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Iron Mountain: 8 Experts on Marketing Fulfillment

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Iron Mountain: 8 Experts on Marketing Fulfillment

  1. 1. Experts on Marketing Fulfillment Top Marketers Share Advice and Insights on Why Fulfillment Matters 8 Sponsored by:
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Marketers face a challenging task. Charged with developing and refining high-level marketing strategies for their companies while maintaining lean processes that enable the business to respond to changing conditions with agility, they often find they don’t have enough hours in the day to accomplish every item on their to-do lists. If processes like marketing fulfillment are not carefully managed, it can quickly become difficult to service customers and provide them with the resources they need in a timely fashion. This eBook features expert advice from eight accomplished marketers on how to manage your marketing fulfillment effectively, whether by eliminating inefficiencies, improving your spend with online inventory management, reducing waste, or ensuring compliance. We began with a key question: “What tips and tricks can you share with fellow professionals about managing marketing fulfillment?” The responses presented here represent a diverse array of industries and perspectives that we hope will provide you with valuable insight and best practices you can use as you pursue marketing fulfillment strategies for your company. © 2018 Mighty Guides, Inc. I 62 Nassau Drive I Great Neck, NY 11021 I 516-360-2622 I www.mightyguides.com Mighty Guides make you stronger. These authoritative and diverse guides provide a full view of a topic. They help you explore, compare, and contrast a variety of viewpoints so that you can determine what will work best for you. Reading a Mighty Guide is kind of like having your own team of experts. Each heartfelt and sincere piece of advice in this guide sits right next to the contributor’s name, biography, and links so that you can learn more about their work. This background information gives you the proper context for each expert’s independent perspective. Credible advice from top experts helps you make strong decisions. Strong decisions make you mighty. 2Sponsored by All the best, David Rogelberg Publisher, Mighty Guides, Inc.
  3. 3. 3Sponsored by FOREWORD Brand, product and program managers, along with other marketing executives, constantly juggle their desire for great results against their budget constraints. They carefully craft their rollouts, launches and sales promotions to wring maximum value from the dollars they’re allotted. But they know that even the most meticulously planned campaigns can come up short if not well executed. Good execution depends on a number of factors, including getting collateral, point-of-sale and training materials into the right hands, in the right quantities, at the right time. Deliver too little, or too late, and you’ve missed an opportunity. But that’s just one reason to have a good marketing fulfillment program. In this Mighty Guide, eight marketing professionals share their perspectives on the benefits of working with a quality fulfillment partner, ranging from cost savings to innovative design ideas to winning new business, and more. We hope their insights will prove useful in evaluating your own programs and inspire you to explore new ways to benefit from your relationship with your fulfillment company. Iron Mountain Fulfillment Services is a division of Iron Mountain, a leading provider of storage and information management services. For more than 45 years, Iron Mountain has provided end-to-end print production and fulfillment services, along with tools specifically designed to address our clients’ top marketing, business communication and compliance-related challenges, to companies of all sizes. We have five fulfillment facilities strategically located across the U.S. to serve our clients efficiently and provide a personalized service including a dedicated fulfillment team, along with same-day shipping on most orders with the highest inventory and delivery accuracy. When it comes to the logistics of receiving, storing, managing and shipping your inventory, you can trust Iron Mountain to get your messages, materials, and products to market quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. Regards, Jamal Powell VP & General Manager, Iron Mountain Fulfillment Services
  4. 4. 4Sponsored by TABLE OF CONTENTS BETH MOORHEAD MARKETING CONSULTANT, LEGRAND AV TECHNOLOGIES How to Deliver Efficient, Cost-Effective Marketing Fulfillment: P5 PATRICK SWISHER PROGRAM MANAGER, BILLTRUST Collaboration is Key to Successful Marketing Fulfillment: P17 BRIAN KEMP DIRECTOR, MARKETING & COMPLIANCE TECHNOLOGY, NATIONWIDE Achieving Cost-Effective Flexibility Through Marketing Fulfillment: P8 PEGGY LEAH DANIEL US GENERAL MANAGER, THE LOTTER GROUP How to Scale Your Marketing Fulfillment Effectively: P20 DAVID GABER SENIOR PRODUCT MARKETING MANAGER, EPSON How Keeping Marketing Materials Fresh Drives Business: P11 STEPHANIE NEHMENS CONTENT MARKETING MANAGER, LENDINGCLUB How Outsourced Marketing & Fulfillment Solutions Can Function as Strategic Partners: P23 JACKIE BURNES HEAD OF US MARKETING TEAM, EXPENSE REDUCTION ANALYSTS Marketing Fulfillment Streamlines Branding & Increases Efficiency: P14 SUPRIYA RAINA DIRECTOR, GLOBAL MARKETING, PIRAMAL CRITICAL CARE Achieving Greater Productivity with Marketing Fulfillment: P26
