55% informative orderly friendly effortless organized Source: GfK FutureBuy 2011 (US) 157
  155. 155. Customer knowledge really makes the difference 158
  156. 156. bpost profiling solution 10 client typologies SelectPost clusters Based on attitudinal Benefits behavior > Ready and easy to use In cooperation with Python Production > Statistically pre-defined ‘high potential’ prospects > Ideal starting point to discover SelectPost and introduce DM Home Sweet Active Brand Planet Pet Lovers > An inspiration for ‘refined’ Home Lifestyle Lovers Lovers selection > Possible to further customize Family Promo Life Quality Connect Money > Standardized profile of Budget Shoppers Seekers Lifestyle Planners selection Managers 159
  157. 157. Brand Lovers interested in > Brand products > Environmental products > Premium seekers Mostly > Dutch speaking > Female 78.790 prospects are waiting for you 160
  158. 158. Right communication
  159. 159. Big brands use DM in their Marketing Mix Internet Direct Mail Mobile Television Application Magazine POS DM objective: Increase Loyalty 162
  160. 160. And, even pure players start to use… paper Source: Marketing Direct N°148 - 01/06/2011 - Astrid de Montbeillard 163
  161. 161. Why are catalogs still relevant ? Catalogues foster the act of purchase – 65% of online shoppers use catalogue – Online sales supported by DM catalogues = 16% increase on average of basket size. Source: Planetafeup 164
  162. 162. bpost can help you to put in place efficient DM strategies Offline/online example 100.000 20.000 10.000 3.000 recipients > new visitors > new members > new clients 20% 50% 30% of recipients of visitors of member make visit the website get member 1 purchase 165
  163. 163. Right delivery
  164. 164. Customers want to be in control and drive retailer’s value proposition … Convenience, choice and simplicity Qualified free Easy returns Reliability Delivery delivery options Source: World Retail Congress, September 2012 167
  165. 165. … and require multiple delivery options to choose from Preferences of the online consumer Home 70% Pick-up point 33% Point of sale 21% Locker 10% Other 10% Source: VIL study – 1.153 respondents – Average # of methods 2,8 – Dec. 2011 168
  166. 166. Customer 1 • Visits physical store X to get more information on product A • Buys 2 days later product A from webshop of store X • Chooses for delivery of the goods at home 169
  167. 167. Customer 2 • Visits physical store X to buy product A • Wants product A in another colour (not available in store X) • Product A needs to be delivered in pick-up point (near her office) 170
  168. 168. Customer 3 • Buys product A in online shop X • Wants his product to be delivered in physical store of shop X (close to home) • Wants to return his product (not the right size) in another physical store of shop X (close to work) 171
  169. 169. bpost delivery options… Home Pick-up point Parcel automate 172
  170. 170. … and easy to use tools to support you 173
  171. 171. Is this enough for the consumer?
