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Dawn Verruso Resume

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Dawn Verruso Resume

  1. 1. Dawn Michelle Verruso 145-72 9th Avenue, Whitestone NY 11357 Email: Dawn.Verruso@gmail.com Summary of Qualifications Self-motivated project planner with over 18 years of experience. My project management skills have given me the ability to create and implement revenue generating and time/cost saving initiatives. Additional skills include: Project Management – 8 years of Project Management experience ranging from collecting historical data, documenting requirements, creating templates, updating document libraries, coordinating project implementations, ensuring all project lifecycle steps are adhered to, closing out with the auditing of the finished product and the facilitation of the subsequent lessons learned meeting. Supply Chain Management - 10 years of experience with forecasting budgets, tracking expenditures, contract management. Training and Development – Developed and facilitated the following: Station Start-Up Project Task List, TSA Watch list Verification Application, Blue Shadow Program and the CRL (Customer Relations Liaison) Training Program. Leadership – 18 years in a leadership capacity where I have had the privilege of managing more than Seventy Crewmembers/Employees who have succeeded in surpassing their own personal and career expectations. Professional Experience: JetBlue Airways, New York, NY Project Manager Cargo Operations Jan 2014 – Nov 2015 Responsible for identifying the necessary resources for cargo projects as well as holding all Crewleaders accountable for their departmental assignments. In addition to managing the day-to-day operational aspects of a project, I am answerable for upholding project standards cross departmentally, and ensuring the quality standards put forth by Cargo Leadership were adhered to by all parties involved. My position is accountable for minimizing exposure to risks and visualizing projects from their infancy stages to fruition.  Facilitate RFP, RFQ & RFI for all Cargo related contractual obligations  Maintain service level agreements for all Cargo handling Business Partners  Confirming Cargo regulatory and operational requirements through auditing processes  Creation and distribution of quarterly Cargo Score Card & Profitability analysis for Leadership  Support Marketing initiatives for Cargo (i.e. TrueBlue Program)  Define business case requirements (i.e. deliverables, schedules, costs, resources etc.)  Facilitate all project plans for Cargo (i.e. station start-ups, interline agreements, IT enhancements etc.) JetBlue Airways, New York, NY Events and Project Manager – Airports Programs Department Feb 2004 – Jan 2014 Responsible for maintaining all aspects of “Airports” sponsored initiatives including the facilitation of new station openings, both on and off sight events, contract negotiations, community relations, creation of departmental materials, drafting business case proposals, development of training modules and, the standardization of auditing processes. My current position has also afforded me the opportunity to become the subject matter expert for Baggage Services, Remote Check -in and for Corporate Security.  Organized and facilitated all Customer Service Leadership driven events totaling $350,000 in budget, and partnered with the New York Hospital Queens in raising over 350 pints of blood  Support the Airports 2008 Project team to strategically reduce spending and improve overall turn times through implementation of three key projects (Blue Health and Safety, Load Plan, Local Operational Recovery)  Benchmark other carriers to enhance the overall safety culture  Outlined Load Plan process and project plan to JFK to increase capacity on long haul flights  Negated over $1.2 Million in potential FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) fines by diligently monitoring all BlueCity recurrent GSC evaluation submissions. Ensured 100% GSC compliance  Streamlined the GSC registration and tracking process by implementing an “On-line” Registration tool  Developed an online Transportation Security Administration Watch list Verification Application that reduced each search by 15 minutes, while maintaining the integrity of the process  Monitored and tracked all drug and alcohol prerequisites required for the GSC program to ensure 100% compliance  Partnered with Nationwide Hospitality Incorporated to reduce spending by $20,000 in 2005  Designed all Customer Service Forms to eliminate a $25,000 cost associated to business partner set-up fees
  2. 2. Dawn Michelle Verruso 145-72 9th Avenue, Whitestone NY 11357 Email: Dawn.Verruso@gmail.com JetBlue Airways, New York, NY Baggage and Passenger Service Supervisor Jul 2000 – Feb 2004 Responsible for maintaining the highest standard of: Customer Service, Crewmember development, contract negotiations and the implementation of cost saving initiatives within the Baggage Service Office at John F. Kennedy International Airport.  Analyzed the cost effectiveness of our current hotel agreements and made recommendations from my findings. Subsequently, a contract was put out for a bid  Examined submitted proposals, contract negotiations included mandatory service standard requirements, secured lowest rate ($89.00) which reduced the current room rate by $30.00. Customer Commitment received complementary feedback from displaced Customers regarding the increase in service and the congeniality of the attending hotel personnel  Performed quality assessments on all Customer submitted Property Loss Claim forms  Maintained all personnel attendance and performance records for a team of Twenty Five  Created bid  Created Leadership training program which targeted the 100 Customer Service Liaisons mandatory for promotion  Program reviewed management techniques, best practices and ensured our future leaders had the necessary techniques to transition to the next level of leadership at JetBlue  Interviewed and hired over 50 Airports (Customer Service and Ground Personnel) for JFK Airport  Guaranteed Baggage Service subcontractors uphold Jet Blue’s 5 core values  Created a process or procedure to ensure all collected valuables are kept secure until recovered by the Customer, thereby ensuring cost associated with loss or pilferage was avoided US Airways, LaGuardia Airport, NY Passenger Service Supervisor 1996 – Jul 2000 Responsibilities included managing all aspects of Ticket Counter and Gate Operations including Customer Service. Controlled all auditing, preparation and distribution processes associated with employee collection of funds.  Managed the Seventy Five passenger service employees as well as the areas they served  Aided passengers requiring special assistance  Supervised the collection and safeguarding of all funds accumulated throughout the day  Responsible for preparing the station's daily bank deposit (averaging around $32,000) commencing with the closure of that evening’s ATAC report Rimco Air Conditioning Co., Inc, Long Island City, NY Office Manager 1993 – 1996 Responsibilities included auditing, billing, dispatching, reconciling and tracking of all Service related accounts  Responsible for all accounts payable functions including the reconciling of all service billing and subsequent invoices ranging in value from $10,000 to $250,000  Accountable for tracking all materials and labor hours upon job completion  Performed quality audits on all materials ordered by the Purchasing Department for proper pricing and coding prior to billing  Prepared all financial reports including daily labor reports and sales registers  Handled all Customer Service calls related billing  Managed all technical resources, distributed work orders and materials allocation L & E Plymouth Sales, New York, NY Executive Assistant to CEO 1989 - 1993 Responsible for maintaining the highest standard of: Customer Service, employee development, financial negotiations and the implementation of revenue generating initiatives.  Interviewed, hired, trained and scheduled staffing  Maintained payroll, financial functions, customer relations, and all Marketing/Direct mailings
  3. 3. Dawn Michelle Verruso 145-72 9th Avenue, Whitestone NY 11357 Email: Dawn.Verruso@gmail.com Education and Training Completed Effective Meetings Training on February 23rd, 2006 Completed Focus Training on March 15th, 2006 Completed Project “Jumpstart” for project managers on August 18th, 2006 Attended Microsoft Project Orange Belt Training on September 20th, 2006 Enrolled in Fundamentals of Project Management (estimated completion date of January 13th 2007) Queens College Adult Continued Education Program - Completed 90 credits towards a degree 1996 – 1998 Flushing High School 1981 - 1985 Achievements Recipient of 5 JetBlue (Customer generated) Blue Star Awards The Customer Service Liaison Training Workshop