  5. 5. 55Sponsored by Linkedin HOW TO DELIVER EFFICIENT, COST-EFFECTIVE MARKETING FULFILLMENT Beth Moorhead’s more than 20 years of experience in marketing, sales, and product management ranges from work with with major Fortune 500 companies to boutique and large international ad agencies, and startups. Most recently, her efforts grew a SaaS company’s revenue by over 600%. No stranger to large firms, Moorhead held senior- level positions with SBC Wireless (AT&T) and DDB Needham in Dallas, Texas. While at DDB she led account-management teams for such clients as Apple, Verizon, Pepsi, Wrangler, and General Mills. Marketing Consultant, Legrand AV Technologies BETH MOORHEAD A s our digital age advances, we are becoming an increasingly visual society, says Beth Moorhead, marketing consultant at Legrand AV Technologies. As a result, marketing fulfillment is still a critical function for businesses to master. “From a fulfillment standpoint, the sales teams still want streamlined sales brochures, spec sheets and case studies on jump drives and they will sometimes need this literature in different languages. These visual materials affect how we learn and how we buy,” she says. “There’s a reason why salespeople still get on a plane to go and shake the other person’s hand. The customer stills wants that human touch and the salesperson wants to strengthen that relationship. We know the fulfillment piece aids that sales process,” Moorhead explains. “Marketing fulfillment is ideal, especially if you’re dealing with short print runs with multiple versions or even large quantities. It just makes much more sense because it saves everybody time and money,” Moorhead adds. She finds it especially beneficial for delivering marketing materials in several languages to locations in multiple countries. “If you have your marketing materials printed in the country where you will be distributing them, you already resolved all the shipping and fulfillment issues. Marketing fulfillment is ideal, especially if you’re dealing with short print runs with multiple versions or even large quantities.
  6. 6. 6Sponsored by Finding the right partner means getting access to all of that industry expertise that takes a long time to develop on your own if you’re managing it yourself. That way, the turnaround is much faster and shipping costs are greatly reduced because the marketing materials go directly to the source. Also the fulfillment process is more cost-effective, because you can be even more targeted,” she says. Partnering with an experienced marketing fulfillment center can also help marketers rein in costs and do more with their existing budgets, driving additional growth that they might not have been able to achieve if they were managing the processes in-house. “A marketing fulfillment partner can say, for example, that if you change up your design in a certain way, it’ll be more cost- effective to print. It’ll be cheaper to mail and you can get it out the door much more quickly,” Moorhead says. She considers this advantage especially valuable for certain cases, like large mailings or conferences that want to provide session handouts or booklets for attendees to reference and make notes on when attending sessions. “I think that a lot of the small to midsize companies really could benefit from finding a vendor with an inventory control service that actually helps them manage some of those larger event undertakings with limited resources,” she adds. In addition to gaining expert recommendations on how to manage marketing fulfillment for specific events or campaigns, marketers can also benefit from their partners’ industry-specific knowledge, notes Moorhead.
  7. 7. 1 2 KEY POINTS 7Sponsored by Marketers can also gain access to industry-specific expertise and best practices for event marketing by collaborating with a marketing fulfillment partner. Businesses can meet their marketing fulfillment requirements in a more cost-effective, efficient, and flexible way by partnering with a marketing fulfillment vendor. “Finding the right partner means getting access to all of that industry expertise that takes a long time to develop on your own if you’re managing it yourself,” she says. “Talk to vendors that have been working in a particular vertical for a while. Many of them work with a variety of different industries, but they can give you some examples of what they’ve done in the past to help a particular industry get its messaging out.” Thanks to technological advancements and the services of marketing fulfillment experts, Moorhead believes that today’s marketers have a terrific opportunity to raise the bar on their marketing fulfillment in a more cost-effective, efficient, and flexible way. With an experienced partner as part of the team, marketers can ensure continued success as their business grows.