  172. 172. Singles, families, companies, have new expectations and wishes… Nathalie and James both Albert, 82 year, needs work every day and prefer help for his meals, collection and delivery of groceries and their laundry on Saturday medication morning Lillybook, book editor, wants to ship parcels every day and prefers a consolidated delivery once per week for returns and Sofie, 23 year, shops purchases every day online and requests a consolidated delivery once per week including groceries
  173. 173. bpost can make this happen
  174. 174. OUR VISION: bpost by appointment bpost will help you improve the quality of your life by creating a world without physical distances in which you can rely on bpost employees as your personal assistant to order anything anywhere anytime Source: Planetafeup 177
  175. 175. A fully consumer centric eco- system with 4 key components… The customer All purchases The customer The customer agrees a and parcels can also return pays for the delivery time are delivered goods (empties, goods safely with bpost together at ironing etc.) and securely that time by banker’s card at the time of delivery 178
  176. 176. … based on 3 building blocks at our partner’s disposal: Digital platform: www.bpost.be/opafspraak www.bpost.be/surrendezvous Payment infrastructure: Physical infrastructure: mobile terminals post office invoice fleet people boxes
  177. 177. Conclusions
  178. 178. Conclusions • To be successful in your cross-channel strategy, 3 factors are key: – Right target – Right communication – Right delivery • bpost is in a continuous process of innovating in and around cross-channel solutions • bpost is there to support you with the relevant knowledge and tools at your disposal 181
  179. 179. Vincent Nolf Centre Monnaie, 1000 Brussels vincent.nolf@bpost.be
  180. 180. Conclusions By Gino Van Ossel (Vlerick School of Management)
  181. 181. NEXT … RetailDetail Awards Ceremony ! ROC STAR – 14 dec2011

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  • You see, It´s a journey… We are best prepared to add a different flavour to pure E-Commerce, by leveraging our stationary business and our experience in serving the customer A picture says more than a thousand words… mit mehr als 280.000 employed people in 2100 Locations in 33 countries we are a true global player. Active stationary business in 11 timezones 13 square kilometers selling space – Equals round about 1.781 football grounds or 2 time the peninsula of Gibraltar, 6,5 times Monaco, or 29 times the Vatican city Bottom line is: we are perfectly prepared for multi-channel activities
  • We are on a journey, that is comparable to the different maturity levels between babys and seniors. If you are looking on what we are starting right now, is what I would also take you through with a picture We have quite a lot of homework to do, we have to set the right seed, but what is true for our China Expansion is also true for our MCR activities, do not expect the full monty from the very beginning, we are kind of in our infancy, but we are starting everywhere Don´t get mixed up about this, we are still struggling with terminology, technical issues, partners and details – today I would give you a glimpse on what is happening out there and what in the end is the bigger picture where we are heading
  • Since Q4 we start with all the sales lines MCC: darunter Rumänien REAL directly started after launch extending their assortment GK with 40k articles plus an extensive MCR approach plus fashion newly launched Cloudbasierter Musikstreamingservice Saturn.de mit umfassendem MCR Konzept, sukzessive ausgebaut In Q1 at the latest it is not about E-Commerce any more, it is all about Multi-channel and driving the right links between online and offline
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  • Insister sur le fait que s’il y a déjà une telle différence entre les attentes du shopper offline et l’online, les attributs recherchés par le cross-channel shopper sont également très différents
  • yy/mm/dd - title presentation - author - qualifier mercredi 21 novembre 2012
  • Les pure players du web découvrent les vertus du support papier pour fidéliser, vendre plus ou pour séduire les clients qui ne font pas confiance au web pour acheter. A l”instar de bien d’autres entreprises, ils commencent à intégrer le papier dans leur stratégie multicanal / cross-channel.
  • CUSTOMER ACQUISITION – PURE PLAYER Les chiffres utilisés sont des hypothèses et reflètent le nombre de nouveaux clients qu’un « pure player » pourrait acquérir grâce à un DM (cible qualifiée).
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  • Study UK meer en meer vragen aan
  • Message(s) : Convenience voor de consument (hoe, waar en wanneer hij dat wil) Our solutions @home  waar u wenst (thuis, op het werk) 1 00% easy, the best options No need to move, parcel is delivered at your home or work +/- 14.000 postrondes per dag @bpost  waar u wenst, wanneer u wenst Proximity, close to your home Choice, long opening hours Post Points and partnerships 1.100 postpunten @bpack24/7  waar en wanneer u wenst (onbeperkt) Opportunity to change the customer experience No queues, no waiting, no stress Secure and safe 2011: 3 automaten // 2012: 75 automaten // 2013: 150 automaten 2012: focus op Gent, Antwerpen, Brussel, Luik &amp; Charleroi
  • Message(s) : Shipping Manager: naadloos onderdeel van uw webwinkel voor de automatisering van uw logistiek. Van bestelling tot administratieve opvolging. Shipping manager: Designed and build for e-Commerce Add bpack@home, bpack@bpost and bpack24/7 in your offering towards consumers Orders are automatically loaded into our database. No more manual input Generation of labels limited to a single click Convenience voor de e-tailer
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  • yy/mm/dd - title presentation - author - qualifier mercredi 21 novembre 2012