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David_A.docx UPD 11 2016

  1. 1. David A. Segal Warwick, NY. 914-456-0291 davesegall@yahoo.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/davidsegalcreditman SUMMARY: More than 10 years improving the process ofcommercial credit approval, collections,A/R, & A/P assuring firms operate more effectively while continuously rethinking efficiencies to improve results in overall customer service. SKILLS/QUALIFICATIONS:  Strive for First Call Resolution in all situations with excellent listening skills  Accurately notate accounts to allow for easy follow-up by all peers and management  Able to escalate matters when required to reduce customer churn  Have professional business acumen quickly gaining trust with the customer  Operate all major financial A/R softwares to maximize profitable results Frontier Communications, Middletown, NY 4/2016-10/2016 CollectionsConsultant - Resolved out-of-service FIOS credits for mostly newly acquired customers from Verizon and US Business and Residential buyers of legacy TV, DSL, and Copper line home phone service. Recommended change to avoid billing defunct corporations and streamlined return credits, by installing a process to trace their returns for proper recovery. K-Force Staffing, Stamford, CT. 12/2015-2/2016 Billing Processor- Temporary Placement at Town Sports International HQ(NYSC) HQ. Elmsford, NY. Entrusted with issuing credit card refunds to gym members across the over 150 NYSC gyms across the Tri-state area, using Microsoft Outlook email to process requests and EXCEL for reporting while maintaining 2 day turnaround time. Accurately answered credit card charge-backs regarding disputes to minimize losses and retain members. Northern Leasing Systems, Middletown, NY. 6/2015-8/2015 Commercial CollectionsRepresentative Received inbound calls at company’s new call center allowing them to debug and fully enable their auto-dialer. Provided exemplary customer service as retailers(lessees)swapped out obsolete credit card readers for new RFD chip compliant models approaching the 10/1/2015 switch over deadline. Validated Right Party Contact(RPC) and took phone payments as needed. Manpower, Middletown, NY. 2/2015-3/2015 Customer Settlement Agent-Temporary Placement with Signal auditing a.k.a.Lonsten Law Group, Ellenville,NY. Negotiated settlement for client DIRECT TV. re: Federal imfringement cases involving illegal exhibition by small businesses,using household boxes without authorization in commercial venues. Fully skipped traced debtors through corporate records and public databases before preparing Legal DEMAND letters to them. Nexxlinx, Newburgh, NY 8/2014-11/2014 Customer Retention Agent for Time Warner Cable(TWC) Fully trained on proprietary ICOMS and DISPO software used to add cable services and schedule service calls. Handled inbound calls at a maximum down time of 60 seconds while updating both databases simultaneously.
  2. 2. DAVID SEGAL PAGE # 20f 2 Exemplary customer service scores were attained while on recorded lines reviewed by TWC. Concorde Staffing, White Plains, NY. 10/2013-2/2014 Account Collection Representative-Temporary Placement at Castle Oil Co., Harrison, NY Collected over 90 day A/R 10% below management’s target while working 2 of their 4 collection’s portfolios. Prepared non-payers for legal suit by assembling proofs of deliveries from our records. Allen, Maxwell, and Silver, Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 8/2010-1/2012 1st and 3rd Party Commercial Collector Mastered First Call Resolution (FCR) and Right Party Contact ( RPC) to find debtors and collect from them. Exceeded collection quota every month qualifying for bonus pay with exemplary attendance and performance. TEMPORARY CONSULTANT 2004-2010 METRO NY Newspaper, NYC 3/2008-10/2008-temporary placement through Robert Half- Assistant Credit Manager Madison Square Garden- NYC 11/2007-3/2008-temporary through Accountemps- Abandoned Property Auditor Ajilon HQ, Saddle Brook, NJ. 3/2006-4/2007-temporary placement through Ajilon- Paramus, NJ.- A/R Specialist HIGHLIGHTS/SUMMARY: 2006-2008 Concluded Abandoned Property Audit at MSG in only 4 months after several prior failed attempts by others. Coordinated the collection of Metro NY, Boston , and Philly to bring over 90 day A/R under control. Reconciled full month end closing process to our bank and billing records. Expedited A/R research to enable us to refund where appropriate after getting necessary approval, at Ajilon HQ. Credit Clearing House, S. White Plains, NY. 2004-2005 3rd party Commercial Collector Handled 33% of all accounts placed with the firm for collection efforts using Fox Pro and GETPAID softwares. EDUCATION: Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ, BS. In Commerce majoring in Marketing NY Institute of Business and Credit- 2 semesters in Financial Statement Analysis SOFTWARE AND SKILLS: Motionsoft,EXCEL 2013,ESYS,D&B Business Information Reports (BIR)TLO Reports,EQUIFAX,TRW personal credit reports,IBM AS-400,mainframe,Internet skip tracing,On Contact,Staffsuite, Salesforce, TKO Adbooking, Adlooks, Scala,Oracle, Peoplesoft, autodialer, GETPAID, financial ratio analysis to set proper credit limits, cash posting,chargeback recovery,Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics, Great Plains,EDI,ACH Wires, FDCPA and HIPAA regulations,Collections and Employee handbooks,40 WPM keyboard speed.