  8. 8. 88Sponsored by If we see low utilization, then we will move it over to print on demand to help save money. B rian Kemp believes that partnering with a marketing fulfillment provider can be beneficial from multiple standpoints, beginning with cost. “If you had to buy your own infrastructure to support a high level of printing and fulfillment only for yourself, it could get quite expensive,” he says. By comparison, an outsourced fulfillment vendor can leverage its resources and internal knowledge to ensure its equipment is optimally utilized across multiple customers. By contracting with those partners, you can take advantage of all of the capabilities you need, on demand, without having to invest capital up front. Businesses can also eliminate printing and production inefficiencies by working with a marketing fulfillment provider. “We do a lot of ongoing analysis and review the cost-benefit of choosing offset versus print on demand,” Kemp says. “We’ll make a decision about whether it’s more cost-efficient to go with offset versus print on demand based on volume-order history, for example.” If Kemp’s team members are evaluating a marketing piece they expect to have a certain amount of longevity, perhaps a few years in, they may periodically revisit their initial cost-benefit analysis. “If we see low utilization, then we will move it over to print on demand to help save money and reduce waste,” he explains. ACHIEVING COST-EFFECTIVE FLEXIBILITY THROUGH MARKETING FULFILLMENT Linkedin I Twitter I Website Brian Kemp is an experienced technology leader with a diverse background working for large international Fortune 100 companies. With a career spanning a broad scope of functions in marketing, IT, and sales, his expertise centers on driving efficiencies by leveraging lean practices and technology. Kemp’s passion is discovering new solutions and using a design-thinking approach to enabling business innovation. Director, Marketing & Compliance Technology, Nationwide BRIAN KEMP
  9. 9. 9Sponsored by That’s been very, very beneficial for us—the local proximity of where all of our print fulfillment is located. Marketing fulfillment is also front and center in the company’s efforts to win new business. “If you’ve ever signed up for a 401(k) through your employer, they usually give you a nice cardboard folder with some marketing literature inside along with a packet of forms for you to fill out. That is most of what we do on our financial side at Nationwide,” Kemp explains. Presenting these materials professionally and in accessible print form is key, he believes, because of the significance of the decision the customer must make—they’re trying to decide where they’re going to put their life savings and prepare for retirement. With the right materials in hand, that person can have confidence that they are making an informed decision that’s in their best interest. Having an established relationship with a marketing fulfillment provider in place can also come in handy when unexpected challenges come up. “Sometimes we’ll find out that materials that are coming from another printer are not going to arrive on time, so we make sure that our fulfillment provider can print some of those items,” Kemp says. That way, he and his team can continue to meet demand without a hiccup. They’ve even been able to do same-day shipping across town in some cases, which has been incredibly helpful when they’ve been up against a tight deadline.
  10. 10. 1 2 KEY POINTS 10Sponsored by Marketing fulfillment providers can also offer greater flexibility, turning around orders on tight deadlines when needed to meet demand. Marketers can cost-effectively achieve their goals by partnering with a marketing fulfillment provider. “That’s been very, very beneficial for us—the local proximity of where all of our print fulfillment is located,” he adds. Working with a marketing fulfillment provider in this way has given Kemp’s company additional flexibility it wouldn’t otherwise have. Kemp believes working with a marketing fulfillment vendor also makes the business more resilient in the event of a disaster or an emergency, adding an extra layer of business continuity to mission-critical processes that might otherwise be interrupted if something were to happen. Thinking ahead with resilience and adaptability in mind, he also advises that businesses consider working with a provider that stays abreast of technological developments and emerging best practices so that, as marketing fulfillment evolves, it will be able to take advantage of innovations in the field. Print and fulfillment vendors need to evolve to being omnichannel, where print is just one of the various distribution methods they provide.
