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Coping With Covid 4/6/2020

Take away from Lindsey's talk https://www.crowdcast.io/e/lindsey-walenga

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Coping With Covid 4/6/2020

  1. 1. Third tier audiences (Media, the public) [ Social media, press release] Second tier audiences (Investors, customers) [ email ] Most affected (Team) [ Close communication ] Critical Communication Layers When communicating critical information and informing people about important decisions, there is a specific strategy for how to do it well, as shown in the diagram below. ● Determine who is most affected, or who has the most at stake related to a decision. ● Communicate with them first, with the closest mode of communication possible. ● Then, inform secondary audiences who need to be made aware. ○ Example: In a round of layoffs you let the team know first with a Zoom call, followed by phone calls and a follow up email to each team member. From there you may send an email to your investors and customers, and, depending on the scale of the layoffs, you may post on social media to inform the public. ● Complete the entire announcement protocol within as short of a time frame as possible, ideally informing all audiences on the same day. ○ You should not tell employees there will be downsizing and then wait 5 days to let them know who. ● You want your audiences to learn about a decision you’ve made from you. So refrain from telling certain people far before others. ● Be prepared to answer questions, and have a team with enough capacity to respond to inquiries on the same day. Developed by Siren PR © 2020 Siren PR | Bamboo Detroit "Coping with COVID" | 4.6.20