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Technology Vocabulary for ESL and IELTS

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Learn the most up-to-date technology vocabulary for ESL and IELTS in this valuable PPT. Perfect for teachers and students, it contains the most important tech words you should learn.

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Technology Vocabulary for ESL and IELTS

  1. 1. Technology Vocabulary for IELTS Students
  2. 2. Hardware Hi-tech objects
  3. 3. Computers Desktop Laptop A desktop computer may also be called a PC, while it is common to see a laptop called a notebook.
  4. 4. The Kindle is a kind of e-reader. You can read e-books on it. Some of them have a touchscreen. Kindle
  5. 5. Tablet A tablet is a kind of digital device that has a touchscreen. The most popular is the iPad. It is larger than a mobile phone but more portable than a laptop.
  6. 6. Smartphone This is a kind of mobile phone that has a touchscreen and can do many things. They include apps and usually have at least one camera.
  7. 7. Software Digital products
  8. 8. App (short for application) This is a program you can use on a computer or mobile device. You can download these from an app store.
  9. 9. Social Network This is a kind of website or app where people can communicate with friends, share photos, and play games.
  10. 10. Browser A web browser is a kind of program that allows you to visit websites. Google Chrome and Firefox are two very popular choices. You can use the verb “browse” for looking online.
  11. 11. Blog This is short for (web log) It refers to a personal website with regular updates (called posts). The most popular blog platforms are Blogger and Wordpress. It can also be a verb.
  12. 12. Meme Something that is widely shared online usually because it is funny. It can be a picture, a phrase, or a video. Essentially, it is an idea.
  13. 13. Video Streaming This means watching TV shows, movies, or other videos online. Instead of downloading, you watch something live. The most popular service is:
  14. 14. Search Engine This is a website for searching online. The most popular is Google, and it is often used as a verb meaning “search”.
  15. 15. Other Vocabulary Verbs for talking about the internet
  16. 16. This means to put something on your social network account for others to see. Example • Sarah shared a really funny video last week. • I’m trying to get more subscribers to my YouTube channel. Could you share my new video, please?
  17. 17. This means to give your approval of something online, usually on social media. Example • Hey everyone, don’t forget to like my new video and subscribe to the channel. • My ex-husband liked all my new Facebook posts. What do you think that means?
  18. 18. This means to make a contact on a social network. You can also just use “friend” as a verb. Likewise, you could use “add” without friend. Example • He added her as a friend on Facebook last week. • Do you mind if I friend you when I get online later? • She just added him earlier today. Was that a good idea?
  19. 19. Thanks and Good Luck Hey, I hope this PPT helps you with your IELTS preparation. Technology is one of the most common IELTS topics. Learning these words will help you get ready for the exam. Check out my other websites: www.davidswills.com www.beatdom.com www.prague-review.com www.davidteaching.blogspot.com
  20. 20. Don’t Forget to Share!