  11. 11. 1111Sponsored by We have an internal rule in my department: If it’s a month old, frankly, we need to take a hard look at it. F or David Gaber, version control is critical to marketing fulfillment. “If you’re going to spend the money and the time to produce something at volume, make sure it’s not something that you’ve been dragging around for three months,” he says. “We have an internal rule in my department: If it’s a month old, frankly, we need to take a hard look at it.” Chances are, something has changed during that time. If the company’s product offerings haven’t been updated, other important factors such as the messaging and positioning may well have changed. To make sure his marketing materials are constantly fresh and up to date, Gaber has instituted a few tightly run marketing fulfillment processes at Epson. First, when evaluating any materials to be sent out, his team ensures the content has been updated within the past 30 days as per the company’s requirement. Gaber’s team manages its marketing projects in Salesforce, shepherding each project through four key hurdles in the approval process before it comes to him for a final review and potential approval. Gaber notes that when he originally implemented these stricter marketing fulfillment processes, his chief goal was to retain existing customers that the company had worked so hard to win. Linkedin I Website David Gaber leads North American marketing and business-development efforts for Epson’s sensor product line, primarily serving the aerospace, defense, and industrial verticals. He is a champion of bold, innovative, and sometimes unorthodox advertising and marketing strategies who has successfully designed and executed numerous branding and identification campaigns that have firmly established Epson as a leader in sensor technologies. A San Francisco Bay Area native, Gaber is a Berkeley graduate, and currently resides in the Silicon Valley area. HOW KEEPING MARKETING MATERIALS FRESH DRIVES BUSINESS Senior Product Marketing Manager, Epson DAVID GABER
  12. 12. 12Sponsored by By keeping our marketing materials fresh, we’re attracting people to come to our website more often than they normally would. However, he ultimately achieved even greater benefits than he had hoped for. “What actually ended up happening was that it increased the number of customers,” he says. “By keeping our marketing materials fresh, we’re attracting people to come to our website more often than they normally would. They’ve come to trust that we have new stuff getting pumped out all the time. It’s become a way to engage new customers, which we did not expect in the beginning.” Gaber and his colleagues have been pleasantly surprised with the results of their efforts to keep marketing materials up to date. “Since we started this project in earnest about five years ago, we have noticed about a 30 to 40 percent increase in the daily new unique visits through the site,” Gaber says. He notes that this bump in visits to the website has also translated into an increase in sales. “I can actually link about a 20 percent uptick in new business directly to these unique views on the site,” he notes. What began as a proactive project to increase customer loyalty by continually delivering fresh marketing materials actually ended up creating new business for the company.
  13. 13. 1 2 KEY POINTS 13Sponsored by Businesses can increase customer loyalty and win new customers by frequently updating their marketing materials. Marketing fulfillment can only be effective when marketing materials are continually kept fresh and up to date. In this way, Gaber and his colleagues demonstrated that ensuring proper version control is a terrific way to boost customer satisfaction and grow the bottom line. Businesses can realize even greater benefits than they might have originally anticipated by optimizing their marketing fulfillment processes to ensure that their marketing materials are always up to date.
  14. 14. 1414Sponsored by MARKETING FULFILLMENT STREAMLINES BRANDING AND INCREASES EFFICIENCY Before anything else, make sure to outline your company’s needs and find out what materials your users need to have readily available. J ackie Burnes believes that it’s essential to have a clear understanding of your company’s marketing needs when setting out to improve your marketing fulfillment processes. “Before anything else, make sure to outline your company’s needs and find out what materials your users need to have readily available,” she says. By fully defining these requirements in advance, you have a better chance of selecting the right vendor. And once you have found a fulfillment partner that you like, it’s always wise to keep the lines of communication open both with your users and your vendor. That way, you can continually make adjustments as necessary in partnership with your vendor as your users’ needs evolve and change. Burnes has also observed that partnering with a single marketing fulfillment vendor helps a company maintain brand consistency across franchises. Many years back, before her company began working with a marketing fulfillment vendor, “It was more kind of a free for free for all where people were just creating their own things and sending their own materials,” she says. By contrast, the process they now have in place is better coordinated and more effective. “Having all of your materials fulfilled through a single platform like a web store really helps to streamline ordering and ensure brand consistency. Linkedin I Website Head of US Marketing Team, Expense Reduction Analysts JACKIE BURNES Jacqueline is an experienced marketing lead with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. She has 10+ years experience in customer service and has been in her current role, supporting a network of 150+ consultants, since 2012. During her tenure in marketing, she has overseen the development of new marketing and sales tools and has facilitated a digital marketing program that has helped to grow lead generation.
  15. 15. 15Sponsored by Having all of your materials fulfilled through a single platform like a web store really helps to streamline ordering and ensure brand consistency. This way, we don’t have to worry about 150 franchisees in the US creating 150 different business card formats. Having them all consistent helps to bring that cohesiveness together, reflecting the fact that we are a global company,” she explains. Working with a marketing fulfillment vendor has enabled Burnes’ team to meet franchisees’ marketing needs with greater efficiency and flexibility. The company provides its franchisees with a central resource where they can access a variety of sales tools, ordering business cards, brochures, and dimensional mailers to send out to their prospects as needed. They’re also able to also have these items pre-printed with their customers’ names and contact information, giving the materials a more professional look and feel. And as their needs change, they can take advantage of increasingly sophisticated marketing options such as dimensional mail. The franchisees, for their part, are glad to have this streamlined system in place. It saves them time because they don’t have to go and recreate the wheel every time they want to order branded marketing materials. “They simply have to order what they need and then deliver it in whatever way they’ve set their marketing campaign for the year,” she says. “They like it a lot because it simplifies things for them and it gives them that time back to focus on making their follow-up calls.”
  16. 16. 1 2 KEY POINTS 16Sponsored by Working with a single marketing vendor helps you ensure brand consistency across multiple locations and franchises. To find the right marketing fulfillment partner, you must first have a clear understanding of your company’s marketing needs. Equipped with the resources they need and more time to devote to business development, the franchisees are free to focus on growing the bottom line. Having a relationship with a marketing fulfillment vendor in place also helps a business develop new marketing strategies as the company’s needs evolve. Says Burnes, “Our vendor has a really good grasp on our business and how we function. It’s made our working relationship a lot easier since they understand how we work so well. It makes it easier for them to not only overcome any obstacles we might be facing as we try to implement new products, but it also helps them give suggestions on products that we might want to consider implementing.” In this way, Burnes and her team have positioned their company and its franchisees well to meet their marketing goals both now and in the future.
  17. 17. 1717Sponsored by Being able to tap the expertise of a marketing fulfillment partner cuts down inefficiencies or potential mistakes. P atrick Swisher believes that when partnering with a marketing fulfillment vendor, strong collaboration is of the utmost importance. “Good partners really value their accounts,” he says. “They value your time and the collaborative partnership that they have with you. That’s something that I’ve always looked for when managing the marketing fulfillment for our events.” Swisher and his team consider their marketing fulfillment partner a part of their department, and this strong collaborative focus results in higher-quality marketing materials. “Being able to tap the expertise of a marketing fulfillment partner cuts down inefficiencies or potential mistakes. You’re giving that process over to a company that focuses exclusively on those types of things,” he explains. “Having a group who’s solely dedicated to managing those projects for you is essential.” With a good partner in place pushing out a quality product, your business has a greater opportunity to have meaningful conversations with potential customers. Marketers can also enjoy greater cost-effectiveness when teaming up with a marketing fulfillment vendor. “We can go to our vendor at the beginning of the year COLLABORATION IS KEY TO SUCCESSFUL MARKETING FULFILLMENT Patrick Swisher is a program manager at Billtrust, tasked with educating and enabling organizations to implement best practices around A/R automation and payment cycle management. He has over five years of experience in the software as a service (SaaS) industry. Prior to Billtrust, Swisher worked for another provider, iCIMS (Internet Collaborative Information Management Systems), managing its international education programs. With a BA in Communications from Monmouth University, Swisher is dedicated to continuing the conversation surrounding advancements in the financial and invoice-to-cash space. Linkedin I Twitter Program Manager, Billtrust PATRICK SWISHER
  18. 18. 18Sponsored by They make sure that the materials they put together are still up to date and current. and map out what marketing materials we’re going to need for the various shows that we will be attending,” says Swisher. In close consultation with his marketing fulfillment partner, he and his team can lay out an accurate budget that gives them the flexibility to capitalize on new opportunities that come up unexpectedly. Swisher adds that when you partner with a marketing fulfillment vendor, you get the benefit of the company’s expert recommendations on new techniques that you may not have tried yet. Swisher’s trusted partner sometimes comes to him with innovative promotions that another client has tried, sharing the results they achieved in doing so and explaining how it might also be a good fit for his business. Having a partner who’s aware of creative and new marketing options essentially augments his team, lending increased knowledge and expertise to their marketing initiatives. “At the end of the day, you don’t necessarily know everything. You don’t see everything that’s out there,” he says. Swisher has also observed that keeping marketing materials frequently updated helps reduce waste. “Most marketing departments are looking at pushing out new collateral to keep engaged with their prospect base or their customers,” he notes.
  19. 19. 1 2 KEY POINTS 19Sponsored by Businesses that collaborate well with a marketing fulfillment partner enjoy a higher-quality product, greater cost efficiency, and access to industry expertise. To succeed with your marketing fulfillment, build a collaborative relationship with your partner. With that in mind, his marketing fulfillment partner set up regular check-ins to help keep his company’s marketing collateral up to date. “They make sure that the materials they put together are still current. Or, if there are changes that need to be made before they push out the next batch, they flag those too,” he adds. This cuts down on waste while saving staff time. Ultimately, Swisher feels that marketers will get the best value from their relationship with a marketing fulfillment vendor by treating them as a trusted partner and closely collaborating with them. In doing so, marketers can ensure that they consistently produce high-quality marketing materials, enjoy greater cost-effectiveness and budget flexibility, benefit from creative ideas they might never have considered before, and cut down on waste. These are all valuable advantages for any marketing team that wants to achieve success and capitalize on opportunities for innovation.
  20. 20. 2020Sponsored by When you’re dealing with quick growth, you don’t necessarily know how to correctly scale up your marketing fulfillment. A s a former national program manager for a mobile wireless organization, Peggy Leah Daniel managed major marketing rollouts to roughly 14,000 retail locations across the United States. Originally, her team managed brand launches entirely in-house. At a certain point, however, they realized that they needed to improve their marketing fulfillment processes. “When we were doing our marketing fulfillment in-house, we didn’t complete all the necessary steps and we couldn’t achieve the results we wanted. It made our launches inconsistent and costly,” she says. At this time, the company’s brands were growing relatively quickly. “When you’re dealing with quick growth, you don’t necessarily know how to correctly scale up your marketing fulfillment. We had a lot of unsuccessful launches because we didn’t have enough marketing collateral, we didn’t have enough points of presence within the retail spaces, or we didn’t even have the proper training kits to give to the sales folks that went out to the retail locations,” Daniel says. “When you don’t have the correct educational materials, that impacts the folks who are working on the floor level and it ultimately affects your sales, too.” When exploring solutions for improving Sprint’s marketing fulfillment, Daniel found that marketing fulfillment centers were often very knowledgeable about how to create marketing materials, how to store them, and how to fulfill them to distribution points. Peggy L. Daniel is the US general manager at The Lotter Group, an online gaming platform offering people the ability to purchase lottery tickets from around the globe. In the past she held senior marketing positions in some of the top 100 global corporations and also operated her own business for six years. In her current role she lays the groundwork to facilitate the development of the lottery courier industry within various states. Linkedin US General Manager, The Lotter Group PEGGY LEAH DANIEL HOW TO SCALE YOUR MARKETING FULFILLMENT EFFECTIVELY
  21. 21. 21Sponsored by Marketing fulfillment centers create a really good trail of your documentation, whether it’s print collateral or even digital collateral. “Marketing fulfillment centers create a really good trail of your documentation, whether it’s print collateral or even digital collateral,” she says. “So you always have the right sized images or right sized brochures—whatever you’re running—and everything is located within a centralized spot that can be easily accessed by your points of distribution.” With the correct information and proper training ready to go, the sales staff has a greater likelihood of achieving its goals and generating revenue. Partnering with a marketing fulfillment center also helped Daniel’s team properly resource its stores while reducing waste. “Some stores ran through specific services quicker than other stores did, but they still had the ability to reorder marketing materials for whatever services they were running through so quickly,” she says. As a result, the mobile wireless organization was able to pinpoint where certain products or services were performing better on a regional level. This also cut down on instances of stockpiling, which is always a risk when you’re dealing with technology products that are constantly updated and made obsolete. Daniel notes that a marketing fulfillment partner can also help marketing teams stay compliant with any new and emerging regulations that may affect their industries.
  22. 22. 1 2 KEY POINTS 22Sponsored by Marketing fulfillment centers can also help businesses cut down on waste while remaining compliant with any new regulations impacting them. Businesses experiencing rapid growth can effectively scale their marketing fulfillment processes with the help of an experienced partner. “You have to make sure that you always keep up to date with any new regulations that come out,” she notes. “Fulfillment companies can help with that too. They can see what you’re running low on or what you already have plenty of in terms of print material, and so they can help you adapt your workflow to accommodate any new regulations that affect your business.” Daniel feels that marketers have the best chance of succeeding with a marketing fulfillment partner if they treat it as an extension of the team. An experienced vendor can proactively advise a rapidly growing company on best practices in marketing fulfillment that will help them achieve the results they seek without having to hire large numbers of additional marketing staff. This way, the company can deliver excellent marketing launches that ensure business success.
  23. 23. 2323Sponsored by It’s good to get a fresh set of eyes on a compliance question or to outsource it to somebody who’s an expert in that area. S tephanie Nehmens believes that partnering with an outsourced marketing solution or fulfillment vendor can be beneficial in many ways, from time efficiency to strategically scaling a business. “It saves you time and money to concentrate on the strategic initiatives that your subject matter experts are meant to focus on,” she says. Outsourcing the marketing fulfillment process can also lend your business budget-friendly flexibility. For instance, if you don’t have the resources to hire additional staff to complete specific jobs or carry out certain responsibilities, it can be much more cost-effective to tap your provider’s expertise on an as-needed basis. Nehmens notes that it’s always wise to conduct a cost-benefit analysis when considering an outsourced marketing fulfillment solution, and make sure the statement of work is very clear to avoid vague interpretations of the ask. With that being said, it’s best practice to build potential extra revisions into your timeline in the event you need them, particularly when working with a new vendor who may not be knowledgeable about your product(s) or asks yet. Considerations before outsourcing: “Can somebody without intimate knowledge of your specific business easily handle the task or project? HOW OUTSOURCED MARKETING & FULFILLMENT SOLUTIONS CAN FUNCTION AS STRATEGIC PARTNERS Stephanie Nehmens is the content lead for LendingClub’s investor business. She has more than a decade of experience specializing in content generation and strategy, predominantly focused on expanding marketing efforts from regional to global levels. A strong believer that effective, clear communication can solve anything, Nehmens spent her early career reporting, writing, and editing in print and television news, followed by teaching English in Spain. She holds bachelor’s degrees in journalism and Spanish, and FINRA Series 7 and 66 licenses. Linkedin Content Marketing Manager, LendingClub STEPHANIE NEHMENS
  24. 24. 24Sponsored by We’ve been able to tap into more of our vendor’s knowledge base—even beyond the needs that we initially reached out to them for. If that answer is yes, then think about whether it would be more cost-effective to outsource this work to a vendor rather than have an employee do it,” she says. If a task can be fulfilled without hiring additional staff or utilizing your current employees’ time, then evaluate how outsourcing it would impact your budget. “If the cost of hiring an outsourced solution is de minimis compared to the return you expect, or it allows your employees to focus on higher-priority projects, then it’s probably worth it,” she adds. On tactical, straightforward fulfillment needs like print or shipping jobs, she said “it’s also really great to create a relationship with somebody you trust to outsource to on a frequent basis. If you have a quarterly need to do a huge print job, for example, or if you have events on a regular basis all across the country or globe, it’s beneficial to find somebody you like who delivers an excellent product and consistently go to them for the same types of needs. It really cuts down on the number of revisions you might need to do.” These details may seem minor in comparison to an overall event plan or product launch, which may have taken a year plus to complete, but if shipping goes wrong, for example, it can throw off your entire execution. A trusted vendor is always best. I suggest creating a preferred vendor list within your company to ensure consistent execution and build a trusted partnership.
  25. 25. 1 2 KEY POINTS 25Sponsored by An experienced marketing fulfillment partner can also help you flexibly scale on demand, filling new requirements and augmenting staff capabilities as needed. Outsourcing your marketing fulfillment can free up your staff to focus on strategic initiatives related to their subject-matter expertise Having that outsourced relationship in place can help a business scale efficiently, saving money on overhead costs that would be associated with hiring experienced staff. You may also find that you’re able to tap your vendor’s expertise at an even higher level as the relationship progresses and develops a solid track record of delivering high- quality work. Nehmens has found that as her company’s marketing requirements have evolved, she has been able to consult marketing fulfillment vendors for ideas or expertise beyond the original project scope. Outsourcing your marketing fulfillment in this way can also be effective from a compliance standpoint within highly regulated industries. If you’re rolling out a new product or venturing into a new area of business, for example, you may want a second or third opinion. Outsourced compliance firms work with multiple clients at once with whom they may have already encountered the specific initiative you’re embarking on. Even if you have your own legal department or dedicated in-house compliance resources, “it’s good to get a fresh set of eyes on a compliance question or to outsource it to somebody who’s an expert in that area,” Nehmens says. If your business is growing and requires marketing compliance expertise, it is worth developing a strong relationship with an outsourced solution that knows your industry well. That way, as your marketing needs evolve, you will have the flexibility to scale in a cost-effective manner, tapping the expertise of your trusted partner to build out additional marketing capabilities along the way. Such a relationship could be a valuable business asset both in the short and long term.
  26. 26. 2626Sponsored by O utsourcing a company’s marketing fulfillment process can greatly benefit marketers who are juggling multiple projects, believes Supriya Raina, director of global marketing at Piramal Critical Care. “Don’t try to do it all by yourself,” she advises. “Outsourcing your marketing fulfillment will really help you concentrate on your marketing strategy. It’s great to have a marketing partner to improve the marketing fulfillment and automation activities. In the long run, it will give you better ROI.” Raina has seen firsthand how a marketing fulfillment partnership can enhance productivity. At her previous workplace, a single marketing person was tasked with managing inventory on her own and found it overwhelming. “We either carried too little inventory or we had too much. It was just never optimum,” she recalls. Her company selected a marketing fulfillment vendor to improve its inventory management, empowering the sales representatives to order marketing materials online and customize certain orders as needed. As a result, the person who had originally overseen the inventory was able to help the team with more meaningful projects such as new product analysis and marketing strategy. Outsourcing your marketing fulfillment will really help you concentrate on your marketing strategy. A qualified pharmacist with an MBA, Supriya Raina is a dynamic marketing professional who likes to challenge brands’ status-quo. With over 15 years of marketing experience and 10 product launches under her belt—spanning brands related to nutraceuticals, diabetes, cardiovascular health, packaged goods, oncology, hospitals, and critical-care promotion—Raina has hands-on experience in professional and patient marketing. She has a proven track record of success in cross-cultural environments. Linkedin Director, Global Marketing, Piramal Critical Care SUPRIYA RAINA ACHIEVING GREATER PRODUCTIVITY WITH MARKETING FULFILLMENT
  27. 27. 27Sponsored by In today’s world, things become outdated very fast. Your logo could change, your product label could change, or your message could change. Working with a marketing fulfillment vendor has also been valuable from a compliance perspective. “I have spent my [working] life working with pharmaceutical companies,” Raina says. “The challenge that we have is that most of the pharmaceutical companies operate in a competitive, highly regulated environment.” In such cases, the marketing team needs to efficiently deliver materials that produce results while at the same time meeting regulatory requirements. “If you have a marketing fulfillment vendor who puts those checks and balances in place, you can make sure that when a rep orders a brochure or a starter kit, they will only get the approved version,” she explains. Raina says that partnering with a marketing fulfillment provider could help cut down on waste, too. “In today’s world, things become outdated very fast. Your logo could change, your product label could change, or your message could change,” she notes. You could print 10,000 brochures only to find that one sentence in your brochure needs adjusting, for example, leaving 4,000 suddenly outdated copies to be thrown in the trash. However, if you have a marketing fulfillment vendor who provides you with real-time inventory data, you won’t encounter this sort of problem.
  28. 28. 1 2 KEY POINTS 28Sponsored by A marketing fulfillment partner can improve inventory control, strengthen compliance, reduce waste, and keep materials up to date. By partnering with a marketing fulfillment vendor, marketers can better focus on higher-level endeavors such as developing a branding strategy for the company. “If you have to update the message, you never really waste any of the old stuff because you’re not carrying too much inventory in the first place,” she says. Marketers don’t have to struggle with inefficient processes that waste time and money, according to Raina. Rather than being overwhelmed with inventory management or straining to meet new compliance requirements while needlessly disposing of outdated marketing materials, marketers can outsource these core tasks to an experienced provider. They will then be able to enjoy greater productivity and focus on higher-level responsibilities without so many competing demands for their time, ultimately delivering more sophisticated marketing programs that create meaningful relationships with customers.
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